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  1. thank you for the ideas! That is exactly what i do too. Before I started back up on WW i used to wait until after all my classes to eat and that always ended badly. I like the hummus idea. I'll have to try that. thanks again :-)
  2. Hi Everyone! I have classes a couple days a week from 8am-2pm. I eat breakfast every morning, but by noon I'm hungry again. I don't have much time in between classes for a meal so I was just wondering if I could get some of other people's favorite "on the go" snack ideas!! Thanks! Jen
  3. Hi everyone! I joined BCB a few years ago and then fell off my weight watchers plan so eventually I stopped coming here as well. Now I'm recommitted to weight watchers again and remembered how supportive everyone seemed here so I'm back!! I look forward to posting with all of you! Jen
  4. Hey everyone! I have been on and off with weight watchers since I was 12. I'm 18 now. I have tried other programs, but WW always works when I really put my mind to it and it's the rogram that I am the most familiar with. I started doing WW in june using my old pointsfinder and my old points book. I have lost 47lbs so far, but I recently started a new job waitressing(at friendly's) and on some days I work 6:30-2:00 in the afternoon, so I usually don't have time to eat breakfast. I also don't want to get anything other than soup at work because it's hard to calculate points at a restaurant(as most of you know). Then by the time I get home I'm starving so I pig out and think 'oh well I do better tomorrow'. Then I don't usually. So for the last 3 weeks I have gone back and forth with my weight and I refuse to go back to where I was because I was so unhealthy and I already feel better with the amount of weight I have lost even though I still have a lot to lose. Plus, the best part is I have lost enough weight so I can now shop at my favorite store (Torrid) and actually fit into their clothes! Anyway, my solution to my problem is that I'm going to actually start going to meetings again for the first time in 5 years. I always do better when I go to the meetings because I hate when the person weighing me sees that I have gained weight. I get so embarrassed so I don't really cheat so that that doesn't happen. lol. Then I'm also going to join a gym that just opened here. Although I'm a little nervous about that because even though a gym is meant for working out and losing weight, I always felt that I was too "fat" to go to the gym which really doesn't make any sense. I think it's just because whenever I go to the gym, I never really see a lot of people who are as heavy as me working out so I feel more self-consious, but I'm going to try and get over it. Wish me luck please! ~ Jen P.S. this isn't the first time I have posted here, but I feel like a newbie again because I'm officially starting WW for the 1st time in awhile.
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Jen and I'm 18 years old. I just found this website yesterday and I'm really glad I did. It looks like a great place to talk to people that are going through the same thing I am. I have been doing WW on and off since 7th grade. I was 150lbs. back then and I HATED the way I looked. If only I knew what I was going to look like now, back then. I went through a lot in my life btw. the ages of 12 and 14 and I ate and ate and ate to comfort myself. I ended up feeling worse. A few months ago I was at my heaviest weight ever (306lbs.) and I was disgusted. I decided to try a different diet and see how it worked so I signed up for LA weight loss at the end of April. The first week of the diet went really well for me, but then after that I didn't loose anything and I actually gained my 6lbs. back even though I did everything I was supposed to do and I never cheated. I stuck LA out for a month and then I decided not to do it anymore. I'm sure it works for some people, but it wasn't something that worked for me. When I quit, I knew that I still couldn't go on at the weight that I was so I chose to start doing weight watchers by myself at home with the pointsfinder and all the other things I had from the last time I did it a couple years ago. As soon as I started WW again I started losing weight. I realized that WW is the best program for me to do and as long as I'm dedicated to it this time (which I am!!) then it will work. I just wish I had the money to go to meetings, but with gas and school I'm broke so this will do for now. I look forward to meeting all of you and hearing about your stories. ~Jen
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