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  1. They're a blended family - they each have four children from previous marriages, one together, and one on the way. The look like an AWESOME bunch. I went to the Biggest Loser site, and they have a nice bio on each player. I'm LOVING Dolvett! What a sparkling smile. My heart belongs to Bob Harper, but it's GREAT to have another piece of "eye candy" on the show!!! LOL
  2. Before I get started, just want to see if any active BCBers are posting/watching...
  3. Hey folks - has anyone else tried these? I got them in the regular size and slider size. They make a GREAT sandwich! And sometimes I just toast 'em and put a little Brummel & Brown spread on them. You can also use them as a pizza crust! I wish I could tell you how many points are in them, but alas, my iPhone took a swim in the commode and it's sitting in a bowl of rice hoping to be healed. I can post the points later if anyone is interested.
  4. Yup - my DH bought me some to stash in my drawer. They are FANTASTIC!!
  5. Thanks for your willingness to help others, Tinka! Congrats on becoming a moderator!
  6. Hey all! Just wondering if anyone else has this game. I got it for Christmas and started on January 1. I am doing the 4-week program to try it out and so far, I'm loving it. I got my 5-year old grandson to do the workout with me yesterday.
  7. I love the Wii Fit - and I'm sure I'd use it more once the extra people move out of my house!! The balance games are fun - doesn't seem like you're working out.
  8. Has Joanne been around lately? She's our resident FIRM expert...
  9. Lilpup - I don't know about you, but I think it would be GENIUS if they could use Bob and Jillian as the Wii Fit trainers!
  10. Bumping up - has anyone tried Jillian's workout? I love everything about my Wii Fit...well, almost everything. It greets me pleasantly in the morning, gives me fitness tips, inquires about my family members who haven't logged in lately...then it proceeds to tell me that I'm obese! All kidding aside, I think it's a good workout for my current fitness level. I start out doing a few yoga poses, some strength training moves, then to the aerobic portion, and end with some of the balance games. Just the other night, I logged in 1:01 in my Wii Fit piggy bank and I was sweating. Did the hula hoop, run, all three step aerobics, a couple rounds of boxing. My only complaint is that it's embarassing to do in front of anyone - so the entire household knows they have to SCRAMBLE and make themselves scarce when Grama Heidi gets on the Wii.
  11. I know - 20 minutes on the recumbant bike doesn't mean much, but considering it was at 8:30pm after a long day at work and 2 hours with 3-4 year olds at church, I am considering this a HUGE accomplishment for me! I look forward when my gut doesn't do that "slap slap slap" on my thighs.
  12. Check your siggie, baby! You ain't no 200# woman anymore...
  13. Amy - I am SO PROUD of you I can't stand it! Even though I'm not FIRMing right now, I am a FIRMie at heart and will get back there, I'm going to post my exercise here. I'm "easing" into this first week of March since I have the tendency to get discouraged easily. 3/2/09 - 20 minutes recumbant bike 3/3/09 - Firm Cardio Sculpt Blaster - beginner mode, no weights 3/4/09 - 20 minutes recumbant bike More to come...
  14. I'm still a FIRMie on the inside - now to get the outside to cooperate! I've lost my workout area so I shall attempt to FIRM or WATP in a smaller space. Here's my feeble attempt at getting moving again: Sunday: Off Monday: Tuesday: FIRM "Something that has an express option" Wednesday: Off Thursday: TBD Friday: TBD Saturday: TBD
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