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  1. I am still on the journey to health. It is a life long commitment. I have since gained some of the weight back, then lost it, then gained some again. About to commit to getting the weight off again. This time with the help of EMOTIONAL support. I KNOW what to do, that is not the problem, it is my MIND and emotions that hinder my success. Send me positive energy. thank u!
  2. thanks for all the comments Its keeping me motivated!
  3. thanks so much! Believe me, I want more than anything to be able to take more!!! just gotta get off this plateau
  4. thanks for all the compliments! I am still truckin...sloooooooowly....but I am getting there!
  5. I began WW April 17 2007. On July 5 2008 I reached a big milestone. I lost 100 lbs!!! I am so proud of myself, I just cannot even believe I have come this far. I think most people sell themselves short and do not realize the power that they have within themselves. I know I have found that I am much stronger of a person then I ever thought I was! Thanks for letting me share my experiences with you all! I LOVE BCB and dont believe I will be this far with out the support I have here! xoxo Laura My updated slideshow... Front Views Side Views
  6. How much applesauce per 1 tsp or 1 tbsp of butter called for in a recipe? TIA
  7. Jessie: I started off in the beginning just doing the food program side of WW and getting in a little extra activity if I could. But the more I have lost the more I have started to really exercise. Especially now. I workout 4-5 times a week religiously. But I see it as "activity" not exercise because I have found things I love and incorporate them into my daily life. I have realized I like to get in activity and I plan on keeping active the rest of my life. HTH! LAURA
  8. Just hit the 90lb mark at this weigh in and I couldnt be happier. Here are my progression pics since the beginning to current... SIDE PICS FRONT PICS
  9. I am SO PROUD of you babe!!! You look great and will keep this off for life. I know you will. I want to thank you also. You give me strength everyday and for that I cannot say thank you enough. Love you.
  10. I am looking to just get the step for the firm and transFIRMer workouts. Can you just buy that somewhere seperately? TIA
  11. I am so proud of you babe! I am thrilled to know you will be at goal this month! Love you!
  12. updated my original post, as my signature doesnt have room for the links anymore.
  13. So sorry for those trying to view my slideshow. I had to fix the links. They should be working again now.
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