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  1. Thank you! And thanks for bumping those recipes Linda - I'm going over to check them out right now!
  2. How many grains do you all try to incorporate? I did have brown rice or ww pasta and oatmeal each day. I am definitely planning to branch out. I bought some bulgur and ww couscous over the weekend - can't wait to try them!
  3. I'm on day four. Here are my journals so far. Any input or advice welcome and much appreciated! 4/25/08 Breakfast - Plain oatmeal with blueberries & sweetner - 1 cup skim milk Snack - raw broccoli and cauliflower Lunch - Salad w/ romaine lettuce and grilled chicken topped w/ ff italian dressing mixed w/ 2 tsp canola oil - hard boiled egg Snack - baby carrots Dinner - 100% ww pasta w/ grilled chicken & ff italian dressing Snack Cup of skim milk 4/26/08 Breakfast - plain oatmeal with peaches and sweetner - cup of skim milk Lunch - lean ground turkey mixed with steamed veggies and flavored w/ A1 Snack - Caramel skinny latte (Starbucks) Dinner - Brown rice mixed w/ steamed veggies, grilled chicken and flavored w/ A1 (also snuck my 2 tsp canola into this mixture) 4/27/08 Breakfast - plain oatmeal w/ banana, sweetner and cinnamon - strawberries - cup of skim milk Lunch - salad w/ romaine lettuce, hb egg, bl. beans, cauliflower, broccoli, chicken, ff cheese topped w/ ff ranch mixed with a dab of hot sauce Snack - strawberries - cup of skim milk Dinner - Brown rice w/ lean ground turkey flavored w/ A1 (mixed in my 2 tsp canola) Today Breakfast - plain oatmeal w/ sweetner and cinnamon (snuck in my 2 tsp canola - tasted fine!) - strawberries - cup of milk Lunch - salad w/ romaine lettuce, hb egg, bl. beans, cauliflower, broccoli, chicken, ff cheese topped w/ ff ranch mixed with a dab of hot sauce Snack (if I get hungry) - apple Dinner (to come!) Glop in flatout bread (for pts) I did follow my healthy 8's each day, getting all of my water, dairys, fruits/veggies, and oils. I think I did ok - thoughts? I am down 6 lbs from last Monday!
  4. Well gosh - now I want to try them all like, right now! I still haven't decided which to add to the diet this week. I guess we'll see what inspires me when I go shopping. I like the idea of cooking it ahead of time and storing it in the fridge - that will make life SO much easier. You ladies are a great bunch - thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone. There's health food store right around the corner from my house (and I've never been in it - shame on me!). I'm going to check it out this weekend!
  6. I didn't even think about prep time, but yes - anything quick and easy is best for me, lol. Also - where do I find grains in the store (I'm guessing with rice?). Thanks!
  7. I'm am new to core and need to start incorporating grains into my diet. Up until this point I have never tried cous cous, bulgar, barley or any of the others (except oats) and due to a tight grocery budget I can't afford to buy and try them all right off the bat. Any suggestions on what to start with? I will probably try a new one each week and go from there. Thanks!
  8. I drink a glass at breakfast, a glass with my midmorning snack, a glass at lunch, a glass with my afternoon snack, a glass at dinner, a glass while working out, and a glass with my night snack (if I have one). If I space it out like that, it seems pretty painless. I'm trying to cut out soda unless we eat out so the only other thing I'm drinking is milk and the occasional decaf iced tea. I could count them, but I don't.
  9. Name ?: Amy Where ?: Gulf Coast Alabama Married ?: 6 years Kids ?: none yet Occupation ?: TV syndication Sports ?: nah! Hobbies ?: HUGE reader, I piddle w/ gardening and LOVE animals WW history ?: Have done flex at least a zillion times. Hopefully core will be the answer for me!
  10. Happy Friday everyone! Today is my first "official" day on core and I am off to a good start. My options are limited by my fridge right now so I can't wait to go grocery shopping this weekend! I plan to work out on my rebounder tonight and mow the lawn so I'll get a double dose of exercise. We're fostering/bottle feeding three 3-week old kittens so I didn't get my workout last night (their arrival distracted me big time!) so I definitely want to make up for it tonight. I am SO excited to be a Corbie! Yea!
  11. Thanks ladies. Doh! My list was rather screwed up from my copying/pasting and editing, but I believe I am clear on everything now (I edited my above list as to not confuse any other newbies). Thanks for your patience. I did join the WW online free trial so we'll see how it goes. I don't plan to go to a local meeting at this point. I've done it in the past and it wasn't for me (I'm a shy/private person).
  12. Thanks - I'm going to check on that WW online free trial right now!
  13. Thanks - I understand that I am to only eat until satisfied. Unlimited was a poor choice of words - I've changed it to "no restrictions". Beans & Legumes - unlimited Cereals - once per day, with milk or yogurt Dairy & Eggs – unlimited (ff,sf hot cocoa, reduced calorie dairy shakes, and WW smoothies are limited to 1x a day) Pasta, Potatoes, Rice & Grains – potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat pasta only once per day Fish & Seafood - unlimited Fruits - unlimited Core Jams, Spreads, Salsas & Dips - unlimited Meat & Poultry – unlimited with the exception of ground meats (only once per day) Oils, Dressings & Seasonings - only 2 tsp of healthy oils per day Is this correct? I am still wondering about snacks -- any core foods, or only fruits/veggies? Also - is "I can't Believe it's Not Butter" spray core? Sorry for all of the questions. I just want to make sure I'm REALLY following the plan, and not just thinking I am.
  14. Ok, maybe I've got it. Can anyone confirm if this is correct and if there's anything I'm missing? Info removed by me to eliminate confusion I might cause others. (sorry!) As for snacks -- any core foods, or only fruits/veggies? Also - is "I can't Believe it's Not Butter" spray core? This is going to take quite a bit of getting used to!
  15. Been there, done that already. I did not find the answer there. Thanks!
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