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  1. Thank you all SO much. You all understand in a way that many others simply cannot. They ARE looking for the magic pill, quick fixes or 'tricks' to avoid doing what they have to do. The pill is knowledge... beautifully said. I had to think about your post, CW. Thank you everyone.
  2. I have a few friends who would like to lose some weight. Since seeing me lose 100+ pounds on WWers, they have been asking me what I've done. This has happened to me quite a few times, and I just don't know how to handle it. The conversation usually goes like this: Friend: "What have you done to lose the weight?" Me: "I follow WWers" Friend: "Ok, but what do you do on WWers?" Me: "I monitor my calorie intake" Friend: "Ok, but what changes have you made?" Me: "Umm.. I exercise now, eat more fruits and veggies, I COOK now, ummm..." Friend: "But don't you miss fast food?" Me: "No.. I eat fast food - I just make better choices and eat it less often" Friend: "Ok... so... you lost all that weight just exercising, eating more fruits and veggies and cooking??" Me: "Well no... I follow WWers. I monitor my calorie intake" I feel really bad because I watch them trying sooooo hard and getting frustrated - but then I also watch them eat high-point foods and they wonder why they can't lose weight. I try to explain the idea of counting (calories if they really don't want to join WWers or points - whatever) and journaling and really understanding and knowing what is going in their mouths - but they just kind of go "whatever" and then complain that they cannot lose the weight. It really breaks my heart that they do not see the value in joining WWers, they continue to struggle, and I feel like they think I am hiding something from them. Then they try to tell me that their metabolism is different or that they do not have the willpower I have and I just want to scream BUT YOU DO! You just don't realize what you are eating! Has anyone else encountered this? I feel like I am watching them drown while I am throwing them a life preserver - and they JUST WON'T GRAB IT! Short of kidnapping them and driving them to a WWer meeting, I just don't know what to do anymore. Any suggestions?
  3. Bump! I am going to try this tonight... it seems simple and with all of these replies... how can this NOT be tasty??
  4. Hi, First a little background before I get to my question... Last year I started working the Couch 2 5K program. I got part way through when I pooped on it in favour of doing fitness classes at the gym (it's hard to imagine doing a 5K in the dead of winter with snow all around). Last weekend though when I was at the gym I saw a flyer for a 5k run that was going on for charity. I mentionned the event to my friend, and now we are doing a 5K on April 20th. Last night I decided to do a test on the treadmill to see how far along I am. Ignoring time (I just want to finish) I aimed to do 3.5 miles at an incline of .5 (since I hear it is harder to run on pavement). I managed to do 1m jog, .5m walk, 1m jog, .5m walk, .5m jog. I figure that puts me at week 5 or 6 in the couch 2 5K program, and that I should be ok for my first 5K on April 20th. Now for my questions... 1) What happens if the day comes and I can't jog the whole thing and need to take a walking break? Is that, like, super taboo at these events? 2) Is it even ok to jog, or will they expect me to run? 3) Nowhere on the flyer does it say "race" - and not to be Debbie-downer - but I figure I'll probably come in last. I don't really care - my goal is to finish - but what if I come jogging in a half an hour after everyone else? Is that super taboo? 4) Is there anything I should ask when I register? Any advice for my first 5K? I'm really nervous and any comments about what to expect would be great! I would like to avoid commiting an embarrassing newbie faux-pas if I can. Thanks in advance!
  5. Years ago, I was really good friends with this guy and he helped me through a very hard time in my life. I totally looked up to him and fell for him HARD. When I told him how I felt, he told me that I was great and that he would totally be into me if I lost weight. I cried and cried (at home alone), then I ended up going on a diet - a crazy diet where I ate nothing but salads and worked out like mad. I was doing it for him. I got myself down to 180 lbs when I snapped... and I snapped HARD. I decided to forget about the jerk. Now, years later, I hear he is with a girl (his "baby mama" who accidentally got pregnant when they were going to break up) who is thin, granted, but a total psycho (she has been admitted to the mental ward on more than one occasion) and a witch. She screams at him non-stop, nobody likes her, their kids are out of control, and they have NO money. I am single, college-educated, successful... and now thin. Only this time, I did it for me. Still... I'd LOVE to run into him and see his face. He needs to fully understand how truely dumb and superficial he is. But I'm not bitter...
