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  1. Well, I ran the church steps again this morning and realized that each time up is 24 steps, not 19. So . . . last time I did 864 steps, not 684 not that it really matters. Today, I ran the loop 8 times for a total of 1152 steps and 4.24 miles - total time of 47:40. It was a great workout! Have a great day!
  2. Heather - you shouldn't be doing abs exercises every day. Just like any other workout, you should not work the same muscle groups day after day. The rest time that you get by alternating days is very beneficial to your muscles! I did the Mens' Health Fast Abs workout this afternoon - 2 different routines - 10 exercises each - 12 reps of each - 3 total circuits. It was a good one!
  3. 5 mile interval run for me this morning in the drizzle. It was great weather for a run - 53* and slight drizzle! I love running in that weather! My time wasn't my best, but it still felt pretty good after my long one this past weekend - 40:07. Have a great Monday!
  4. I had a great long run this morning - 9.41 miles in 1:16:48, which is an 8:10 min/mi. I feel great now, and am ready for whatever the day brings! Plus, the sun is shining and it's supposed to be in the 70's - B E A utiful!
  5. 45 minutes of Mens Health "Big Arms" workout this morning plus 60 pushups and 30 reps of dumbell rollers. My shoulders and upper body in general are pretty sore right now!
  6. cperryman


    +1 to the maintenance Rich! I hit my goal weight of 165 a while ago, and then slipped just a bit, and am now hovering between 170 and 175. Losing those last 5 - 10 is the toughest! I'm very proud of myself (and my wife) for losing the weight that we did, and being able to still have kept it off nearly 2 years later! That is the true accomplishment! I've seen many people go up and down; it's a true test of whether or not you've made a lifestyle change!
  7. Heather - yes, it has probably 6 pre-programed routines that I think are easy, but then it also allows you to program in some customized programs. Right now I only have a speed interval in there, but I used to have a speed & hill interval that somehow got erased. I need to put that one back in, because it really kicks my butt! This morning I did an interval run that involved the steps at our church. I ran up and down the 19 steps 6 times, and then did a recovery run around the block (.53 miles). I did this 6 times for a total of 684 steps and 3.18 miles - total time of 38:27. Pretty good interval workout! Catch you all tomorrow.
  8. Moe - It's not a bad workout, but not as hard as my actual interval runs outside. It's not too bad, so I haven't tried changing it to make it harder, but it is nice that I don't have to manually adjust it when I want to run intervals! I did weights this morning - the Mens Health Warrior (Big Arms) Workout. It's not as hard as some of the others I've done, but it's nice to mix it up.
  9. That's a great attitude Heather! Keep it up and you will succeed. I ran on the TM this morning instead of outside in the rain. I did a pre-programmed interval run - 40 minutes max speed of 10mph. I think my average was around 9 min/mi. Have a good one!
  10. Well, I didn't get out for the run this morning, because I didn't want to mess up Mother's Day for my wife. Instead, after I made breakfast for her and the kids, we went out and dug up part of the back yard for a garden that she wanted. A little manual labor with a pick-axe and hoe gave me a bit of a workout, but not as much as a long run would have. Oh well maybe next weekend. Happy Mother's Day to any moms out there.
  11. Well Moe, your the only name I recognize in here. It's nice to see some new faces in here though! The only question I have is "Where are all of the guys?" I've been away from these boards for a long time, but I haven't slacked a bit on the exercise or much on the diet. I'm still floating between 170 & 174 depending on my diet! I've still been doing various Men's Health workouts/weight routines 2-3 days a week and running 2-3 days a week. I like the flexibility of choosing my workout/run intensity each morning! I took Monday and Tuesday off after my long (8.55 mi) run on Sunday. Wednesday I did a 4 mile run (1/2 mile warmup, 3 mile intervals, 1/2 mile cooldown) in just shy of 32 minutes; Thursday I did the Men's Health Spartacus workout (2 complete circuits); and this morning I did an up tempo 5 mile run (ran hard, and finished in 36:47). I think this mornings' run is a pr for me for that distance - I've broken a 7 min/mi, but that was only on a 3 mile circuit. Tomorrow will be another Mens' Health routine, and hopefully I'll be able to sneak out on Sunday morning for a long run.
  12. cperryman


    Rich - you're a beast! Way to go on round 2! Keep up the great work! I've been away from these boards for a long time, but I haven't slacked a bit on the exercise or much on the diet. I'm still floating between 170 & 174 depending on my diet! I'm holding off for the winter season to do P90X a second time (I did it winter '08-'09). This past winter I had loaned out the dvds so I just did other training - mostly Men's Health workouts. For as long as I can remember, I've been doing various Men's Health workouts/weight routines 2-3 days a week and running 2-3 days a week. I like the flexibility of choosing my workout/run intensity each morning.
  13. Hey all, here's an update: I didn't have time to get any exercise in on Saturday, because I was in Boy Scout training all day. I did get out Sunday afternoon and got in 5 miles - 42:50. It was a pretty relaxed run, and I'm ok with that time. Yesterday I did strength training with the Mens Health Fast Abs workout (50 minutes). This morning I was back out there pounding the pavement. I did a 4.4 mile Tempo run in 34:20, which beat my 8:00/mi goal - actually in the upper 7s!!! Yeah, I was happy with that! Have a great one! Oh, and welcome back Darlene!
  14. Hey all, a little update for you: Yesterday I did the Mens' Health-Fast Abs workout - about 50 minutes of strength/weight training. Today I ran a file mile look with 3 stops of 144 steps at the local church - total time of 47:28. I was whooped when I got home! Take care everyone!
  15. Yesterday I hit the weights in the basement and did the Mens' Health Fast Abs workout series. It's pretty good, but I'm ready to change it up with the next month's workout! It should be out soon. My running does seem to be coming along Moe, thanks! It's getting better each day, but I feel that my form hasn't quite returned yet. This morning I went out to run an up tempo run - trying to hit/break the 8 min/mi pace for 4 miles. I was close the first 2 - 8:12 & 8:03, and got it then next 2 - 7:48 & 7:42. It sure felt good to stretch it out a bit and hit my goal!
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