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  1. You can make your own by just grounding almonds very fine. Nut flours are very high in calorie so I tend to just not use them.
  2. Well Superbowl as I am sure you know by now the Phils lost. (boo hiss) What a disappointment but I have to say it was a great game. Halladay and Carpenter were amazing with their pitching - did you watch the game? As far as your "Worst Month" goes it seems you got it all figured out. As you have demonstrated, its all about figuring it out ahead of time what the challenges will be and sticking to the plan..consistently. I think I have mentioned before I am trying to lose my "all or nothing" approach. I have learned through the years it gets me nowhere and even behind. I like your story about the game and the difference in your food choices from your friends. Some people might approach it as "well its a playoff game - I am going to enjoy it, eat whatever I want and worry about my weight goals tomorrow". (I know I have done that in the past). So good for you and funny story about the chemist making the food! Shellybean - what an excellent strategy with the 5k's! As for me, August is done and over. The one good thing I did do this year was made the Uturn once I realized how I was letting go and went back to WW in September when the kids went back to school and I am NOT giving up this time!
  3. Hey Superbowl - my worst month is August - probably for the similair (but not baseball) reasons. I have three children and by August they are staying up later and later and by the time I get them to bed (9:30pm-ish) and then clean up the house it is 10pm -then I want some time to myself and end up staying up late. Tend to miss workouts and eat more (we also tend to take our vacation in August). I made this realization this past September when I looked at my weight records. Every August for the past three years, the weight went up by 5 -6 lbs and I spend the fall trying to make up for it. Funny that you are bring this topic up since I had been thinking about it the past couple of weeks. Next year, I have to come up with a better strategy. What is your strategy for October? BTW as far as baseball goes, I am a Philly girl so I will be up late watching the playoff game tomorrow night!! I think our city will be devastated if they lose given the season they have had....
  4. Hey SB - Good article - made me laugh at first since most articles are the 10 things to make you skinny - I liked reading it from the flip side. My favorite quote from this article is Take ownership of your food. BTW - still journaling - down 3.5lbs total since I started journaling 3 weeks ago - it is slow but it is coming off...
  5. Native Man - Thanks for the tips. It sounds like you have the program down pat. I agree that weighing in and staying accountable keeps us all honest. Speaking of being honest to myself - I tracked this week and had a 2.6lb weight loss. Proving yet again to me that tracking (not perfectly but almost perfect - thanks Superbowl) really leads to success. So here is to another week of tracking - I'll keep you posted!
  6. zappklmc - thanks for sharing that one - love it!
  7. Thanks SB - this is really helpful and I am going to work on it!
  8. SB - this is an excellent suggestion. I definately will give it a try - you are right - it doesnt have to be perfect. I have a tendency to be an all or nothing person and I need to find the middle ground. Thank for you suggestions - I will keep you posted. I sppreciate you and Trudie sharing your success and what works for you. BTW - this dialogue has stirred some good conversation with my sister (also an accountant and who struggles with journaling). We have agreed to meet up each Monday and share our journals with each other so we can stay accountable.
  9. SB - not preachy at all and I truly appreciate your input and you taking the time to write down your thougts on this. I think you are right that its part of the I cant do what I want part. Here is an example of what I am whining about. I like to cook so last week one of the things I made was a bunch of sauteed vegetables. Eggplant, zuchiini, etc. I put 2 TBS of olive oil in the pan and as I was making the vegetables I realized they needed a little more olive oil. I had a few things on the stove so I grabed the olive oil and instictively added a little more. Woops I thought - was that tablespoon?? I know I need to come up with a value and I decide for the recipe in its entirety I have used 1/4 c of olive oil. Problem solved. Now the vegetables have cooked and I put them in a container to use for the week. Then I realize I have no idea how many servings this is and I have to get out the measuring cup and measure how many cups this actually made so I can spread the olive oil points out. This drives me crazy - it is in that moment I get angry that I have to portion it all out, measure it, write it down etc. Other issues are when I am at a party and I am not sure what the points are etc. (I should point out I am a CPA and getting things exact is my nature. I would think as I am typing this someone would say to just estimate some of this and let it go.) As I am typing this I realize how rediculous some of this sounds. I think it is good to dialogue your struggles since one can see the errors of their thinking. I just find on a bad day, journaling is one of the first things I can throw out the door or I might say to myself - "I am giving myself the day off" and that is where the weight loss stalls. I know I need to change this. The last time I made my goal weight I lived on lean cuisines becuase the portions and points were all precalculated. I dont want to go that route this time. I am off most processed foods and like you I avoid the simple sugars. I appreciate your feedback. This is something I need to work on.
  10. SB - it feels very restrictive to me and I become resentful that I have to do it. I KNOW that it leads to good results and needs to be done, I just hate it. My WW leader says - "you dont have to like it , you just have to do it", I keep that in my head. I have been trying to not track for the past few months and just eat sensibly but it has yielded slow weight loss so I know the answer to this problem. I guess I am just whining - sorry.
  11. Thanks for posting this SB. My biggest obstacle on this list is journaling/tracking - feels like punishment. I have to get over that....
  12. Quinny


    Great post Carol - thanks!
  13. Great story SB - You continue to be an inspiration to me.
  14. Trudie - I have had the occasional one here and there since March. I was just surprised this weekend when I ended up pouring it down the drain. The taste is different once you are away from it. I found the first couple of sips somewhat enjoyable but didnt want the rest. This is a HUGE change for me. You may end up feeling the same when you just give yourself the one. It looks so tempting in these hot summer days to have an ice cold one but a couple of sips maybe all you need. I agree with Superbowl, here and there it is fine. I am just glad to be off the addiction of it. I no longer NEED it or crave it the way i used to. I noticed in Trader Joes they have soda made with stevia - never tried them but maybe some day.
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