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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Neiva!!!!!!!!!!!! :goal:
  2. You look AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing and for being an inspiration. I am def. motivated now!
  3. Hi AENVOY Thanks for the welcome in my intro thread. If I were you, I would stay away from daily WI and shoot for weeekly. If you are anything like me, the flucuation may prove stressful. I know I love to see the daily losses, but I can't take the daily gains. I had to let go of the daily scale because a gain (which was usually water or bloating) would make me depressed or frustrated and then I would most likely eat, because hey...I gained anyway, I may as well. Everyone is different but it may help to weigh in once a week. Either way, hang in there, you are doing great! Any day OP is better than a day out of control.
  4. Thank you MT, Weaver, and AENVOY!!! Knowing I am not alone is making all the difference in my attitude this time.
  5. Thanks so much for sharing your pics, your story and for being an inspiration.
  6. Nina, you look wonderful!!!!!!! Congrats on ONEderland! That is quite an accomplishment! Youo are an incredible inspiration. thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us. I love your website too, (and I signed your letter).
  7. Lesa, I have read many of your posts over the last few days and admired your commitment, your support to others and your weight loss. Before finding this thread I found myself disappointed that you didn't have a picture link in your sig. WOW! What an amazing, beautiful and inspirational woman you are. I love your attitude and when you said "working it off 1 pound at a time", I couldn't agree with you more. One Pound at a time is the only way to get to where you want to be and look at how far you have come! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your wisdom with us.
  8. WTG! You look great, a completely different person. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us and for being an inspiration.
  9. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! You look great! Thank you so much for sharing your picd and being an inspiration.
  10. First off CONGRATS! You should be mighty proud of your accomplishments and victories. Your pics are wonderful. I LOVE that you showed us the pic w/ your nephew and told us he was 51#. That fact and visual really put it in perspectiv for me! You are an inspiration to someone like me just starting out Blake. Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone. My name is Violette (You can call me Vi for short) and I have been lurking for a few days (as suggested). I am a 38 year old newly single (after living together 5 years) female that lives in NYC. I was a special education teacher before I became ill and unable to work the last 3 years. Needless to say, the pounds crept on after I lost the ability to exercise. I recently gained even more weight when I stopped smoking a year and a half ago. I am much happier as a non smoker, but my metabolism has been cut in half since quitting. I restarted WWAH 2 weeks ago and found BCB by accident 4 days ago. I have been so inspired by most everything I have read so far, I had to join! In fact, as tired as my health issues make me, reading your inspiring posts have helped me to "kick up" what little exercise I could manage this past week. In short, I feel better already! I can't wait to meet you all and become a part of this wonderfully supportive and insightful community.
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