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  1. I am going to eat at fuddruckers tonight and am finding a lot of contradicting point value on their food anyone have any good ideas on what is smart to eat there I have 12 points left for dinner.
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    lovely it will probaby just be easiest to get a salad with dressing on the side.
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    I am going to carrabas this weekend and can't find any nutritional info on them does anyone have any by chance?
  4. Im Jenn... Im 28 and have an 18 month old and a 1 month old so I am currently working on losing the baby weight from the pregnancy and what was left over from the 1st pregnancy:) I started on MONDAY so this is my second day but I am actually doing very well... I think I have been indulging so long being pregnant for almost 2 years that I am tired of eating so crappy. I can't afford to actually go to WW right now so am really looking for accountablility to keep me on track.
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    Thanks ladies:) I just had my 2nd child a month ago my older daughter is 18months old so I never lost the baby weight from the 1st before I got pregnant with the second... And after a difficult pregnancy with an emergency c-section there has been a lot of sitting and eating and I am SOOO over it. My husband lost 40 lbs after the birth of my daughter and it was so easy for him which drives me nuts!!!
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    So I am all set to start my WW journey tomorrow. I have the groceries the points figured out and finally the determination... Im really wanting to not fail this time but I know I can do it.
  7. Hi Im Jenn I have a 18 month old and a 1 month old.... between the two kids I have about 30 extra lbs that I need to get off and am tired of just existing with it. My husband did southbeach after the birth of my daughter and lost 40lbs and kept it off... I lost 5 and then got pregnant again SO I don't want to wait 6 months before I try and get the baby weight off this time so Here I go again.... One question... could someone post the formula for points I can't remember how to figure out my daily points... I get groceries on Sunday so I am going to start on Monday But I actually mean that
  8. I have lost weight on WW before but can not seem to get it together after the birth of my daughter ... I had a freak out moment this weekend when I got on a scale and was only 7lbs away from the weight I was when I was 9mos pregnantbcb_sad SOOO I have been OP today and worked out I guess I needed to be hit in the head to get it together... anyone who wants to join me in this journey is very much welcomed!
  9. Yay Im excited to be in a support group! I am honestly not going to the WW meetings and WIs I am just doing it on my own because we can't afford it right now... SO my WIs will probably be sporadic I have a little scale in my house but its not a great one and I don't trust it (unless I have lost;) Today I stayed OP! Yay and I worked out... crazy... I woke up motivated and stuck with it... Its hard all the rest of the year when I wake up un-motivated. Have a great evening My baby is just starting to sleep 5-6 hours straight so I have been regaining energy!
  10. Hi all my names is Jenn and I was looking for a buddy system... I just had a baby 3 months ago and feel like I am never going to get this weight off. I have lost about 20 lbs doing weight watchers in the past but am just having a hard time getting back on the wagon;) Right now I am at 175 I would like to get to 150 and we are also not wanting to wait that long til we try and have another baby but i dont want to get pregnant at my heaviest. Have a super day!
  11. Hey ladies sorry I havent given an update in a while I am just completly not counting calories now but I am not going crazy either. I am up 4 lbs and will be 4 months along on Monday... Right now average weight gain is 5 lbs give or take a lb so I am right on track. Food wise I am geting to the point where I get crazy starving phases but nothing sounds good and then when I do eat I can't eat very much or I'll puke...but then in 2 hours I am starving again:bcb_huh: I have filled my fridge with fruit so I can grab something healthy during these periods... I am still working out but am not gonna lie the motivation is lacking! I start back to work on Thursday so I am going to need to stock up my desk with healthy snacks so I don't keep going to the teachers lounge and getting bad stuff=) I will hopefully found out next week if its a little boy or girl I will keep youposted. yall sound like yall are doing great! Keep it up I will really need your support when this baby comes out in February but hopefully I won't be in too bad shape...
  12. Good Luck Milessa! Well I am still trying to eat well but did awful this weekend and paid for it dearly! I just start feeling better today and have been careful I had a biscuit and juice this morning... and a salad and fruit for lunch .... My belly is really starting to pop out ! I hope yall are having a great day !
