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  1. Hi Kim Welcome to BCB. Congratulations on your prior weight loss and for getting back on track. 15 lbs is a great start.
  2. I went to one meeting of last year's program and have attended a few with this new program which certainly doesn't make me an expert. If you want the real goods I would suggest going to at least one meeting but here's things that I've noticed: fruit is free as are most veggies (I do Simply Filing so I don't worry too much about points), you get less points per day, I think you get the same number of weekly points. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  3. That burger does sound good. I have become "one of those people", you know the kind... they ask lots of questions about the menu and how food is prepared, what the "secret" ingredients are, etc. I've always been a bit of a special order queen but that's only been made worst in recent months since I stop eating meat/ seafood and dairy. Now, I pretty much have to make healthy meal choices at every restaurant I go to. I recently went to a French restaurant. The French are certainly not known for their light fare and every item on the menu was cooked in cream and smothered in butter. I ended up having a portobello mushroom (cooked without the cream and butter), substituted a few fries instead of mashed potatoes (full of cream and butter which I avoid) and veggies. My mom and friend probably eat 1000+ calories in their main entree while I ate far fewer, got to experience the new "hot" restaurant in town, and left feeling satisfied. I guess what I took out of that experience is that I can eat at any restaurant and still eat healthy as I've never been to a restaurant that objects to making a few simple changes to keep their customers happy. This is a very good lesson for me as I prepare for 3 weeks in France this summer.
  4. I really lost my weight in little chunks over many years and through that I was the only constant so I can't name 2 influences to my ww success. That said, my sister is the reason why I keep the weight off and I continue to choose healthy food and regular exercise. When she was 33 years old she had a heart attack. The heart attack was actually just a symptom of a much larger issue with the arteries in her heart and within 2 days she went from being a healthy, vibrant mother of 5 to a quadruple bypass patient on life support. For a short time we thought she might need a heart transplant so the doctors grilled us about every lifestyle choice known to man as they were trying to decide if she would qualify for the transplant list. Did she smoke, did she drink, what was her diet like, did she have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, etc? I remember feeling so grateful that she was the healthy sister (I have another one that is very overweight and smokes). Then I thought to myself, if I'm ever in that position I want the doctors to say that I'm the perfect candidate for whatever they are offering. Above all else, I decided then and there that good health is not to be taken for granted and WW helps keep me on the right track.
  5. I think exercise is really important for keeping the weight off. It makes me feel good about myself and on the days I exercise I feel like eating better. When I don't exercise I just don't feel like I'm on the program. I also like the flexibility exercising gives me. I always count points but like others have said, exercise just gives me a little extra flexibility in my eating (AP's). All that said, I do think it's important for people to remember that exercise alone won't drop the weight or even keep the weight off.
  6. I'm like Luanne. I keep them for awhile thinking that I might need them to look back for a points value or a meal idea but I rarely do. Eventually I toss them.
  7. I once had a receptionist make a face when I came back after a few month break and I had gained weight (maybe 10 lbs?). It was hard enough to go back in the first place but that made the whole experience awful. I stopped going to meetings and it took years to go to another meeting. I'm over it now, or just confident enough to say something if it were to happen again, but I would have thought that would be part of "WW Receptionist 101"- don't make the members quit.
  8. I've heard the same thing about people sticking to eating mainly the same things day in and day out and how that seems to bode well with weight loss success. I would tend to agree. My diet is rather routine. I love my soup and salad for lunch, pita/bread with peanut butter for breakfast and a bit more variety for dinners. I might switch up breakfasts for a week or so but usually go back to the routine. Then I might get a little bored with my salad and add some nuts or cranberries. Yep, I'm pretty wild! I was just joking with my co-workers that my regular, boring salad is going to be all glammed up next week. Thinking about pulling out the artichoke hearts again
  9. Thanks for posting the link. I agree that keeping the weight off is very elusive. I identified most with #5. I've "failed" many times since I first reached my goal weight in 1995. I was in my early 20's and picked a very low goal weight. Needless to say I didn't stay at goal for long. I've gone through shame about regaining weight and tried lots of other weight loss diets and programs. I always end up back at WW. Over the years I've learned to be kinder to myself about gaining a little weight. What used to be shame about regaining weight has been replaced with pride. It's not easy to stick to anything for all these years and I am proud of myself for my stick-to-it-ness. For me, never giving up has been my biggest key to success.
  10. CrescentBeach: Thanks for the encouragement. Looks like we have lots of similarities.... live on the westcoast, struggling a bit, same start weights and the same end goal. Good luck to you too. Peggy: Good for you for joining the challenge. Good luck getting back to goal. No progress to report for me on the weight front. I don't plan to weigh-in until Moday.
  11. Hi everyone- I'm joining a little late but I need this right now so count me in! Since late January I've been on track,then off-track.... sometimes even in the same few minutes. I'm not used to struggling like this and it's really getting discouraging. My goal is to get down to 140 lbs before the official start of summer. It's the last 10 lbs though so it seems much like it's war... me against the last 10! My body may have won the battle so far but I will win the war:bcb_mad2 Starting Challenge Weight: 152 March 28- 152 lbs April 4 - April 11 - April 18 - April 25 - May 2 - May 9 - May 16 - May 23 - May 30 - June 6 - June 13 - June 20 -
  12. You're not the only one to ask this question! I did a google search and went here (http://www.sportscomet.com/Running/199171.htm). Issues brought up included germs being circulated that could be bad for you but otherwise, all seemed to agree it's fine. I like to run outside but I also have a TM. I have a fan directly in front of me that I turn on when I get too hot. It allows me to run longer inside than I normally would so I think it's a great thing.
  13. Oh boy, time to get back to exercise. I went to a strength and conditioning class with a friend last Thursday. The class was great, lot of personal attention but he really pushed us hard. My friend said he was actually going easy on us because there were 4 new people but my abs, hamstrings and glutes would disagree! Now, 4 days later and I'm still not pain free. I rested on Saturday, walked in nature on Sunday, and then walked a bit on my TM this morning.... I haven't been sedentary but certainly not as active as I had been. My plan for today is to run on my treadmill for 30 minutes before I head out for the evening. Dinner and a movie planned with a friend.
  14. DS had hockey so we were up at 5am. Usually I just go back to bed but today I decided to get a little exercise so I walked on my TM for 30 mins. I also have my gym clothes in the car so will head straight there after work. Probably running, weights and abs again.
  15. Love, love, love the new running shoes. In fact, I don't even want to take them off. I ran for 40 mins and even increased my speed a little and my feet don't feel at all sore. I really feel like I'm back in the saddle with my running. Yah me! Moe: They are Adidas Adistar Salvation 2. It's the only time I've ever bought Adidas but they're perfect for my sickly feet. Lots of support (I pronate), plus flexible fabric at the big toe side and little toe area (I have bunions). I should probably stop running with all these issues I can't find anything that makes me feel so great after a relatively short amount of exertion.
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