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  1. Hello all!! I usually just lurk around here and get all the help I need with your sage advice but now I really need to ask for help. I have been on WW since late February and I have done well up to this point and I have lost around 37 lbs. When I finally made it to 186 lbs 3 weeks ago, that is where my trouble began. I keep fluctuating between 186 and 190 now, this has been happening for 3 weeks!! I work out 3 times a week, walk alot, stay within my points range and still up and down. Does this happen to everyone? I'm not sneaking, I'm counting every point. I change up my menu so not to get stuck in a plateau. Also, I have usually lost around 1 to 2 pounds a week up until now. I'm totally stumped!! I'm just getting frustrated now, not quitting, just frustrated!! Agggghhh!! What can I do to break this cycle?
  2. Don't beat yourself up for going off program for one or even TWO days. I did that for years and it only discouraged me enough to give up over and over again. Only when I started forgiving myself and moving on is when the weight started to come off. I have a confession to make. A few weeks ago I went to the local buffet with my husband and I had ribs, fried shrimp and tiramisu. That was 2 weeks ago and I have lost 3 lbs since, because the next day I was back OP and ready to start over with no regrets. Buy yourself the dining out companion and make dining out choices before you leave the house. When you go to a backyard BBQ, cut your portions in half and drink alot of water. Go to Applebee's with your hubby, they have the WW menu. Also, if you know you are going to a party, the day before bank some points for the event and exercise a little harder the day after. But most of all, don't start getting into a negative state of mind, it's the worst thing you can do on a weight loss journey. Just say to yourself, OK, I ate today, tomorrow I'm moving on and I'm back on it!!
  3. Recipes have saved me from the processed food world we live in. I have a subscription to prevention & mother earth news magazines and they have the absolute BEST recipes for healthy, low fat, organic, non processed foods. Think "hippie" when you eat. Brown rice, brown breads with nuts, fresh produce, lean meats, ect. Go to the organic section of your market and see what they have. Also, don't forget your local farmers markets, they have a good variety of the freshest produce with no preservatives or additives. Dont' give up and if you fall off the wagon get back on and keep trying!!
  4. I agree with using the measuring tape often. Last month I only lost 6 lbs for the month but lost 3 inches around my hips. The scale lies when it comes down to true fat loss. You could be gaining muscle that is putting what looks like pounds on the scale. Also, I know I shouldn't but I weigh myself every day, I'm very obsessive when it comes to the scale. If I'm up I attribute it to hormones, water retention, stress, ect. and go on and try to rev up my diet & exercise routine a bit. It always comes off eventually.
  5. Hello all!! I'm new here and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Shannon and I'm 39 years old and live in upstate NY. I'm doing the program at home but I have been to meetings in the past and I'm very familiar with the WW program. I have been on WW on and off for years now, but it really seems to be working for me this time. I have decided NOT to beat myself up this time for not losing every week. I have been OP since late February and I've lost 28 lbs in 19 weeks and I'm finally happy with my slow accomplishments and progress. I would like to meet other slow losers and people who hit frequent plateaus like I do. I have also started an exercise program. I broke down and bought the total gym, hey, if it's good enough for Christie and Chuck, it's good enough for me. (I'm a sucker for infomercials.) Whoo, what a workout this thing gives you! Thanks for listening to me ramble and I hope to make a buddy or two here. HT~ 5' 8" SW 223 ~CW 195~GW 165
  6. Shelly, Your not alone!! I want your "wants" too!!
  7. I have been lurking around here for a few days now and I finally decided to join and interact!! I have been doing w/w at home now for about a month and have lost 16 lbs. Considering I usually give up by now, I do feel as if I need some support from the outside. I'm Italian/Irish and the Italian side of me is really trying hard to stay away from the homemade Fettucine Alfredo! Anyway, Let me introduce myself, My name is Shannon and I'm from Upstate NY. I'm turning 39 ( and holding) in September and like I said, I lost 16lbs so far. My start weight was 226 and I'm now 210 from 5 weeks ago. I'm happy to have found you all and I hope this becomes a successful journey for me
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