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  1. I count half points, I use Etools so if it says it I go with it. I drink diet Swiss Miss cocoa and two packets is .5 (1 packet isn't enough it's to watery) damn I wish they sold bigger boxes of that stuff mmmm
  2. I dunno it's so confusing LOL I just get the mini bags and I think those are 1 point
  3. Hey guys! My name is Mandie I'm 27 and I just joined WW today with an older friend of mine. In 2003 I had Gastric Bypass surgery it went great (lost 200 lbs!) but over the past 2 1/2 years I ended up reverting back to my old habits when I changed jobs and it became stressful unfortunately I never got to my goal weight and gained about 32 lbs. I'm trying hard to get to my goal weight and I feel WW will be a much bigger help now that I'm closer to a realistic goal.
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