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  1. what is this quiz you are talking about?
  2. oh wow okay...thanks everyone for the help
  3. okay i know this has been discussed before... the whole issue where 3+3 doesnt always equal 6...sometimes 3+3=7...so how do you figure out if 2 servings in 6 or 7?? here is my example: if one serving is 190 cal 5 fat 5 fiber 3 points Then what would 2 be? and how do you figure? does everything get doubled?
  4. how many points is in pork chops?? is a serving size 3oz or 4oz?? im getting sooo confused... i can tell you that its boneless and lean only...
  5. what kind of oatmeal? and what is dry german chocolate cake mix?
  6. ok i have some questions...sorry if this is stupid but what is RF graham cracker crust???? also im getting confused with the serving size and points... so say i use the ff/sf jello and pudding and the ff cool whip... is it 1/2 cup for 1pt or 1cup for 1pt????
  7. just wondering if you got yours yet? i signed up too..wondering holw long it will take.
  8. so i only buy yogurt when its on sale which isnt that often because i only wanna get the 1pt ones...that i kno of theres the WW and the Danon Fit & light....however i have been noticing they r changing the danon one and now its 2pts! i really liked there flavors too...well does anyone else kno of any other 1pt yogurts that have good flavors???
  9. i like make these almost every night!!! im addicted!!! my favorite is the white chocolate! saw lemon in the store the other day and tried that but didnt taste that great...im sticking to white chocolate and the cheesecake..... YUMM!!!!
  10. i just bought fat-free ceaser....0pts...really good
  11. hey...i have the Chocolate & Oats bar every morning for breakfast.. i love them!! the only thing is the ones i get are only 1pt...i read some of u guys say they are 2pts...maybe the sizes are different or something...i duno
  12. thanks for your posts....i just ordered fat-free dressing on the side and didnt use all of it...the chicken they gave me was small...(probably only 4oz) and i didnt eat the croutons....i dont think i had that many pts..still not sure what to count it.... if a regualt chicken ceaser salad is 14pts....i wanna say maybe 7 or 8 pts.... what do you guys think?
  13. so im going to outback tonight for my moms birthday. i plan on getting the chicken ceaser salad which is 14pts. however if i decide to replace the ceaser dressing w/ italian fat-free how many points would that be???
  14. just thought i would share with everyone a candy i found in the store the other day... Baskin Robbins (sugar free) hard candy- cookies n cream flavor.... now its it taste no where near like the ice cream but it does of an interesting taste to it.... 4 pieces are 1pt... i would say it was worth it....now i wanna see if they have any other flavors next time
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