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  1. I have also heard that it is important to eat within 1 hour of rising. In my opinion, it doesn't matter if you call in breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or if you eat it at 8 am or 6 pm, as long as it's healthy and eaten less than 1 hour after rising. If you wake up at 6 pm, call it breakfast, but plan to go to bed at midnight, I don't see any need to fit in two more meals in such a short day. What I'm trying to say is, it doesn't matter what you call each meal, or if during a short day you only eat two defined meals, as long as you eat well nutritionally and points wise, and you eat shortly after rising.
  2. I want to start lifting weights, especially for me arms, but I used to have shoulder problems and the weight machines are incredibly uncomfortable for me. Is there a way for me to do them, possibly on a lower weight? Or are there any comparable exercises that wouldn't hurt my shoulders?
  3. Congrats!! I started spinning a few weeks ago and really liked it. From what I can find, the average person in the average 45 minute spinning class (not including stretching) will travel 15-20 miles and burn 400-500 calories. I go by the 100 calories= 1 AP, so depending on how intense it was, I count 4-5 AP's per class.
  4. That's great!! I've always wanted to donate blood. I tried to a few weeks ago, but I had a panic attack when they were about to ***** (not entirely sure why that's blocked... "stick the needle in") my finger. I really don't like pain... or blood.
  5. I'm not sure, but I'd guess that they'd be about 1 point.
  6. These sound great!! They're in the oven right now! Update: OH my gosh, these are great!! I had leftover cinamin splenda mixture so I added a dab of hot water to it and poured it over the buns, it was great!
  7. I can't access the link, but I was wondering about the butter. I'm assuming that it was one of those 0 calorie ones, but those add up fast when you use a lot. How much did that end up being?
  8. Why don't you try to bring a water bottle to class each day. There has to be some times when you're not talking when you could take a drink of water. Most of my teachers do this, even if it's just a quick sip while a student asks a question.
  9. This looks great! I just have to find the lf mix now.
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