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  1. Hi! I'm back after years of being gone too. Lost 75 lbs when I was on ww years ago and have been yoyo-ing since my son was born (5 1/2 years ago 😳). Ready to do this for real! I was apart of this group originally and look forward for the awesome support from here again! We got this.
  2. I've made this recipe twice an it's a great "copy cat" for only 5 points plus! Way less then the ones at McDonalds! 1 cup fat free frozen Greek yogurt 4pts 1/2 cup skim milk 1 pt 2 TBLS ff 1/2 & 1/2 0pts 1/8 tsp mint extract 0 pt 4 drops green food coloring ( for fun and to look like a shamrock shake) 2 ice cubes Blend all together! It's a great treat when I'm really wanting a shamrock shake but don't want to use all my points on the real deal!
  3. I'm going to have to try this one! I really like iced coffee!
  4. Really great recipe!!! Big and filling!!!
  5. Looks very yummy! I'll need to try this!
  6. I'll be trying some off these soon for sure!
  7. I will be trying some of these for sure this week! Thanks!
  8. I love chili!!!! I will have to try this one for sure!!!! Thanks!!
  9. ya earlier it wouldnt let me sign in I was worried!!!!!
  10. I love this stuff!!! Just made it and am eating at I type with baby carrots!! Thank you!!!!!
  11. I was looking all over the web for a lemon poppy seed cake recipe! and here it is !!!!! I'm going to try it this weekend when my family is home.
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