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  1. Hey, everyone. Just got through logging my Wed and Thurs journal days. Amazingly enough, I came out with 12-13 points left for the week even though I ate into my WPAs yesterday and today. Tomorrow I start over. We'll see what the scale says in the morning. Denise, I'll keep you and your foot in my thoughts next week. Night, all. Leigh
  2. Hey, everyone Just finished posting in the journal. Was hoping to post a bit here, but I'm just too pooped. I'm about to navigate my way to bed. See you tomorrow. Leigh
  3. Hi Laurie and Denise, and everyone else. Just finished my Monday journal. I'm trying to set a goal of finishing a day's post both here and in WWOL by lunch of the next day. Keeping the little notebook does make it faster...no racking my brain to remember what I ate, when I ate it and how much I ate. Now I remember how well having to log immediately works to keep me accurate/honest! Later! Leigh
  4. OK, here goes. I'm going to post the way it shows up on my WWOL journal. Monday, 6/1/09 Morning: 3C Coffee 2 t sugar 1/2 C oats, old fash, pre-cooking 1 med. banana Midday: 1/2 Wendy's homestyle chicken breast fillet (meat only) 2 C shredded lettuce (both left over from my Wendy salad from yesterday) 1 carrot, med. 1 T mayo Anytime: 1 piece taffy 1 serving Nature Valley granola bar (2 pieces) 8 oz. canned peaches in fruit juice (1/2 can) 5 vanilla wafers, reduced fat 1 2/3 T peanut butter (Owen ate the other 1/3 T or teaspoon, rather) Eve: 1 C Smart Start cereal, anti-oxident version 1/3 C 1% milk Daily points target: 21 Total for 6/1: 26 Activity points: 3 Tuesday, 6/2/09 Morning: 2 t sugar with w cups coffee 1/2 C old fash oats, pre cooking 1 medium banana Midday: Lean Cuisine grilled chicken parmesan (4 pts) 2 Ritz crackers Evening: 1 C Kashi GoLean Crunch 1/3 C 1% milk Anytime: 7 mini rice cake pieces (1 serving, 1 pt) 1 Nature Valley Granola package, 2 pieces 1 mini bag O/R Smart Pop popcorn (1 serving) 1 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich Daily points target: 21 Total for 6/2: 22.5 Activity points: 2 Wednesday, 6/3/09 Morning: 2 C coffee 1 t sugar 1 banana, medium Midday: 1 1/2 C whole wheat spaghetti 1 C canned asparagus 1 T Shedd Spread Evening: 5 oz pork roast 8 Wheat thins crackers 1 slice processed cheese Anytime: sandwich, PBJ 8 oz 1% milk 12 mini rice cakes 1 t sugar 1 1/2 graham cracker Daily points target: 21 Total for 6/3: 26 Activity points: 0 (none I'm counting) Thursday, 6/4/09 Morning: 3 Cups coffee 3 t sugar 1/2 C oatmeal 2 t honey Midday: 14 oz canned pears, no sugar added 1 T mayonnaise 6 reduced fat Ritz crackers Evening: 1 flour tortilla, medium 150g refried beans Anytime: 3 cinnamon grahams, reduced fat 2 fudge grahams 2 iced oatmeal cookies Daily points target: 21 Total for 6/2: 27 Activity points: 0 Leigh
  5. I'm willing to try. I've been thinking, that my journaling had gotten pretty hit and miss before, and that I needed to start using a little notebook that I could have on me all the time. Just waiting until the end of the day to put everything into the WWOL wasn't getting it. I just wasn't catching everything, and there are days when I just can't get to the website until I get home. No telling how much I was missing before I just gave up! Leigh
  6. Uhm, hello, DF Buddies. Don't suppose there's any way I can slip in here and start rattling off like I was never gone, is there? Just noticed that I've been AWOL for exactly 2 months...not just here, but my program also. I'm disgusted with myself so much that I can't even describe it...and of course, I've gained weight. About 10 pounds. But I logged back into my program yesterday morning...weigh in and everything. I'm working to get my head straight...to clear up for myself why exactly I want to be different. I've been OP for the last 2 days, anyway. Leigh
  7. Hey, Kimberley I so know what you mean. I've made my bed for the last two weeks, and while it doesn't usually cost me sleep, it has definitely shown up on the scale. I've let myself get stressed from work, and this week I had to put my older dog to sleep after she was hit by a car. I've never been much of a stress eater until the last year and a 1/2 or so, but now, it seems any upset can become a reason to hit the peanut butter jar (or worse), which unfortunately keeps finding its way to my house. OK, enough whining. I know what I need to do. I have managed to keep my exercise level up for the most part...not always up to the level I need every day, but it's not dead. I can thank Owen the lab for that much. This morning I've had Smart Start and low fat milk, and extra fiber wheat toast. Think I will have a can of Progressive chicken noodle for lunch. Back later today. Leigh
  8. God bless, Denise. Hope your recovery is speedy, and that you're back here soon. Leigh
  9. Hey, everyone OP day here with Campbell's Healthy Request soup for lunch, frozen grapes for break and a sandwich for supper. Didn't have a chance for my usual afternoon snack, so I was hungrier than I like to be when I got home. On top of that I had an emergency vet run I had to make, so I ate even later than usual (which is late). Cindy, you posed a great question which we all will probably answer differently. For myself, I do better when I spread my food out throughout the day, every two to three hours. I got started with that years ago after reading one of Debra Waterhouse's books about women and weight loss. It seems to be one of the constants I can point to that seem to help me avoid weight gain, and also help me lose when I am using my other tools. But that's just me. Denise and HD, I've got you both in my prayers. Later all, Leigh
