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  1. girl i am doing a little dance for you right now! wtg on reaching 10%!
  2. jess: you are too much! this one made me laugh and it was a much needed laugh.
  3. to BCB! i am sure you will love it here! i look forward to seeing your posts!
  4. thought that the other one didn't post! regardless i am super happy for you so you get 2 congrats from my behalf
  5. i love using marinades but i admit that the points situation makes me almost not want to use them. finally i gave in, i figured out how many points the marinade is per serving. then, i take what i actually need (yesterday i used 2 tbsp to 'marinade' some chicken.) i mean, it's mostly just coating the meat anyway so why use so much? i found that i am not wasting so much marinade and i am able to figure out how many points the marinade is because i am measuring the amount that i use. hope that was in someway helpful.
  6. ditzydi

    Energy Drinks?

    i too have been hooked on energy drinks! since i work overnights i tend to drink them a lot at work to make it through the night... i usually drink 1 of the 16oz SugarFree Rockstars and that is 0 points or if i drink 2 (rarely) it's 1 point for both. you can also double check it on their website: http://www.rockstar69.com/ingredients.html
  7. you look GREAT!!! and you are such an inspiration!
  8. welcome to the boards! i follow the flex plan as well.. what part of the east coast are you heading to? sorry i can't answer your question about the flex board i am pretty much a rookie around these boards too but i can say that there is a lot of great people on here and they give really great support! so look around and find a somewhere that you like and post often so you get to know people and they get to know you as well!
  9. ditzydi


    to bcb angela!!! this is a great place which i am sure you will find out for yourself. look around the different groups and hopefully you find one you like and post often! looking forward to seeing your posts!
  10. welcome back to ww and welcome to bcb! if you don't mind me asking, what part of CA are you in?
  11. most definately needed in my moment of boredom!
  12. to ww and bcb kellirh! hope your first week on the program goes well. don't let the 50 pounds overwhelm you. take it one day and one pound at a time. that is something that i have to remind myself of everyday... sometimes when i focus on the big picture it's discouraging because it feels like a lot but taking it a little at a time really helps make things easier and when they are easier i tend to stay right on track and succeed. i look forward to all future posts made by you!
  13. thanks for all the suggestions everyone... tonight is my first night back to work since saturday night (woohoo to 3 days off... we had been busy in previous weeks so it was a much needed 3 days off!) anyway, i will be preparing my meal to take with me shortly. i'm taking chicken of some sorts... and it's something that i can get from work but i don't want to get tempted when i walk into the kitchen and smell the fries and key lime pie... yea, my 2 weaknesses in that kitchen! i have been OP all day so i will not let work temptations mess me up! once again, thanks everyone for the feedback!
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