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  1. Hey guys! So, I found a few recipes online for a vegetarian for shepherd's pie but I was thinking of substituting the mashed potatoes for cauliflower mash... Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts on this idea? I love trying new recipes...
  2. I haven't cooked with Tofu in aeons but after reading this thread and my WW mag I think I'll buy a block or two and drain it and keep in the freezer for whenever I feel the urge to cook with it... Thanks guys!
  3. Hello all. I joined WW in 2007 and lost around 30 pounds in total over the last 3 years... I got comfortable and stop going to meetings... I have been roughly around the same weight give or take 10 pounds... lol... but I'm still not where I want to be. I found a safe haven here years ago and I figured I would come back and poke around. I officially have re-joined WW but I weighed myself and began counting points this past Friday. I'm hoping that with motivation from you all, I can work the program like I did before and get to my goal...
  4. Hello all... I'm not necessarily new here, but I dropped off of the board and the program for about a year or so. I managed to stay around the same weight though. I'm not sure why I stopped counting points but I did continue with trying to control my portions. But, I decided to get back OP around the beginning of the month... my motivation??? The fact that the iPhone has an iWatchr application and I don't have to carry around a journal to track my meals... Yes this app was the main reason I bought the iPhone... lol... but anyway, I'm back and may need some motivation from time to time...
  5. off the top of my head i do know that broccoli is a good source of calcium...also kale, bok choy, collard greens, oranges, tofu and cooked beans
  6. OMG!!!! I would have never known that those pics r of the same person. U look totally fabulous! Congrats! U r my inspiration for the rest of my journey. :bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo
  7. :bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo u look fabulous!
  8. i didn't save my image on the site, i right clicked it and saved the image to my hard drive...hope this helps
  9. wow, u look great! keep up the good work!
  10. u look awesome...its also great to see children grow! ur boys r growing so well... keep up the good work!
  11. ur weight loss is very noticeable and I have realized that a lot of my associates and friends haven't commented on my loose either. Once I began talking about it, they said they didn't want to bring it up because they didn't want to offend me...either way, we support u! U look awesome and keep up the good work!
  12. wow!!! u look awesome! keep up the good work!
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