  10. Hey, everyone Hope ya'll are having as gorgeous a weekend as I am. I've been in the yard all afternoon...until I couldn't see where I was sticking the shovel in the flower bed. It was around 75 this afternoon. Ah, I just love our 2 or 3 weeks of spring. LOL I started out well today, with Kashi GoLean Crunch, but unfortunately, it appears my peanut butter issue is back with a vengeance, so here we go again. If only it were as simple as stopping myself from buying it in the first place. Walked last night and today, so I'm planning to mix in a run tomorrow night. HD, my thoughts and prayers are with you on your gall bladder surgery. Trudie, you rock, hon! Amazing! Cindy and Kimberley, I got tickled reading about your sleepover experiences. My stepson told me last night that they had one for their son's 8th BD in February. It was their first, and he said he wondered about all the parents grinning as they were dropping them off and hurrying away. He still sounded shell-shocked. Jill, what's this about a new man? Way to go, hon! Keep us in the loop. Be back later. Sleep well, everyone! Leigh
  11. Hey, ya'll just finished reading the posts, and while I'm certainly not happy to see my buddies struggling, it is a tiny bit encouraging to see that I'm not alone in my food tug-of-wars. I'm positive that I will never completely put away my now and then chocolate addiction recurrences (like the one I just caved in to). You're right, Kimberley. We can do this. It may not be as easy as it was 20 years ago, or even 10, but I can still do it. I ran tonight for the first time in about a week. My calves did good tonight, so I'll take it slow and start building them back up. Night all. Hang in there! Leigh
  12. Hey, everyone Interesting reading this evening. The talk about point settings got me to thinking about my own. WWOL doesn't automatically prompt the user to retake the points quiz after every weigh-in any more, so I haven't done it in quite a while. I'm 50 and just re-took it, and my points are still 20...the same as nearly 2 years ago when I first joined. I'm OP for the day, using a few AP points, like I do most days. HD, I tried to follow in your footsteps tonight (or rather "fall" in your footsteps!). I was running with Owen the lab, and he tripped me or I tripped over him, still not sure. I went sprawling in the middle of the street, and no doubt it was not pretty. I'm not hurt, but I took a chunk out of my elbow. I tried to keep going but I was bleeding like a stuck pig, and my heart just wasn't in it after that. Fortunately, I had walked some before I started the run, so all wasn't lost. I'll check back tomorrow. Night, all Leigh
  13. Hey everyone Just finished a salad for dinner and have plently left for the week. I usually like to take it to work for a late afternoon snack...keeps me from being starved when I get home. Got the dogs walked, and tried to keep my pace as brisk as I could. I'm planning run some tomorrow night. I've stayed OP all day, and I mean on the healthy side, too. Fruit, veggies, the whole nine yards. (I'd still love to have a chocolate malt about the size of a coffee pot. Anyway...) HD, I'm so glad you went on the the doc. I hope the muscle relaxers help you get comfortable enough to sleep tonight. By the way, your weight is really down. Way to go! Cindy, my thoughts are with you. Sick kids are certainly no picnic. Hope you can get some rest soon, and good for you with the trenchcoat! Denise, if you've already lost your cruise weight, then you must have done really well at staying on target while you were gone. Very cool. Hello to everyone else. I'm headed off to read the newspaper and then crash. Night! Leigh
  14. Just got back from the walk with the "kids." It was a good one, and they are both stretched out on the floor already! LOL HD, bless your heart!!! Oh, I hope you're not terribly stiff tomorrow, but like you said, thank goodness nothing is broken. Did you put ice on your index finger. I agree with Kimberley and DeeDee about your stomach...if it doesn't ease up really soon, I think maybe you should go on. I will be making a big effort to get here tomorrow. Night all Leigh
  15. Hey everyone Managed to get to church this morning, but not SS. I felt a little better when I read your post, Trudie...I forgot to set my clock too! Got my walk/run in last night, and my legs are doing good today. I've just got to build up slower than I wanted to, but it's better to do it right the first time than pay with injuries later. OP so far today. Plan to go for a walk tonight...same route as the run. DeeDee, I loved your post. I've had a recent round with myself too. You hit me right between the eyes. Owen the lab sends you a major face lick! LOL Cindy, hope your kids are doing better. Tons of people down here are going through the flu too. Hello to everyone else. Leigh
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