  6. Thanks! You've saved me a trip to the bulk barn! I'll just use what I have.
  7. I was hoping I might get some advice from the cooks out there... I bought all of the ingredients to make a WW recipe tomorrow night. (Cheddar, Corn and Tortilla casserole from the WW All Time Favorites cookbook in case you've tried it or it makes a difference) One of the ingredients in the list is "Ancho chile powder". Now, I have in my spice rack "Chile powder - hot", but I threw out the spice package a long, long time ago. Do you think they are the same thing? Is Ancho chile powder any different than regular old chile powder? Unfortunately, I have a history of messing up recipes because I thought ingredients were something that they weren't... Thanks!!
  8. Haha... thinking about this more... I guess at some point you need to apply restraint (at least I do... from my former self). Each week I pick the restraint that seems the least painful and go with that!
  9. Everyone will probably have a different strategy... and whatever works is good... but here is how I go about it. I weigh-in Monday mornings. After I WI, I stop to think about the week ahead. Do I have any special (known) challenges coming up? This will change how freely I use my WPA that week. I always plan to only eat my dailies. As a rule, that is what I eat. If nothing special is coming up, I know if I can "afford" to spend the WPA in case of extra hunger or cravings, so my week looks like 21, 31, 22, 30 etc. If I take the spending approach for the week and something unexpected pops up, I know I need to restrain myself a little at that surprise event. If something special is coming up, I know I need to "save" a lot of WPA. I restrain myself a little during the week and turn to zero-point or low-point foods for extra hunger, so my week looks like 21, 21, 21, 35, etc. So really, it changes from week to week depending on what is going on in my life... but personally, I never do option #2.
  10. For the most part I eat some every week. Last week I ate 28/35, but other weeks I have eaten only a few. For me, it really depends on my hunger level, what activities I have planned for the week, etc. Changing it up keeps things interesting! Personally, I think that it's important not to eat the same number of points every single day. I feel that your body gets used to that number and it contributes to plateaus.
  11. I haven't tried this one - but I find in general that WW recipes are very hit-and-miss. I have found some recipes that are surprisingly tasty and filling, while with others either the portion size (for me) is a bit of a joke or the recipe is bland, bland, bland... I have also begun inputting some of my old non-WW recipes into Sparkrecipes.com. I was happy to find that I could ressurect some old favorite "non-diet" recipes that happen to be lower point. Thanks for posting. I will put this one on my "do not try" list.
  12. Yes, if fiber is not listed on the label, I'd assume there was none.
  13. If you are referring to those little meat pies about the circumference of a baseball, I used to eat them all the time. I checked my journal, and I would eat the frozen microwavable ones with ketchup for 8 points (I may have added a point for ketchup... I drown them. ) I've never seen them at a game though, so I can't compare how they'd be cooked, size, etc.
  14. Hmmm... this is an interesting question, and I am interested to see what others will say... First, I don't have a package handy, but looking at the nutritionals online, I think there are two servings in one package of Ramen Noodles - making the points for the package 7 or 8 rather than 4.... Then, since you are not eating the noodles, and the noodles would account for a large number of calories, I would point the package of broth at 4 points. As long as you are not eating several packages a day, you would only be off by 1 or 2 points max, which - depending on how many packages you eat a week - wouldn't make or break anything. You might want to consider finding an alternative, though - 'cause it is super-high in sodium, and pretty high in points for just broth. Or, at least try to avoid it prior to weigh-in. That's how I would approach it anyways...
  15. Thanks! I have bookmarked that site, and I will go buy a tape measure tonight. I will also call around this weekend to try to find someone to do the caliper testing. My gym did not appear to have the calipers - and if they do, they didn't know where they were, which is a bad sign. I know that eventually I'm just going to have to be happy - and I know that I don't always see the 'real' me in the mirror - but this time, I am not crazy! haha... 15% IS low. I don't go to the gym every day. I don't always eat "clean". I wear a size 7/8. I see no muscle definition, except a bit when I flex my arms - but if I show people my muscle they say "Oh yeah... I can kinda see a little muscle" Hahaha.... Also, when I got the measurement, I was in shock (I actually WANTED to see a bad number, so that I could improve on that) - so I asked a few friends. I silently handed the printout to friend #1. She looked at the paper, said "WHAT?!? No, that's wrong" and handed the paper back. I called friend #2. She said "Umm... no offense... but fit? Ok. Athletic? No. You can stop with the weight loss, but you need to tone." I was on MSN with friend #3. He asked how the test went, I told him. He wrote back "I saw you at Christmas. Impossible." I guess I am just freaking out a little, because I wanted to use my body fat percentage as a benchmark, since I need to get away from looking at the scale for weight loss. Thanks for the advice... wish me luck!
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