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  1. To: Momof2gr8kids: Saw this quote and have it on my fridge and in my office at work. Thought you might enjoy it.... Good Luck! You can totally do this!!!! "You can make excuses. Or you can make changes. But you cannot make both! --Author Unknown PS...to everyone else: Great motivational ideas! Thanks!
  2. Leenie17- Good for you! Right on Track! Good thing we didn't get too discouraged after weighing in last week, huh? Nancyny has a good point, about the extra points for fuel. I think if we use those extra points wisely, it can't be a bad thing. Don't use them on a Dairy Queen Blizzard, but use them on a good healthy meal that would normally put you over your daily limit. I love this website. Good input, from good people, who know! Good luck this week! Keep up the good work. What else have you been doing to help your weight loss along? Any tips you found useful this past week. I joined a line dancing class one day per week for 2 full hours. It's been great exercise. Plus lots of water, and found me a multivitamin too!
  3. Thanks! My location was out of Booklet #3, so they gave me booklet #4 instead. I will look at my information at home, to get a better idea of how it all works. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain things. Thanks Again!
  4. Went to my third meeting today, and had my second WI. 1st week, I only lost .6 lbs, today I had lost an additional 3.2 lbs. The leader today was great. I think I'll start going on Wednesdays now. She mentioned exercising to get additional points in your day. Can someone please explain to me how the Activity Points work. I wanted to stay and ask the leader, but had to get back to work. Any information would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!!
  5. Leenie17- I with you on this one. I think you and I both started around the same time. I had my first weigh in this week, and lost .06 lbs. I was so surprised! Especially after not digging into my xtra points, starving at some points, and not really having a lot of what I really wanted. But to be honest, someone once posted a link about "Why the Scale Lies" and it was really good. I'll try to find it for you. I know for a fact I lost weight this week. At least 3-4 lbs. My clothes feel so much better, and I have more energy. I finally weighed myself at home the morning after weigh-in, and found that I did lose about 3-4 lbs. Hang in there. I bet you lost more, and don't even know it. I'll see if I can find that link for you. Look under the Thread Titled " First Weigh-In" dated 10/16/07 for the link. Keep It Up! Will check in on you tomorrow. PS. I went to Cracker Barrel last night, and it took me a good 20 minutes to find something on the menu I could eat, and stay within my points. UGH! We'll get it! One Day!
  6. Cool Idea about clicking on the link for the dress you want. I feel like you're really going to hit your goal this time. You really seem dedicated and motivated. Keep it up! We're rooting for ya!
  7. Okay, I'm back. Weighed myself at home this morning, because I still couldn't believe I've only lost .6 lbs.....scale at home was about 6 lb less. (Granted I weighed first thing in the morning, which always helps). Thanks to MRSS for the link to "Why Scales Lie..." I really appreciate it, and will keep plugging away. You guys are great! Thanks for always being there.....
  8. Had my first weigh-in today, and was surprised to learn that I had only lost .6 lbs after tracking and sticking with my points all week. The good news is, the scale doesn't really bother me much. I have felt better since my 2nd day of tracking points, and I felt much better as the week went on. I'm learning a lot about what I should and should not be eating, and that alone will be the difference, when its all said and done. My friend lost 2.5 lbs the first week. So, we'll see what next week brings........
  9. Hang in There....it looks like you'll be fine for tonight. I do feel hungrier today tho. It seems like I am also thinking of the next "snack". I guess it's supposed to help us to eat more throughout the day, just better. For example.....I've bagged up some portion sized grapes today, along with some chips/salsa and carrots for work. So far, I've had the grapes, and I might grab a few chips to hold me over until quitting time. I do believe I think more before I actually put something in my mouth....which is really what I need to be doing anyways. I'm not really looking at this as a diet (per se), simply an educational experience...I need to learn what's good and what's bad to snack on, and to think about the portion sizes more, as opposed to sitting at my desk just nibbling away, without a thought as to how much I just consumed. We're doing good tho.....Thanks for keepin us posted.
  10. Welcome! I'm new too! Started last Monday, after clothes shopping on Sunday. What a motivator that was!!!!! UGH! Everything I loved, didn't fit! WW Here I Come! 2 days down.....a lifetime to go. :water1:Good Luck to You!
  11. GO! GO! GET 'EM! GET EM'! GO! GET 'EM! GO!
  12. Thanks almondeyes-- After looking at my Starter Book, I have been making a grocery list for the weekend. I want to get a lot of zero and/or one point foods to snack on, or to just help reach my daily points. I also need to find a good multi-vitamin. Today is my 3rd day tracking points, and I already felt better this morning. I had more energy, and felt like I might have even lost a pound or two. I'll just stick with it and keep my fingers crossed for my next weigh-in on Monday night. Good Luck To You Too!
  13. Today will be my 3rd day tracking points, and I woke up this morning feeling like I lost some weight already. It seemed like I woke up with more energy too. I asked my friend who started on the same day, and she said the same exact thing. She said she was thinking the same thing about herself, before I even had a chance to say anything. If this feeling keeps up, I'll definately be excited! WHOO HOO! YIPPEE! HIP HIP HORRAY!!!!!
  14. Hi Lennie17! Yes, still having a little difficulty with the balance thing. Today was my 2nd day, and I am ready for bed with being 3 points shy of my Total Points for the day. I will try to plan better tomorrow. Little by Little...we'll get it. Let me know how tomorrow goes. Good Luck!
  15. Hi! I just wanted to say hello, and to wish you luck. I started this week too, and I'm now on my 2nd full day of tracking points. I think it'll take a little getting used to, but it seems simple enough. I just need to learn to balance my points a little better...not have so many in the morning, where I have none left in the evenings and vise versa. It looks like we'll be new at this together....so keep us posted on your progress, and I'll do the same. 10% for me is 19.2 lbs. Next Weigh-In is Monday 10/15. Saw this quote last week, and have it taped near my computer at work..... "YOU CAN MAKE EXCUSES....OR YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES....BUT YOU CANNOT MAKE BOTH!" --AUTHOR UNKNOWN
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