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  1. Since i saw that bodybugg on the Bigges L. show it's been tempting me. But it's pricey, and this morning after reading about it i found out in order for it to work you have to keep paying a subscription- which again - is not cheap- Didn't know about that " little " detail. So - did any one get it ? Used it ? is it worth it ? I can imagine it's motivating and exciting to see how many calories you are really burning etc- but is it really worth it all that money - about 170-190 $ for the bugg.. and than a monthly subs. or a yearly about $99.00 .. it's not affordable.. Than i read so many reviews - many people love the tool- but hate the customer service- and there are app. many problems initially with setting it up and getting it to work .. etc. Please- put your opinion, and/or - experience with it. Pros/ Cons.. and if you had it- than stopped using it- what did you decide works just like it or instead of it.. ? TIA
  2. I will type a small part of a text out of the book i'm currently reading - and this part caught my attention : If you want to lose weight permanently , then the energy burned during your exercise should come from fats and not from carbohydrates. During the first 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise like walking- only 1/3 of the energy burned comes from carbohydrates, whereas 2/3 comes from body fats. During short bursts of exercise ( speed running etc ) 2/3 of the energy burned comes from carbs, and only 1/3 from body fat. It stands to reason, then, that a continuous exercise, like walking, which burns primarily body fat, is a lot better for permanent weight reduction than short spurts of strenuous exercise . Because strenuous exercise burns carbs it causes a drop in blood sugar, which actually increases your appetite. Walking, on the other hand , redirects blood away from the stomach to the exercising muscles and decreases appetite. Walking also increases the body's metabolic rate, which helps to burn calories at a faster rate. typed from book " 100 weight loos tips that really workd- from Fred A. Stutman
  3. I think this applies to anything new in life. First it's all new and adventurous, exciting. And with the time it starts to become " normal " and everyday thing. At first we used it a lot and we loved it. I especially loved the fact that my 3 kids have been playing it and really sweating while at it- and having fun doing it. I don't think you can " cheat " your way on hula hoop, boxing, step exercises- maybe golf/tennis- but i don't have that on the " wii fit " anyways. Wii fit is great because you get great instructions on strength training and yoga- stability exercises etc. And you can set your own workout regime by putting several exercises together and than they go and play in the order you set them .. I love it. Don't use it as much as i used in the beginning- but like i said - isn't that with everything that way ? I mean when you get your treadmill first you were on it every day maybe.. and now it's more just " collecting dust " - if you are serious about exercising you will not " toss " your treadmill just because you got bored of it- you know you need it. I have a big collection of dvd- workouts - billy blanks and Jillian Michaels and some others- a dvd gets me bored after few times- but if i don't use it for a few months it get's interesting again I would recommend a Wii fit- it's a nice way to add some more activity in your life- at least some activity you don't " hate "
  4. I know this question has probably been asked - xy times but i have to ask it again for myself since i can't find the answer. Lets 'say a cup of green beans is 0 points. Are two cups of green beans 0 point , or 1 point ? 0+0= should be 0 = i know. but one cup of green beans i believe is arround 20-30 kcl - but two cups add to arround 60 kcl which than might add to 1 point Same with lettuce- one cup 15 kcl - but what if you have 4 cups through out the day that's 60 kcl etc etc And does your answer to this question apply to all 0 point food ? Are there exceptions ? I do " pack " extra greens on my plate just to ' fill " me with less points, but- than i started getting confused- with this. Please clarify it for me , TIA
  5. Thank you for all the explanations, really appreciate all the help both of you offered. It will take some time to get all this fine-tuned.. but i guess this is why i'm so big- " thinking " i know what i'm eating.. is not the same as " knowing " i'm here to learn.. Thank you
  6. I know how to " calculate " points - when i have all the facts but it hit me when i saw that many grams of fat for that oil- and according to the ww we are supp. to get two of them .. now i'm confused - with this one spoon i have 25gm of fat ?!? and i'm supp. to have two a day ? that takes so many points away and i'm not a " fat " fan , i rather trade those for sugar So that's where my confusion is .. I guess i will convert to the " pam- spray " when i make the eggs- and for now according to my calculation this comes up to 10 points !?! Whoa.. and i thought i was " good " ??
  7. How many points would this be ? Spinach, fresh, 2 cup Leeks, 1 leek Green Peppers (bell peppers), 0.5 cup, chopped Egg white, 4 egg whites Egg Yolk, 2 large Canola Oil, 1 tbsp Parmesan Cheese, grated, 1 tbsp I had 2 whole eggs and 2 extra eggwhites another question - the oil you use for the pan- how do you calculate that into a recipe - I have looked it up and it says one tbs is 14gm of fat - well did i really use that much ? is that what i have to count into the recipe and when i try to figure out the points i mean i will have like 25gm of fat in this whole thing.. Please help me out .. and i'm just trying to figure out everything- so i will try to make it better next time- any suggestions are welcome
  8. I'm glad i found this thread. First one to read after 2+ years of absence from this web site. Read all of them - and 99% of them ended up as a " Motivational line " for the day- in my new diary on the top of the page. Now i have a one liner for each new day : ) Thank you guys and keep th em coming because i have still few pages left
  9. I tried it. Loved it. Served it to my guests. I'm a volume eater , so I need " more " than small scoops. My solution to that, and it has helped me big time is: Take that serving of vanilla ice cream and load it with fresh blue berries, strawberries, blackberries, what ever you want.. it makes it " bigger " since I need " bigger " .. but is a better option than having 2-3 servings of ice cream alone. With ff cool whip served to friends.. no one noticed that it was sugar free and ff.. they loved it
  10. This bar is so satisfying my chocolate cravings. I take 2 of them with me to work. Even if I have both it's still just 4 points and I rather have that than end up craving sweets and do something worse . At costco they have the big pack 30 for 9.99 it's a great deal .
  11. I do that.. i try to do it fast 10-15 x .. than slow.. than I take to stairs at the time.. than I " jump" .. I don't know how to expl. like left foot on the stair.. than switch.. right.. but in a fast tempo.. I do that with rope jumping etc.. it's a good workout.. but don't do 30 min right away. you will be hurting next day and will not be able to do it next 2-3 days maybe start at 10 min.. or 15.. but not more than that.. just a suggestion
  12. ahahahhahah I forw. this to my work colegues.. to make their friday morning a little bit better hahahahha Thx for this one
  13. Hi Lee.. Welcome.. I'm new too and hope we find here the support and motivation we need.. We can do it
  14. Hi everyone I'm excited to be on this program. I have joined WW this weekend.. 8-4-07 So I'm looking forward to get here information that I need through this journey. It's very emotional and " powering " beeing among a group of people that know what you're going through, what you feel and why you struggle. I hope you guys " take me " I'm 26.. my highest and worst weight was 285 lbs at 5" 6.. Now I'm at 259.. That's my WW starting weight. A dream goal would be 100 lbs !.. but I'm gonna work on my first 25 % Good luck to everyone ps.. please forgive me of any mistakes in my spelling or grammer.. I'm still learning English..
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