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  1. Great Idea, CalGal. I don't know why that didnt occur to me! I'm going to go to the library and see if they have some of the Books, ya'll suggested.. Thanks everyone!
  2. I am going through the recipes here and copying them. However, I would really like to invest in a cookbook to help me stay on program. (I'm currently doing Flex) There is one issue with that tho, I am a very picky eater and don't want a cookbook that will collect dust. Here are some of my oddities: 1. I hate cooking/mainly because I have very limited time 2. I am not a big veggie eater. Frankly, pre WW I ate Corn, Potato's, Lettuce, and carrots. 3. Because of the Veggie issue, I many dishes considered "ethnic" are out. 4. I'm single and cooking for 1. I find it frustrating to buy food and cook food for one.. which is why I have traditionally used pre-packaged or fast food (no more of that !) That said.. Does anyone have a recipe Book they would suggest? I'm up for making big dishes and freezing the servings.. But I just dont want to get a book that will never be used. Thanks for your suggestions..
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