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  1. I just started weight watchers a day and a half ago. the only problem Is everything I consume besides the fruit has sodium In It..I cant offered to go grocery shopping for fresh veggies and what not for another few weeks so I am having to make do with what I have. Will It cause me to :bcb_confugain weight or will I still be able to loose?
  2. I just started weightwatchers today, but I dont really have all the stuff I need, so I am gonna make do with what I do have. Is It okay to eat 4 oz chicken for three different meals? and some canned veggies.. I heard you should only have on 1 to 2 servings of protien but I get really weak If I dont get protien. also, thats really the only thing I have at the moment meal wise besides some soups, yogurt and a few fruits.. that are weightwatchers friendly. I have two weeks to go before I have money to get all my stuff but I wanted to go ahead and start It anyway.
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