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  1. GOOD MORNING MY BEAUTIES! I've been a BAD buddy!!!! Well, I called it. This quarter is mental! I picked up a couple more clients and have been doing seated chair events! I did one yesterday at Red Rock Elementary school (Teacher Appreciation day) - and made $150.00! My first paid gig! Chuffed to bits and got a few more business cards out there. In other news............. over the Easter Break I gained 8 pounds!!! meh. But I'm happy to say I've lost 4 of them!!! Yay! So I"m at 184 lbs. And starting over again. Being good to myself. I spend a lot of time studying and working! But you can find me at Facebook. Unfortunately it's a great place to waste time. I'll pop in when I can ladies and I'm sorry to be MIA! Hope you all are well and happy! big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx hopie b. yogurt, fresh fruit and granola l. homemade pork green chili and rice d. tbc.............. xxx Oh! My water intake has increased! I'm getting 2+ liters down me every day!!!! I just lug my liter bottle with me every where and sip from it periodically. easy.
  2. Recipe Request: We have our M2 potluck on Tuesday - Any suggestions for a quick and easy dish/appetiser I can bring? What are your favourites? xh
  3. Good morning my BEAUTIFUL Buddies! Look! I made it here two days in a row! Dang! I guess things are winding down now. I don't have to wake up and hits the books immediately or schedule any labs! Yay! It's going to take me a while to catch up with everyone and what's going on in your lives! Karen_ you broke your toe? Trish_ how's your wee moggy doing? How are you? Rhonda_ how's the sleeping going? The family? You still planning a trip out this month? Christie_ how long now hon? Faith_ travelling I see! Philycia! _ good to see you lady! How's mum? Katy_ sleep is good, it's okay to have a lie in! Nancy_ any pretty pictures for the FIRST DAY OF SPRING? Sandy_ how are you muh lady? Cressa_ sorry I've been a slacker on the challenges! No weight change, so all in all - pretty boring contribution on my part. Tanya_ how are things in your neck of the woods? Snow you say? I see some new beauties too! Erika - HELLO! HELLO TO ALL NEW BEAUTIES! I'm terrible for names and hopefully I'll have more time to spend here and get to know you all in the next couple weeks. Okay... going to get my day started with some brekkie and a little warm up. Have a great day everyone! xhopie b. activia w/ blueberries and protein granola l. egg salad and spinach wrap d. tbc..... drinks: coffeee, water, herbal tea exercise: tai chi, pilates - going to try and make some time for that walk.
  4. GOOD MORNING BEAUTIES! Okay - slaps for Hopie all around. Sorry I've been an MIA buddie - but it's down to the last two classes of the second quarter! So I've been up to my neck in labs and physiology! Madness! I had my Phys final last night - think I did pretty good. I know I passed the class. That's what counts! Do I understand any of it? Not really..... but I digress. I have one more assignment to do for M2 (Massage 2) and DONE! Ready for Spring break. This quarter has been a challenge for me - the sinus infection I had did not help at all! But I got through it. Still keep up with WW - but haven't lost anything - I seem to be stuck right at 178-179 lbs!!! I'm going to add walking to my exercise routine and see if that jumps starts a loss! There's a nice little park by my flat - so I'll walk over there, around it and back - see what that does. I miss you all and hope that you're having fun! Remember, it's not about weathering the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain! Big hugs xxx Hopie b. activia w/blueberries l. rice salad d. tbc.... snacks: granola bar, nuts & fruit drinks: coffee, water, herbal tea exercise: pilates & tai chi (30 minutes)
  5. Good Morning My Beauties! Wow! Two days in a row I managed to pop in and say; HELLO! Ms. Esther, you are really good at getting everyone their personals! Good morning to ye! Rhonda - thanks for stopping by the site to say hello! Ring me when you get into town and we'll hook up! There's a free massage in it for you! Trish - what's going on with Ted? Big hugs for you both and healthy healing vibes! xxx Karen - when do you start the Strawberry run again? How are the goats? Christie - how are you? Baby Lexi? Nancy - you said you had a massage booked? ENJOY! I've got one booked for tomorrow! Wanted 1.5 hrs - deep tissue and ROM (rang of motion) bodywork. Can't wait, it's part of my self care routine now! and worth every penny! Tanya, Sandy, and EVERYONE! Good morning and Good day! keep smiling and remember: DON'T SWEAT THE PETTY THINGS, PET THE SWEATY THINGS! Tee hee hee. xx Hopie b. activia (ff) w/ blueberries and protein granola l. spinach salsa quesadilla d. tbc.... I'll be at school and unfortunately there's not a lot to choose from. I'll try and bring something with me that is healthy. Current weight: 178 lbs............ and holding. Been here for two weeks now! Not going up, not going down.
  6. GOOD MORNING BEAUTIES! Quick Fly By - Just to say Hello! I knew this quarter would be tough, but DANG! I wonder what 3rd and 4th quarters will be like? Phew........... I miss you all and hope that you all are well! I just popped in to say hi, and now I've got three papers to write - two for make up for all the class I missed when I was ill with a sinus infection. One as a regular assignment. There are only three weeks left in the quarter! Okay beauties............ Love you and Miss you and there's a break coming up soon. I should be able to catch up with you all then! Have a super week! xhopie b. activia (ff) w/ blueberries and protein granola l. hard boiled egg, spinach salad d. tbc..... ???