  13. Hey ladies ! I have been very busy getting in all my mini trips before the school year starts. Well I tried to get on WW online again and they dont allow pregnant women to be on WW... I thought they did, I called the WW phone # and they confirmed they have no program for pregnant women.... But Im still determined to eat healthey and not gain a ton of extra lbs.. All day long I watch these baby shows on Discovery and TLC and they are all basically horror delivery stories ... I probabbly shouldnt be doing that to my self! Today I have eaten well a little gorgonzala and shrimp and some fruit... but i've also gained 3lbs=0 But apparently that happens when you are pregnant=) I hope everyone is having a great summer!
  14. Hey everyone! we are back from disney world and I am sortof recovered=) Eating wise in disney world:bcb_down But we walked so much that I didnt even feel bad about it... I mean we probably walked 10 miles a day I have blisters all over my feet and pains in muscles I didnt know I had. I got sort of back on track today worked out and ate quasi on track but I have nausea spells and have to grab something quick and those are the times I fail. But I WI and and I have not gained or lost so I think thats good since I should be gaining a little. Baby -wise I am right at 11 weeks I have 2 more weeks of my first trimester (which they say most people gain 3-5 lbs) after that I should gain 1 lb a week for the rest of the pregnancy... which equals to 27-32lbs of weight gain (that freaks me out ) But so far I havent gained anything so far=)
  15. Sorry I have been MIA ... no real reason its just summer and I am off =) But I have been doing pretty good this pregnant thing is forcing me to eat right... No matter how hungry I am I can only eat a little bit at a time and if I do over eat I get seriously sick. And i have been very good about working out although everyday has been a struggle to do it... i will neveer be a person that wants to work out it is just something that has to be done! We are leaving for Disney World Thursday morning so I am going to try and do good but vacations are hard! Just wondering for the 2 mothers how far along were yall when you started showing? If I dont post again before the vacation I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! WHat is everyone doing?
  16. Hey ladies we went up to Austin this weekend to visit the in-laws and I did not do so well since we ate out everymeal=( But I am back on track today I have had an apple and worked out for 45 min so and am about to eat a lean cuisine lunch so I will be up to 8/28 points. Jessie- My doctor said no caffine but I have heard and read it is ok to have a little but my husband is sooo protective he won't letme have any. He also doesnt want me drinking diet drinks because they use fake sugars that he thinks will be bad for the baby... I wish he could be pregnant for a day=) Crystal- I am almost positive I read in the manuel that you add on 5 points when you are pregnant... so I was 23 now I am 28 ... You are really supposed to be getting these extra 5 in dairy, fruits, and veggies. Have a great Monday everyone!
  17. Hey ladies ! I am glad you found some buddies Crystal that always makes it easier... my husband sure isnt much help=) I think the most annoying thing lately is before I was pregnant my husband NEVER drank coke but now that I can't have caffine he suddenly gets it all the time... it drives me crazy! And of course I want a margarita more than anything... but I guess its a small price to pay. Jessie- I have done pretty good on the working out but I know that will become a struggle once the school year begins as I am putting on the pregnancy lbs, working full time, and lacking energy... hopefully sticking with it through the summer will ease the transition... but I am dreading going back to work! Milessa I finally looked at your Blog (I didnt realize there was a link to it in your profile) You look great! I have a blog too but its just a life blog its jennandevan.blogspot.com Anyways I have done okay today I had an apple for breakfast and chick-fil-a for lunch ( not so healthy) I have about 9 points left for dinner which I have had more of an appetite in the morning than I have had at night so I should be fine. Have a great day!
  18. Hey ladies! I have done poorly today we celebrated fathers day and went to this great Mexican restraunt (which is my weakness) and blah.... BUT on a good side I have been doing really good even with the crazy hunger pains... My doctor told me that on average woman gain 3-5 lbs in their 1st trimester and I have lost 1lb so I guess I am doing good. I honestly feel awful right now Im having a random wave of exhaustion and nausea but they usually pass pretty quick. Anyway heres to a good week. also- I managed to work out 5 out of the 7 days this week=) Yeah that made me very proud!
