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    I downloaded the podcast last night. This is my third try at this. I love the podcast it was way better then what I was doing before. The bell rings and you switch. LOVE IT and the one I downloaded was really good high energy music. It seemed like I was walking and running to the same beat.
  2. I would try Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone. This is the workout I started with in my home then I moved it outside. I live in Wisconsin so in the winter I do the DVDs and in the summer I go outside for the fresh air. She has many DVDs but the first one I bought was the 5 workouts in one DVD. Then you can choose to do a different one each day. Nadine
  3. Oh man I haven't been on here or completing my runs. First it was the stitches and then July 3rd I was playing volleyball and threw my back out. Now I know I sound like I am making excuses but I swear to you this is what's happening in my life right now it's one thing after the next. I also on July 5th started a new part time night job which is when I would run at night so now I am all screwed up and my eating has went out of control as well. I need some but kicking right about now and some ideas on how to get back on track. Please be gentle with me LOL!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the information on both topics. Nadine
  5. Okay I had a couple of problems last night trying to do W4D2. First of all my chest was really sore sorry to the guys that are on here but I had a sports bra on and it was very painful I did keep going but all of a sudden out of no where I caught a case of side stitches so I read somewhere to put your arms up and take some deep breaths well I did that but they remained so I walked the rest of my time but noticed that even after the walk they remained. Don't know what I did wrong that has never happened to me before. I am bummed but am going to try again tonight. Nadine
  6. W4D1 done. I went back to week 4. I did struggle on the 5 minute runs but did complete it. It's been cool here in Wisconsin perfect weather for running. It felt good to be back. Nadine
  7. Well I did one day and didn't complete the rest I have no idea why I am in the funk I am in but I am going to take everyones advice and start at week 4. I walk mostly everyday I just can't bring myself to run in this heat we are having. It's getting a little cooler out now not as humid which is good. I never ran in 94 degree weather I find myself just wanting to live at the pool and don't really care about nothing else. Well this coming week it's going to be high 70s so I can get my ____ back on the wagon. Thanks to everyone for the advice I am going to take it I worked to hard to start at the beginning. Nadine
  8. I completely fell off the running wagon and restarted last night back at the beginning W1D1 wow it was super easy compared to where I was. I think the 20 minute run scared the hell outta me I never completed it just went to 10 minutes runs. Well back to the basics and starting point. As long as I keep going and don't quit I will be okay. Nadine
  9. I am back after a few days gone. I had a huge graduation party weekend to do so I stopped right around 10 minute runs so I think I will start over at the 8 min runs seems safe I don't want to injure myself. I went out and got a pedometer and today I used it for the first time but I walked and after like 345 steps it stopped counting. I don't know what happened maybe I set it up wrong who knows I will figure it out. I missed last weeks WI also so I have to get back on track and I started today. Nadine
  10. W6D1 complete. I did not make the 20 minute run last week but this week I will do it. I don't care how long it takes I will keep repeating if I have to till I get to that point. Last night I had no energy at all so my question is what is the best thing to eat before you run? How much time should you wait when you have eaten? Should you eat something small after your run? I felt like my legs were going to give out last night and it was only the 8 minute runs last week I was doing 10 minute runs. Go figure. Nadine
  11. Well I walked my first 5K on Saturday. It felt really good to do that now I can't wait for the next one. As I was walking I was watching the runners in envy because I so wanted to run but I surely am not ready. I am up to 10 minutes but missed my last run again. Next week will be better I know and maybe by September I can run a 5k The Komen is coming up then that would be fantastic and make me feel victorious. Other bad news I gained 1.2 this week sucks but I deserve that 1 pound for being a little piggy. Nadine
  12. I have heard people start off slow what they do is walk for 30 minutes but they will run a block or from point A to point B also if your not ready to start off with the C25K right away. It is hard the first day but this is my second time around which was easier and also now I am up to 10 minutes straight running. I started running at 197 pounds 50 pounds overweight and if I can do it anyone can. Nadine
  13. Did W5D2 but I ran 10 minutes instead of 8 and I felt great. It was a breeze I am so excited about that. Tomorrow is D3 we shall see how that goes. Nadine
  14. Did W5D1 over tonight and you were right I didn't miss a beat the first run was a little hard but then after that it was okay. Nadine
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