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  1. This is really really really yummy! They kinda remind you of the Southwest Egg Rolls from Chili's but super healthy for you. We had tons left over (it's just me and DB) so we gave some to the neighbors because they were working late one night, and they LOVED IT! (They are not on WW either) So now every time we make some, we have to send the leftovers to the neighbors!!! The dip is also really yummy as well. Gives it that extra flavor. However, I do leave out the bell peppers, I think that takes over way too much. Also it's really crispy because you are cooking it at such a high temperature.
  2. We made this a few nights ago. It was pretty darn close to Philly Cheese steaks. Close enough for us at least! We just sauted the onions and mushrooms together, then in a separate pan, cooked then chicken then added it all together. We didn't slice the chicken, just made them into small cubes. Also we didn't use ketchup in this at all either. DB loved it and he loves Philly Cheese steaks out to eat so this one is definatly a keeper!
  3. This was really great! Made this tonight and definatly will be making it again. With the Chicken Stove Top, I did go for the lower sodium kind though. Not really sure if it changed the points, but lower sodium is better than all that sodium for weigh ins!
  4. OK wow! This was amazing!!!! I just made this for the first time tonight and it was GREAT! Soooooo crispy for being made in the oven. I gave up fried food for Lent so have been craving it like CRAZY! This really hit the spot, it's being put in my "make again" list. DB also loved it...he thinks the crispier the better and this was it! Thanks!
  5. you don't have to put anything over the filling. It just all stays together. Even when you take the biscuit out, it's all there. I love this recipe. It's in our dinner rotation.
  6. I followed this exactly the way it was posted the first time and it was yummy! You really couldn't taste the cheese, but it tasted just like mini pot pies! This is definatly on our "make again" list!
  7. made this last night and DB and I LOVED it! I even have a serving left today for lunch, it was so filling I couldn't eat all of it! Next time though, we'll add more crushed red pepper, and add some veggies like broccoli so we get a veggie serving in there....but all in all, it was great! and SUPER EASY!
  8. Just made this tonight and it was excellent!!!! The flavor is still in my mouth and it smells awesome in my house!!! Will definatly be making this again!
  9. I just made this tonight! I put out one cup for each me and my DB over a cup of angel hair pasta...I didn't eat my entire plate but the DB went back for seconds and finished off the pot!!!!! Very Very good!
  10. I love the calculator!!! (the one that you buy from the meetings) It's so much easier than the slider...looking at it, making sure numbers match with the lines! It's great!!!
  11. hey I'm 23 and from Texas too. I'm signing up today with WW and going to my first meeting! I'm super nervous! I'm wanting to lose around 50 lbs as well...good luck to you!
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