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  1. I just saw this and am so sorry to hear this. Sandy was one of the first people I made a connection with when I came to the bootcamp. Prayers for her on a continuous basis. Please keep us up on how she is when you can.
  2. I wanted to share that I made pumpkin pie, cherry pie (both no crust) and cranberries all with splenda and ff milk in the pumpkin pie to do my part in healthy eating tomorrow. Not only for myself but for my family. I have my turkey parts ready for roasting for my ff gravy and will cook my own potatoes with chick broth and no butter. I always do this so that I can indulge in a few other items that won't be low fat or sugar free. It's all about compromise. How do you make it work???
  3. I'm joining and hoping that I can post. I work in retail and have a very busy month ahead of me that is very challenging food and stress wise. I'm 50 lbs over goal and need to get my rear back in gear and there is no time like now. Thank you CW for starting this thread!!!!
  4. Deinsie does this mean we keep BCB? If so I'm really happy
  5. Bye Carol, I've learned a lot from you over the years. I'm pretty sure that our paths will cross again someday soon and if not I'll miss you.
  6. Hey buds, Tracey I'm not sure you really want to know how warm it is here!!!! They have predicted mid to 60's for the next week then rain for a week from today. I think Amy asked about the house. We are still waiting for the bank to approve the short sale. A lengthly process. Now I know why most give up before it's done. The other one we re found ended not being what we remembered. Gotta run love you guys have a safe fun Valentines weekend.
  7. Hi sorry I've been missing. Amy I wanted you to know that I'd read and am keeping you in my prayers. The first time I was called back in for a recheck I was scared to death too. Please let us know as soon as you know something. I miss you guys.............
  8. Hi Danielle, I'm sorry you are alone this week. I've been following you on facebook and it looks like you are having a good time in Hawaii. I'm not post this week much as my dstep father passed away last Friday. Hope that at least Tracey is able to join you this week. I can't remember when you are coming home but I wish you safe easy travels home
  9. Thought I'd add my thoughts on Oroweat Sandwich Thins. I love them too. I don't eat sandwiches often anymore but when I do I always use them. They are great with scrambled eggs too. I have also turned them inside out and made grilled cheese with ff cheese also good for hamburgers.
  10. Hey buddies, Thank you Tracey for getting us started this week. It's a busy week here in my house and at work. I did take a few pictures of the house we are hoping to buy. They verbally accepted our bid now we are just waiting for the paper work. I'll share a couple of them with those not on facebook. It's been a while since I posted pictures it took me a minute to remember how to do it. These are small but to only other option was huge so small it is. Tracey I'm a little jealous of your snow but I'll get over it I'm sure. I'd hate to have to drive in it. Be safe buddies. Amy I'm enjoying your post keep visiting when you can. Well chores call me and I need to think about getting ready for work.
  11. Yea for a day off. I've got many things to do today so this will be quick. Tracey I'm probably only going to have the baby for a bit today since this is my last day off before Christmas Eve. Oh the fun this next week will be. Your porch closed in will be nice for you guys. Will it have big windows for letting in the sunshine? I was thinking sun porch. Amy... Hey bud so good to see you. Ann and Sue are still here at the BCB but posting on the 50's and 60's board. I read it daily but there are so many members I just don't feel like I could keep up with the personals and don't like me me me post all the time so I just lurk there. I don't know if Michele even lurks here anymore. Said she couldn't post here when she isn't a at lifetime status anymore. I keep up with her, Ann and Sue on Facebook. I would love to see pictures of the kids. It's been so long. Danielle... I sure hope you make it through to vacation. I envy your time off during the holidays. Love hearing stories about Patsy. Keep them coming. Ok buddies I must go and get busy with my cookies and fudge. Have a great Thursday.
  12. Hey buds, I'm running but wanted to say Hi. Amy I have the answers to your questions but no time to answer them right now. Have a great day everyone...........
  13. Hey girls, Sorry I've been missing. I miss you both but life gets in our way sometimes. Hope to spend more time her soon. Thanks Danielle and Tracey for keeping us going.
  14. Hey Danielle, Sorry you are alone again. How's Patsy doing now? How are you doing this week? I'm back to work after a week off. Vacation was fun and yesterday work wasn't Hopefully today will be better. Have a great day buddies. OH Tracey where are you bud?
  15. She's beautiful Danielle. How was your first night?
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