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  1. I can totally understand your situation. I weighed myself Sunday morning and was down 2 pounds, but Sunday night I was up .4 from my original WI #! It's annoying, but I keep telling myself that quick fixes didn't work in the past and I need to stick with this for more than a week. I'm going to adopt your attitude of health first, weight later.
  2. Thanks Roadtripn! If I don't make it this time, it certainly won't be for lack of support, I appreciate it! Cindi_R, WOW! 12 weeks and 25 pounds is exactly the kind of thing I need to hear! That's awesome work, and I'm sure it has been hard work. Thanks for the boost, it's always great to hear someone with a similar goal kickiing butt! Stop n Shop has WW Smart Ones on sale 5 for $10. So, thinking I'll just go grab some lunches, I headed there last night. $70 later...!!! Why is eating like crap so cheap, and healthy food so pricey?!? I bought Smart Ones for lunches because I'm in Manhattan during the day and my choice is Smart ones or $12 salads. Then I bought chicken and turkey to make dinners with, salad greens, veggies... really NOT a lot of food! At least the $2 lunches will be an improvement, I just got sticker shock when I saw the total on the register.
  3. I'm taking the journal part seriously this time because that's the one thing I never bothered with any other time WW "didn't work for me" (aka I half-assed it!). So I figure now that I'm doing pretty well with staying in my points I should be good. I had .05 left over yesterday and I haven't dipped into my 35 weekly bonus points. I bought the monthly pass, so I have been keeping myself in check by putting my points online and in my handwritten journal. That may be a little overkill...??? I also developed a new little habit of clicking on the link of the dress I want whenever chocolate seems like a good idea!
  4. Ok, so I've written everything that's gone into my mouth down today, and it has me thinking about food non-stop! Grrr! So far I think I'm ok. I have 21 points for the day and I've used 11 between breakfast, lunch, and a snack. I have discovered the 100 calorie bag of Chips Ahoy crisps... they are phenomenal. I think I have a WW dinner at home that is 7 points, so between that and a salad, I should be set for the night. Sounds like you both are doing great... and I'm going to check out those Dole cups. Continued success to both of you!
  5. Hey, thank you so much for the welcome and the good luck! I wish the same to you. I love that quote... it applies to so much in life. I'm going to follow your lead and stick it on my computer too and there's my motivation for the day. I'll look at it when I get my 3pm hot chocolate craving! Fortunately I'm not busy at work today, so I have a decent amount of time to go over the books and tomorrow will be my first day of tracking points. Have you found balance to be a big problem for you?
  6. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself! I've been lurking on this board for a week or so while I made the decision to give up the low carb success/failure cycle and really commit to weight watchers. I'm 33, 5'1 and as I just found out an hour ago (and am kind of freaking out over) weigh 160.2 pounds. I figure if I admit that publicly, I'll do my best to be able to retract that as soon as possible! My WW 10% goal is 16 pounds but my goal is to get down to 110 pounds. It's not entirely a vanity goal, I have lupus so the less pressure on my joints the better I feel. I have NO EXCUSE for being this big... no kids, just a big appetite and some steroid medication that took over for a little while. I went down to 140 on Atkins, but I gained it back because try as I might, I can't cut chocolate out of my life completely. And popcorn. I love popcorn. So... my goal is foods I like in moderation and hopefully that will be the key! Looking forward to reading more of what has already been helpful advice from this forum.
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