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  1. This sure sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I've added pudding to make it thicker and it works. Lately all I do now to make my smoothies is use 1 cup of light vanilla flavored soy milk (1 pt) and frozen fruit of choice (1 point) and mix it up and it is thick and tasty. Sometimes I will add vanilla extract to make it more vanilla tasting, but I find the soy milk helps to thicken it up and I can have a whole cup of soy milk for only point!
  3. Oscar Mayer shaved deli meat in the hard plastic container is also 1 point for 6 slices of meat for the turkey and chicken (not sure about the ham as I don't eat that). That's all I was buying until I recently found the Hillshire Farms deli meat.
  4. Couldn't you ask your butcher what the fat content is? I'm sure he would know. But using 70% seems way too low. The lowest fat content in the store is 80% (that I'm aware of anyway). I'm thinking you are at least in the 90% range with home grown beef.
  5. You can use a sugar free syrup and eliminate 2 points that way.
  6. Welcome Milessa! I'm doing this all on my own as well, basically for the same reasons....$$! I know you can do it. Just remember...mind over matter!! Be strong and if you fall, get right back up and keep going. Good luck!!
  7. These sound great! I can't wait to try them. Thanks for posting this!
  8. LOL!!! I know exactly how you feel! I have noticed that the low fat and fat free items cost more as well as the lean hamburg. I try to by the lean hamburg when it's on sale and stock up then. The other thing I struggled with at first was that "bad food" tastes way better than the "good for you food". Now I'm used to my portion sizes and the taste of foods. It's also nice to notice that I'm getting fuller quicker! It's a good thing that this is so easy for me because I probably wouldn't be sticking to it like I have been. I get so many words of encouragement from my husband that I can't help but keep motivated. Plus I needed to do this for myself and for my health. I'm 37, but I didn't want to end up like my Grandma.....overweight with knee troubles leading to knee replacement surgery. I already have a bad knee from a previous injury and I noticed that I was having too many problems with that knee. I knew someday that it would hit me that it was time to lose weight. Anyway...sorry for rambling on like I did. These boards and all of you are great motivators as well. It's just nice to know that there are others out there going through the exact same things you are. Keep up the great work everyone!!!
  9. The always being hungry feeling should pass after a week or so. I know when I first started I felt like I was starving all the time. I think I sent my body into shock will all the good foods and lower fat items. Your body will get used to it and you will do fine. Good luck...I'm in my 12th week and I'm down 25 lbs so far (i'm 1/2 way to my personal goal)
  10. I have done searches and can't seem to find what a meat and bean wet burrito from a restaurant would be for points. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Great!! Thanks for the clarifications. I think I was making it more complicated than it needed to be, but I wanted to make sure.
  12. I made sloppy joes last night for dinner and I was adding up all the points of the meal and then dividing it by portion size to get my points. I was so proud of myself for figuring this all out (I'm super new to this) until I looked up some information in my WW food companion book. They list two different point values for ground beef, one is for cooked and one is for raw. My question is, which do you use and when? When I made my sloppy joes I just used the NI on the back of the beef, but now I'm thinking that was the NI for raw. I used 96% lean beef. My next question would be how do you figure out the points for a hamburg patty..do you use the raw weight points or do you cook it and see what it weighs? I'm just so confused on the 2 different point values for beef.
  13. Thank you. I'm still learning how to balance everything out and still get my H8's! Considering I'm not even a week into it I think I'm doing pretty well. Every day I learn a new tip or a new way of doing something. If every once in awhile I have a few points left over I won't worry about it. I have to say that I'm surprised at how easy this is! I don't feel deprived at all.
  14. I've read so much on this board and such, but I can't remember for the life of me the answer to my question. It seems that I read that you have to use up all of your daily flex points. Can someone confirm this for me and if it's true...why do you have to? Last night I had 3 points to use up, but I wasn't hungry. I had them anyway because I thought I remembered hearing you had to use them up. BTW...I should give you a brief introduction...I just started WW at home on Friday and my goal is to lose at least 50 lbs.
  15. Newbie jumping in here to say that I found some bread last night from Aunt Millies that is 1 pt for 2 slices. It's the Light Fiber For Life bread. I'm not at home so I'm not positive on the exact type. I'm quite certain I bought the whole wheat version....I calculated the points so I know that part is correct. The slices aren't small either.
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