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  1. Nancy Nurse, let me know what you find. I've tried but unsuccessful. We need a place to post. Perhaps we should start a new forum; what do you think? I'm not sure how to do it or get to others that are following but I do know one gal that is in my current forum that is doing low carb/simply filling. I'm sure our members would increase if we can get the word out there Food Addict you too!
  2. I would love to share recipes etc. I like to post my "actual" foods from the day before, chat, share recipes and give and get motivation
  3. Hi Food Addict and Grancy! I am on core, love it, it works, so why change it. I get in trouble when I allow myself all those carbs and processed foods
  4. I got my 10k steps in too! Yahoo! Am looking for a active forum, any good suggestions. Love the one im in but am not getting the motivation I need there I liike to post my meal plans, then actual meals, share recipes and chat during the day and help motivate others as well. I'm doing Core/simply filling.
  5. Hi, pardon my intrusion I was wondering around on the threads and seen your post. I remember you made some really good low carb recipes. Are you still doing that and if so is there a link to them? I appreciate it! Strawberryjayne
  6. Lorraine, I love the dancing letters! Where did you find them?!!
  7. Hi Cheryl, and yes the sponsors on the links provide 10 pieces of kibble to Animal Shelters to help feed their hungry dogs and cats. Play Bow-Wow Trivia and Meow Trivia every day - the more you play, the more kibble for the dogs and cats. And I especially like the trivia; I've learned so much and love seeing all the rescue stories. You can set it up to get a daily reminder emailed to you. I click on them every single day and the more people that will do that, the more kibble for sheltered pets. For example the free kibble site has donated 1,330,831,930 pieces of kibble donated since 2008!! Thanks, your clicks are appreciated!
  8. Welcome Jason. I've made lifetime friends on the buddy system, Don't know what I would do w/o talking with our group everyday. May I suggest a General TRIED n TRUE recipe site for the entire forum. I started one a couple of years in the buddy system group back but always have to go searching for it. Will be looking forward to what you bring to BCB
  9. Yep, you have to buy the 93% ground white turkey There's a big difference!
  10. Strawberry, I am already in the group....it's Quixotic I want to join us

  11. Rhonda, my new address is 1301 Hickory Avenue, Punta Gorda, Florida 33950. My phone number is still the same.

  12. Thurs May 13th B-pb protein shake, coffee L-fahita beef, chicken; pork and chili sauce, 1/2 corn tortilla D-Stuffed pepper soup S-watermelon; sf margarita x 2 Exercise 2 hours walking while retailing! Food Goals met; YES Exercise Goal met; YES Vitamins taken; YES Challenge start wt; 209 Current wt; 206.8
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