  7. Good morning beauties! Warm greeting for all! Sorry I've been MIA - been fighting off a sinus infection with the help of antibiotics from the doc. It's kicked my behind! Been sleeping a lot and trying to get healthy again. They are spraying again for bugs this week. so I've had to repack all my stuff with a stuffy head - meh. Ready to be healthy, ready for Spring and ready to lose more weight! I"m down to 179 lbs. Pics are lovely! Tanya! That's too much snow for me! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Big hugs and I'll check back in when I can beauties. I miss you all! xhopie
  8. Oh hey Beauties! I've launched the Website! http://www.amassageforlife.net/ If you've got the time, would you have a look and tell me what you think? Good, Bad, Tother.............. I need to update the photo - that one is from August 2008 I'm hoping to add photos of my massage room and some others, when I get a chance to get all photographer mode. Have a great day! Sorry for all the fly bys. xhopie
  9. Good Morning Beauties! MIA! Wow, again.... I'm sorry! I haven't forgotten about my beauties, I've just been flat out, ill or immersed in books and domestic chores! I've got a few moments this morning then it's books again! I hope everyone is doing well! Cressa! sorry I've flaked on the challenge! I'm down to 178 lbs!!! But a lot of that is from last week when I was so poorly. I'm not counting it as now that I'm back to health, I'll probably put it back on. I just wasn't eating properly because everything tasted of cardboard! Blech. Christie! Those US pics are Amazing! Big healthy hugs for you and Lexi. Oh beauties, I'm so far behind on personals and catching up with everyone! I hope you all are happy and healthy and keeping warm! Hitting the books now. Have a Super Duper OP day! xhopie b. activia w/ protein granola and blueberries l. quesadilla (spinach and swiss cheese) d. tbc.... me thinking salmon with broccoli n rice drinks: coffee, tea, water..... and lots of it!
  10. Happy singles awareness day! I love you my beauties! Xxxh valentine fractal! Xh
  11. Hi my beauties! Quick one today - I've been really ill - coughing, spluttering full of head cold stuff! Finally feel a little more human today. I'm down to 180 lbs! Everything tasted like cardboard so I guess I wasn't eating right. Just taking it easy and resting - trying to kick this things behind! I hate being ill! Okay my beauties - sorry for being MIA but I think about you and I"m still working it! xxx H
  12. Good Morning Beauties! One sick buddie here! Been fighting the Lurgie since Friday! Did my seated chair massage class Sat and Sun - it was great! I got to do my exam on the Clinic Director! I guess it was good, she looked as if she was in The Zone after 15 minutes! Tee he eee. Well, I"m awake, but think I'll head back to bed for a bit. Physio tonight. Need to do a shop before class as there is nothing in the flat to eat, not that I'm overly hungry, but nice to have things. I'll check back in later. Big hugs to all ! xxx h
  13. GOOD MORNING BEAUTIES! Have a GREAT Saturday! I'll be in class from 9am - 6p Seated Chair Massage - should be interesting. I'll catch you up later. xxx h
  14. Hiya! Back of the knee pain could be anything! I would first start with your Quadriceps as they are responsible for Extension of the knee and if you cannot extend, they could be tight? Did you do any pre-stretches before bowling? Might be lower back tension too! If it persists, check with your GP, then I would get a massage and get them to concentrate on Lower Back and Quads - ) if it is simple muscle strain, this would help loads!!!! Take care hon. xh
  15. Hey Hey! Good morning Beauties!!! I was up earlier that usual today,so I"ve got some time to check in with You lot! Rhonda_MORNING! Coffee is great! How did you sleep? Katy_Good morning! Wrap up warm! We are expected to get to 70F today!!!! Crazy. Julie_That dress is adorable! Kyle _ fine Gaelic name there! Brooke_Good morning! Karen_OMG baby goats are CUTE! Shame I don't have the room! tee hee hee - got my Valentine's card! Thank YOU! Esther_Good morning Muh Lady! Tanya_A good morning to YOU! Christie_10 weeks and counting! Wow that seems to have flown by! How are you and Baby Lexi doing? Okay beauties another full on day! I've got studying, massage (1 hour), then class from 6-10p. Tomorrow I"m doing a trade and catching up on make up work (normally I have Fridays off, but not tomorrow!). This weekend is my elective course - two days of training in Seated Chair Massage! wow! Then I start all over again on Monday! So much going on this quarter. Okay my beauties! Have a Great OP day and keep smiling! DRINK YOUR MILK! Calcium is so important in our bodies, it's unreal! This Physio class is very enlightening! ttfn, xxx hopie b. activia (light) w/ blueberries and protein granola l. quesadilla w/ salsa, egg n cheese (swiss) d. tbc..... snax: granola bar, fruit n nuts drinks: water, coffee, herbal tea Excersize: tai chi (20 mins), random silly dancing
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