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  1. Sorry, I am a female and not an expert at all but I have read a ton of information and almost always they say to lift heavy for less reps. They say that lifting light for alot of reps doesn't really do much. I can tell you that I have seen the most changes in my body when lifting heavy. Start with one for a couple of months and if your not liking the results your seeing then switch to the other. It sure isn't going to hurt you! I have put a link below to the workout I used the most and seen great results with. Gabe's Great!! HTH!!
  2. I have two pair of Nike shox. One for work and one for home. I only have one pair of shoes at a time. I alway's had back problems until I found the shox. I love them! Easy on the back, feet and legs. I got both pairs at Ross. They are 140.00 shoes and I got them for 40 bucks each. Chris
  3. I got the wii fit about a week ago and I love it! I lost 4 pounds after the first 2 workouts! I didn't use it monday thru wednesday and didn't lose. I used it thursday and got on the scale friday morning and lost a pound. If I use it daily I can loose almost a pound a day. Counting my points also. It's Great! Hugs, Chrissy
  4. Jennifer, You can be my trainer any day!! I really need one! Thank You for all the information you volunteer for us! It means alot to me and many other's I'm sure! Hugs, Chrissy
  5. Chrissy; Hi there! I happened upon 1 of your posts where you mentioned you GAINNED back almost all of the 100 lbs you lost. Well I am in that same position right now. I lost 50 lbs and gainned it all back. I could use some encouragment from you! I even gave away all my "BIG" clothes and ended up with 1 pr of pants I was wearing over and over again. TIll now I started a job and had to go out and BUY NEW BIG clothes again. Imagen how I feel. Well feel free to contact me.


  6. Hello, I just got fat-to-firm fitness ball workout for dummies on ebay for a couple of bucks. I did it today for the first time (I'm a beginner though) and right after I did WATP 1 mile and I could feel every muscle!! It takes a little practice balancing on the ball but when I was done I felt like I actually worked out! There are 15 different exercies and they target the whole body. Good luck and I'll let you know in a few weeks how I'm doing. There are a ton of stability ball workouts you can choose from! Hugs, Chrissy
  7. I like this method best with cake! With the brownie mix it just seems too dense to me. The way I do the cake method is use 1/4 cup cake mix and 1 TBS plus 2 tsp water. Or for double I use 1/2 cup mix and 3 TBS water. I used Duncan Hines regular mix and it is 2 points per serving. My local grocery does have the reduced fat cakes but there is no difference in point value. I think the cake tastes just like you baked it in the oven! Without the egg and oil! Hugs, Chrissy
  8. Thanks Everyone! I lost 2 pounds this week! Hugs, Chrissy
  9. Thanks! I tend not to eat the AP. I didn't think is was important to eat the AP's. I better start eating them! I do notice a change in my butt and the ridge that goes around the top! I call it a spare tire. Thanks again! Hugs, Chrissy
  10. The weeks I do The Firm I don't seem to lose! Is there a reason why? Help! Chrissy
  11. Thanks so much!! There are alot of great recipes here! I am not gonna feel deprived this Christmas! Yah! Hugs, Chrissy
  12. Hi, I seen it advertised this morning on TV. Does anyone have it? Is it hard? Does it work? It looks fun but I don't know if I would be able to follow along. Thanks, Chrissy
  13. Hello Everyone! I rested last night (Tues.) which was unscheduled. I was just plain worn out! Now tonight I am so sick to my stomach that if I were to be very active I probably would barf. So, I will have to put off till tomorrow and do all three days that are left! I like to get at least 5 days in a week. Nina, sorry to hear about your uncle! I will keep him in my thoughts! Have a good night! Hugs, Chrissy SUNDAY- Basic step with Leslie Sansone DONE MONDAY- Basic step with Leslie Sansone DONE plus 2 segments on Denise Austin arms & bust DONE TUESDAY- unscheduled rest! WEDNESDAY- rest THURSDAY- Basic Step with Leslie Sansone DONE plus Short Cuts Upper Body with Leslie Sansone FRIDAY- The Firm Cardio Sculpt SATURDAY- Basic Step with Leslie Sansone
  14. Hello, here's mine! Have a great week!! Hugs, Chrissy SUNDAY- Basic step with Leslie Sansone DONE MONDAY- Basic step with Leslie Sansone DONE plus 2 segments on Denise Austin arms & bust DONE TUESDAY- WATP 1 mile WEDNESDAY- rest THURSDAY- Basic Step with Leslie Sansone FRIDAY- The Firm Cardio Sculpt SATURDAY- rest
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