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  1. I too just love Leslie. My body has changed a lot using her videos. I get tired of hearing her talk too after 2 years of WATP. I just turn the sound down. I don't have that many of them and 4 mile Express and 3 mile with weights are my favs. I jog and walk up and down hills but I still come back to Leslie when the weather is bad or time got away from me and its dark outside, Leslie is always there. I would love to have some harder ones though.
  2. I read somewhere that a walk/run will burn more fat. So I can be happy thinking that way at least. I can run further though than I ever could so I am improving my fitness level.
  3. Wow! That is some good information. I have always wanted to run, I try to do too much, hurt myself, quit, start over, try and do too much, and on and on. I have started again but this time will be different. I am starting slow, walk and run right now. And I have worked up to that. I think it is going to be the key to these last few pounds. Meaning that I am increasing my intensity all along the way.
  4. dmmull


    Congrats to you! I know you feel wonderful.
  5. dmmull

    Cool 1 point desert

    This is so good, I will use this recipe for Core or Flex. I love it, can't wait to try other combinations. I used Cheescake pudding and strawberry jello for my first time. This stuff is better than several non diet desserts. Wow!
  6. Good to hear you are feeling better, Carol. I thought about you this morning.
  7. I try to use some of mine, not all, for something special so I can stay motivated. I like to use them on chocolate too. I try not to use them all, just a bit of insurance in case I missed some points somewhere.
  8. I have a question, I have been on Core for several months. Trying so hard to listen to my body, something I guess I have never done before, and know when to stop eating. I am lifting weights and trying to do cardio also. I find I really like the exercise. Some days I find myself so hungry in the afternoon. I mean like I just want to eat and eat. Is it normal to be that hungry? Am I doing something wrong? I don't feel hungry at all in the morning but I do eat something because I thought I need to. But in the late afternoon, I get hungry and just feel so empty.
  9. Be healthy into old age Look hot for DH Encourage my grown children to get to a healthy weight Look good in sleeveless tops Look good in a bathing suit
  10. OK, that is what I thought. I really don't like that rule, LOL, I love my potatoes. That is why I am here, too many starches. Thanks for your reply.
  11. I have to ask, I have read it twice, it's core right? I love potatoes, and potato soup so I am anxious to try this.
  12. Quick cooking oats, I use the big round box. And the dry german chocolate cake mix means just the dry mix straight from the box, I just dip the Tablespoon into the mix to measure it. I hope you like it I just finished mine. I added a little SF chocolate drizzle to it tonight. I got some dark chocolate cake mix today and am going to try it out.
  13. I hope my figures are right. I am eating this every day or so for a 1 pt. treat. 3 Tbsp of oatmeal 2 Tbsp of dry german chocolate cake mix enough water to make it soupy put it in a cup and microwave on high for 1 minute 20 sec Add 6 chocolate chips and let them melt I love this!
  14. Thank you also for your information Kimberley, I think I lose more weight when I lift than when I just do cardio. That inspires me too! Jennifer, I love reading your posts, they teach me so much. I don't know a personal trainer and even if I did I sure can't afford it.
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