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  1. Wanted to give an update because I am so excited for her! She came back last week and had lost another 35 pounds while at home. The weigh in person didn't say anything about starting over so she is continuing as though she never left. None of us had seen her during this time but had been mailing her the weekly booklets. She stayed on the old program but will now start the new one. Anyway, I am thrilled she stayed on program and thrilled she has been seizure free. Lisa
  2. Lillie, welcome back. You are so smart to take a serious look at lifestyle. Through journaling, I discovered that I never have bad food challenges on the days that I spend doing things I love. I wish I could say I spend every minute doing things I love but I cannot. I have obligations that take up alot of time. However, when I do have free time, I make the choice to do things that make me happy. Lisa
  3. I record it every week. When I actually get around to watching it, I find that I fast forward to the weigh in. Sometimes I watch the workouts but I never watch the drama or challenges. I don't want to watch the trainers try to be therapists or watch people puke or get screamed at. I do love to see how their bodies change with the weight loss. That is inspiring. Do any of you watch Heavy or Too Fat for Fifteen? Lisa
  4. I watch very little TV. In fact, I never watch a show when it is actually on TV. I DVR some shows and watch them later. I skip all the commercials and often fast forward through most of the show. I just don't have the time to sit and watch TV. I think making the TV room off limits to food is a great idea. If you want to snack, make yourself go to the kitchen/dining room and sit down to eat it there. At one time, I would keep up with the amount of time I exercised and then would allow myself half of that amount of time to watch TV or be on the computer. So if I worked out an hour, I got 30 minutes of tv/computer time. It worked great at the time. Lisa
  5. I love her DVD's. I count all my activity solely on the time I spend doing it. I found the "intensity" levels were too much hassle so if I spent 15 minutes on a one mile walk, I counted that as 15 minutes of low intensity at 1 point. If I do a 2 mile or 30 minute walk, it is still 1 point for me. I figured some exercise that I do (including her longer walks) are moderate or high intensity but counting it as light intensity boosted my weight loss-especially if I eat all my activity points. Does that make sense? I think I could have written that clearer but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. Which is your favorite walk? Lisa
  6. petite2be


    Gee, I must have taken too long to complete my previous post and it disappeared. You are right about the extra weekly points. However, I found from much trial and error on the previous plan that I can only eat about half of my weekly points and not gain. If I go over 15 weekly points, I almost always gain. It is only 0.2 or 0.4 but those really add up. I rarely ate fruit on the old program because of the points values. I ate alot of veggies to meet the fruit/veggie good health guideline. So I don't have a banana in my old plan that is now free. It wasn't there to start with so it isn't a +2 for oatmeal, -2 for banana thing. I also never ate the 100 calorie packs so the "eat a banana instead of a 100 calorie pack" recommendation doesn't apply to me either. My oatmeal, bread, cereal, yogurt, etc. all went up in points. I had hoped that I would be able to make minor tweaks to my old meal plans and be "on program" with the new plan. That isn't the case. Having said all that..I can do this! I can be successful on this new plan! It is going to take more effort than I thought but I have to figure it out. I realize I am starting over from scratch and foods that were once staple foods are now going to be luxury items. I just have to accept it and move on. I have planned to spend more time today researching the food lists trying to come up with new meal plans. Lisa
  7. Gillart-welcome! Keep us updated on your progress to that goal. Are you getting in activity? Lisa
  8. petite2be

    WW Online

    I agree with you on the DPA ranges. I took my beginning weight and spent almost an hour playing the numbers to see at what point the allowance would change as I lost weight. Then I took my brother's since he is tall and a guy of course. Gee I wish I were a 6'4" male! (only because of the points) I can't go any lower so there is really no need in me researching them other than I want to know the formula! Note to self: step away from the calculator, step away from the calculator. Lisa
  9. I haven't looked into becoming one but at one time I thought about going to one for help (couldn't afford it though). With all the unhealthly people around it seems it could be a great career. I think you would have to live in an area with wealthy people because it was expensive. I do know a dietician who was looking into getting a similar certification. I know she was taking courses to be a certified trainer because it was part of the requirement to be a health coach in her area. I'll try to contact her to see if she ever completed it. Lisa
  10. Sort of on topic....I was clicking through the TV channels yesterday and saw what I think was a preview for a Dr. Phil show. It was probably on the new OWN Network. I was half way paying attention so forgive me for not having this exactly right... He said something along the lines of making a list of 5 things you want to accomplish. Then checking yourself throughout the day to see if what you are doing is moving you toward one of those goals, if it is not, ask yourself why and make adjustments. Again, I am probably not getting that right but that is what I took from the couple of sentences I heard him say. It was a "wow" moment for me. I thought about wanting to get in more activity this year and realized I was sitting in a chair moving my index finger. Some workout, huh?! So I turned off the TV and went in my basement and did a 30 minute workout. Lisa PS-sorry about your mom!
  11. I had trouble getting started on the new PointsPlus program so the last few weeks, I stuck with the old points plan. My only goal right now is to spend the time to really learn the new program and adjust my menus so I can follow it successfully. I do want to start 2012 weighing less than I do today. No number in mind, just hoping it is less than today. Lisa
  12. I just got my January/February issue. It lists 38 recipes and I only saw 5 that had the sentence " this recipe works with the Simply Filling technique." I didn't actually review the ingredients of any of them yet but I would assume that WW would have added that to any recipe that did meet that technique. My local library carries the WW magazine. My aunt gives me the magazine as a gift and I love it. I have many old issues. Let me know if you have any other questions about it. Lisa
  13. I am laughing about the bananas because I can only eat a banana just before it rots. I only shop once per week. So I buy them in several stages so I can have them the whole week-a couple that are already brown (from the reduced section), a few that are perfectly yellow and then some that are perfectly green. I forgot about yogurt. I like to freeze it about an hour because it gets the consistency of ice cream, sort of. I sometimes freeze it all night and set it out on the counter when I first get up in the morning. Then, by the time I get dressed and ready to go, it has thawed enough to eat. Lisa
  14. Welcome to all the new people! Please feel free to ask questions! Lisa
  15. Ditto on the eating more points at breakfast. Get in a protein and a veggie or fruit and maybe a milk. It really helps to plan out your menu the night before so you can see where your point are being spent. If you are tracking (and you ARE tracking-right?) you can make notes throughout the day about your hunger levels. That may help you see what foods seem to help you stay satisfied longer. Lisa
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