  19. I love the elliptical machine i realized that when I would run the longest I could go was 25 min. (on a good day) and my heart rate was vERY high... on the elliptical I can go for 45-1hour and my heart rate stays right where it needs to be to burn calories and its doesnt hurt my knees as bad.... we are fortunate b/c we live in an apt with a really nice gym and the ellipticals they have here are top of the line... i bought an elliptical from wal-mart a few years back for about $150 and it was a piece of crap.... I think you will have to spend at least $400 to get a good one... I have been doing ok I changed pre-natal vitamins and they are making me really nauseous. And I can sleep forever... Today I had a banana and a small sandwich from schlotzkies which i need to look up the points for. Its weird how I just feel different pregnant. I have a lack of energy for sure but im just kind of out of it... it could be the summer break too i hear the 1st trimester is the worst for tiredness so I am halfway into it 6 weeks to go.
  20. I know it didnt take long at all=) We are excited... and despite all the pregnancy cravings I have done very good today b- Kudos bar 2pts L- Subway (chicken Breast) and baked lays 9pts S- dulce de leche pudding 1pt I am still not completely sure how many points I am supposed to be eatig but I am going to say about 28... the extra 5 points are for fruits and juices (which is so hard for me. I also did 45 min on the elliptical .... I have a new found commitment with this baby on the way I don't want to put on any extra pounds! Have a great friday ladies!!!
  21. Hey ladies Im back and I have internet!!! yeah=) Bigger news in my life... Im pregnant:bcb_worry I am about 6 weeks along right now and am due in February and I have been exhausted and hungry lately and we have been in Arkansas for a week so I havent done so well but I am back home and on summer vacation so I have time to really plan my dinners and cook. I really do need to up my veggie and fruit intake for the baby and I think I get 5 extra points a day now but I need to double check on that. So far I have had no morning sickness I have just had bad headaches which doesnt help out in the working out department... but we just found out a few days ago my doctor said if I make it passed this next week without getting morning sickness I will probably be one of the lucky ones who doesnt get it.
  22. Hey its good to have you...we are in the same boat I am 26 newly married and also a teacher (sp. ed.) I would love to get back to the 140s... I was in the 150s then fell off and now I am back in the 60s but hopefully stayin on track I can get back to the 150s by next Friday.... We just planned our 1 year anniversary to Disney World!!!! I am so excited I have never been... and advice on what to do there from anyone thats been before? I was watching the planning dvd and am a bit overwhelmed=)
  23. I want to get out of the 160s as well... I did ok today until that damn snickers bar got me:( my goal is to in the 150s by next Friday. I Got to go but I willqrite more when I find some more free wifi. Have a great Wednesday
  24. You know what Crystal now I am confused about points.... I was given a formula will you figure out age what you do and all this other stuff and it gave me 25 points... and then when i did WW online it also said 25 points... but I was just looking online and I saw a lot of places where it just gave the age bracket and said I should be eating 22 points.... so now I dont know maybe thats why I m not lostin weight lately.
  25. Hey ladies.... im still alivebut we still dont have internet/cable.... They were supposed to come out Friday and had the wrong address now they aren't coming out til june 2nd:bcb_mad2 I do work out more with no tv or internet but it is incredibly inconvenient... I have been doing pretty well (but it hasnt shown up on the scale) so for that reason I too Crystal am recommiting myslef I miticulously counted points today and need to get back to that I know I snack here and there and round off points and I am sure that it is adding up more than I realize.... I have done great today I am at 13 I was hungry a minute ago and drank a glass of water and it actually curbed my appetite (I always had people tell me to do that but I never would) I am on the 25 point plan so I should be all set for dinner I will proabably just make a sandwich... and I am going to run 2 miles (how do activity points work? I need to look that up) Anyways ... we are *officially* trying to get pregnant:bcb_kick: I know thta weird to say but if that does come up in the near future I will really need support to stay on plan because I don't want to gain a baby and 30 lbs=) Have a great day ladies I will write agian when I can!!!
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