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  1. I eat LC cheese but haven't in awhile. Sounds good to me!!
  2. Just saw this.........huge congrats to you for the success keeping it off. What a wonderful feeling!
  3. Planned my eats, bought more fruit, had plenty of fruit veggies today, went to my meeting!!, and didn't let the scale tell me I failed. Oops, that's more than one!
  4. The food plan has not changed this year but has a new name WW 360*. You will notice a difference in the way meetings are conducted and you will receive new materials, but they will contain no changes.
  5. Amazing! You look great, too. I am always in awe of runners!!
  6. You are so right. So many times we know the right things to do, we just don't know the how or why, or how to change. I hope you are in a WW meeting. The support here is great, but the support in the meetings is so helpful week in and week out in person. You have done a tremendous job of starting your lifelong journey to health! Don't let anything stop you now. You look great in your after pictures!
  7. Yes, I understand the etools thing on the Greek yogurt. It is 3 pts per cup in the book coming up. If you figure it from the carton and it comes up 2 pts that's great. Not sure why the 0 pts thing. As I was saying I think that problem was brought up and forget what they said. You pose an interesting question on the oats. If it is the same amount (that is 1/2 cup uncooked flakes=1 cup cooked) you would think that both would be a Power Food. I'll have to find an answer on that.
  8. Ann, in my Food Companion from last year it says 1 cup of cooked oatmeal is a Power Food (4 pts) but 1 cup of dry oats is 8 pts and is not a PF. The Greek yogurt is not 0 pts in the new material. I think someone mentioned what you are talking about in the staff meeting but I can't remember what was said about it. I'm not sure why it's coming out to 0 pts online.
  9. Update here: I got back to goal the end of August and have just finished re-training to be a WW group leader here in our new state. I was a leader for 12 years and almost 12 years ago I quit. Now we are settled in our new state where we have worked so hard to move and I am doing this again. So here is an updated picture at goal. I am going to lose a little more and might lower my goal eventually. In my 60's and life is good!
  10. I didn't see this till now, Trudie. You look fantastic!
  11. Jace, I think this is a very good idea in limiting new non-posting members. It will encourage those who are interested but undecided about posting to dive in with the rest of us, and will keep "just snoopers" from getting to know us without us knowing whem.
  12. Thanks, Trudie and Dottie! I will keep on and not look back. It's too much fun being thin to turn back.
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