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  1. WOW..... Congrats to YOU. I am at the stage of looking in the mirror and not liking what I see. I have been on the same road where you have travelled. I have just made a committement to myself that its time to do something for me and only me. I know its gonna be hard but... taking one day at time and having this site is gonna make the journey alittle smoother. Thanks for sharing your story... I know that I am NO ALONE
  2. Bite the bullet .... no pun intended and get on the scale. We all have been there and done that so the sooner you face the scale the sooner you can move past it and start to lose those pounds. :bcb_march:bcb_march move to the scale
  3. I have been working out 5 days a week for about 75mins for the past 3 weeks. The scale has not moved. Do I have to eat my exercise points (8-9) I am eating my daily points but no optionals or exercise points. Although I feel great and I have lost inches the scale has not moved a point...
  4. funny thing is, yesterday I cleaned out my closet and threw tons of fat clothes away except 2 pairs of jeans. One pair for when I reach my goal to show off and the other one I wore to the store later in the afternoon. I went shopping for well needed and deserved new pairs of jeans. I needed a safety pin to hold my pants up as they were 2 sizes too big but while I was browsing through the pant racks.... low and behold the safety pin let go, my jeans fell down showing the crack of dawn. Next time I will have at least one pair of smaller size jeans in closet so I have something to go out in public with.
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