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  1. I have to echo Carol- I'm only cooking for two, so I'd love a recipe thread dedicated to those of us without a family (yet ) For now, I just learn to love leftovers
  2. I am stunned and inspired- you look WONDERFUL!!
  3. http://www.viactiv.com/products/index.jhtml?id=viactiv/products/multivitamin.inc
  4. I love beets too! I completely forgot about them... I made a salad with roasted beets, roasted onion, FF feta, parsley, Lemon and olive oil a few weeks ago and it was really really good (and super pretty with the lemon wedges as a garnish!) Have you tried the other types of salts? They're great and actually more flavorful and less "salty" than regular table salt- I get mine from Whole foods bulk bins cause then I only have to spend
  5. I just tried Jicama... SO good! Also love love love brussels sprouts... I put one chopped up strip of bacon (or ham from the deli and count the points) into a baking dish with the sprouts to roast them and add salt and pepper. AMAZING! On the topic of what I'd like to try- celeriac root (just saw last night on Alton Brown ) and lots more asian type veggies like hearts of palm, bamboo sprouts (I think thats what they were)... again, just saw on Bourdain last night. More2Lose- I like kale in soup... I brown turkey, add italian seasoning and fennel to make it "sausage", add carrots, onions, garlic, celery, can of tomatoes, 3-4 cups of broth (whatever looks right), some white beans (or red ones they work too!) and my kale/spinach/chard... whatever... and cook it till it all combines and veg is soft and tastes good. Greens are also great sauteed in oil, with garlic, lemon and s+p... you can add chili flakes if you're into spicy... blanch them if they're really tough greens like kale, or big bunches of swiss chard.
  6. I have to say to everyone who just can't get into the yogurt flavor that you should try some of the local stuff around you... at least for me that did it. I buy mine from a local dairy farmer and what a world of difference- I don't think I can ever go back! I make tzatziki out of it and dip veggies or I drizzle it with a little bit of honey (for pts), or I just put fruit in it (my fave is bananas). Also good on core pancakes with fruit.
  7. I just read an article this morning about this! Many manufacturers are using the same size packaging but putting less in it because people are less sensitive to quantity than price- but you can see it go up in the unit price. Go figure...
  8. If LF cheese was ok'd instead of FF LF- That would make life so much easier!! Also maybe two slices of light bread- kinda like the pasta/potato/brown rice rule... to go with corefied LF lunch meat Hey a girl can dream!
  9. I really like FF feta, and honestly that's about it! But I put it inside burgers, on salads, in grilled veggies, pasta, etc... its great for just about everything... Good luck!
  10. I use centrum with Lycopene- and split the pill, take half with breakfast, half with dinner. I saw it on Oprah that supposedly you absorb more nutrients if you do it that way. And we all know Oprah knows everything
  11. Just made this and its reallllly good and suprisingly easy- makes 1 serving... would easily be doubled. Was sad when I finished it because it was so good! 1 tsp of butter 1 Corn on the cob 1 Cup chicken stock Scallions Melt butter in saucepan, sautee corn (cut off cob) for a few minutes (5ish?). Add chicken stock and puree in blender. Garnish with Scallions. Eat!
  12. I agree with what's been said about the points figuring as well.. On the subject of flavoring Tuna- I love a little pepper, some lemon and some olive oil (counted towards your healthy 8 of course). Then I put it on a big salad with no dressing (the tuna kinda dresses it!) for a very very filling 4 pt lunch... YUM! Also, Salad nicoise is AMAZING with the tuna made this way... and its a perfect blend of protein and carbs because of the potato.
  13. I make something that's similar... I use instant espresso powder, add it to the ricotta and some splenda and blitz it in the blender, and then crush up a biscotti on top (I found one that is 2 pts.) Its kinda like a custardy pudding type thing... I should find the recipe and try adding a little cocoa... sounds yummy!
  14. Carol's Chocolate Cake!!! (with a little coolwhip) (You have no idea how many times I've made this and wanted to walk up to her front door and give her the biggest hug because its saved my day!)
  15. I make packets on the grill so it doesn't heat up my kitchen... my favorite is cod, fennel, tomatoes and olives in a little tinfoil packet which I seal up and throw on the grill. No clean up either!! I also like bbq chicken (count points for BBQ sauce), grilled corn (no need to peel husks, just soak in water for a few minutes) and then red potatoes and a little spray butter salt and pepper put in a foil packet (the red potatoes don't need to be peeled which is great!!) Everyone's ideas sound sooooo good!
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