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  1. We sure will hope for the best!!!!! I'll say some extra prayers now! Are you ok in your area?
  2. I know, I'm glad I asked. Thank you guys for all the comments! McCall - I like the idea of serving the right portions of f/v's and eating more of them at my meal, I'll do more of that. Its so great to realize that I actually don't need my whole bowl of oatmeal I've been eating every day for the past year out of habit! I feel great with just 1/2. And the same with baked potatoes, I now can barely eat 1/2 of a smaller one, that's pretty cool. The "habit" part is partly to blame for all of this! Its habit for me to eat when I'm bored, and habit for me to have a snack at 10 and 3, but do I actually need it? I'm finding that maybe I need a snack, but mostly I don't. And the eating out of boredom part is slowly becoming a thing of the past because I'm finally able to see that as the culprit! I do feel a ton better, you guys are awesome and I knew I'd get some great ideas from you all - Thanks again!!!
  3. That looks great Carol, thank you!
  4. Thanks for your replies Ladies! Emily, its not that I don't know how to work them in, I've been eating core this whole time and focused on getting all my f/v's first and everything kind of fell in its place. It was great, and I had a healthy feeling as I was getting all my servings in and everything. And then i slacked and gained. So I had been getting back into it and getting all my servings in again and thought I need to get the part about eating to satisfaction down or else I'll never win this battle. So I started focusing on that and find I can't finish all of the servings as I should. I feel like if I force myself to do that, its going against the stopping when I'm full technique that seems to be as important to learn. Katie - You have a great point, I'll focus more of what I do eat around the fruits and veggies, and if I can't finish them in my setting, at least I got some of them and they are the healthiest option anyways. So maybe that's my deal, I'm just making it way more difficult than I need to. If I just make my plate and try to have more of the fruits and veggies on it, then its ok if I can't finish them, I at least get some in me.
  5. Hi everyone!! I'm having a problem and was hoping I could get your thoughts on this. I've been doing core for well over a year now. I've gotten to goal, stayed there for 6 months or so and have recently gained back some weight. I've been struggling with my motivation. Well, this last Friday I finally started working on my hunger levels (yes, I know I'm late on that but that's ok.) Anyway, I really started to pay attention to when I was hungry and when I ate, when I was full. Come to find out, I really only need 1/2 to 3/4 of my normal meal usually and I'm noticing that I don't need many snacks. And its all because I'm really focusing on if I'm feeling actual hunger, or if its an emotional hunger, or even thirst (I've been downing 3 or more liters a day to know for sure thirst shouldn't be in the equation.) So to my problem, I'm no where near reaching my healthy 9's as far as f/v's go. Like, my intake is so much less, that this is just a huge eye-opener. So is it wrong to not get all my f/v's in OR is it healthy to finally focus on what my body is wanting and not going overboard. I kind of feel like this is a huge step for me and I'm pretty proud to be able to be in tune with when I'm actually hungry and not eat out of boredom (or any other emotional reason) OR just because it happens to be 10am or 3 pm and its "time for a snack" OR eat just to get all the f/v's in for the day. I hope I'm making sense, I kind of feel like I'm rambling. I don't know, I guess I'm looking for reassurance that this is ok. I feel that it is.
  6. I don't have etools but thought I'd add my 2 cents. I personally wouldn't get it. You already track really well on your own and the website won't really help you for that. You already have a ton of recipes out on the web (here at BCB and anywhere else you look, you know the in's and out's of core so well you can modify recipes from non-WW sites to fit what you need.) If you were looking to do points, I think it could help a lot more. That way you could convert non-ww recipes to points and that's handy. I don't know, I'm not sold on getting it at this point. But that's just my opinion for myself.
  7. Thanks Jackie!!! I'll try to make this this weekend!
  8. I had to switch gears recently and start taking breakfast to go as well. It was suggested to me to try the Blueberry Lemon Muffins on this board. I'm so glad I did because they are very good! I grab 1 out of the freezer and grab a hard-boiled egg and head out the door. Its worth a try at least.
  9. Man these are good!!! I searched for lemon pudding and couldn't find any sf and ff. So I used cheesecake flavor instead and they are amazing!!!! I'm sure the lemon are just as good!!! This will be breakfast this week Hey Tamara, I'm glad you saw this and got to try it too! Its so great when you find a good one!!!
  10. That sounds great Lynn! You know, I'm like Irene, I NEVER would have touched Plain, Fat Free Yogurt!!!! I just couldn't get past the idea of plain and no flavor at all in it, how could it possibly be good??? But...I finally tried it and I absolutely love it!!! Its such a treat now and I look forward to it almost every day! I keep trying to convince my family (mom and husband) to try it, but they haven't yet. I have some white chocolate syrup, I'll have to try that! Thanks Lynn!
  11. Hi Irene! It was a great book. If that library program isn't too much of a pain, it wouldn't hurt to read it. However, i'm betting that it won't add a whole lot to the workout part. What I liked the most is the background givin on her. That was very interesting. She's lived a fascinating life! Also, I love how down to earth she seems in the book, however I'll bet you'll get even more of that with the DVD. I read somewhere in my research that when doing the moves that have you squeezing your behind and tilting your pelvis up together, to also focus on squeezing your keegle muscles as well. You can actually do that whole move and not squeeze those, so I was trying to do that as well. That's hard to maintain but with practice it should get better I guess. And today is the second day post and I'm definitely hurting worse!!! Even that simple little arm move that was part of the warm-up!!!! HAHA, its just so funny that I didn't think it would do this much! Seriously, I wasn't even able to move my leg the little half inch they were talking about. I was just pretty excited I was able to lift it and hold it for a little bit (8-15 sec)!!! Its kind of sad!!! LOL Switching sides a lot helps. I switched sides 3 times just to get to 50 sec total for 1 side. Its a good workout!
  12. I was leaning towards the original 10/10. Plus its a lot cheaper. I think I'll get it soon. And I was thinking 2 or 3 for AP's as well. But I was hoping for 3 Thanks again! I'm shooting for an every other day hour workout for now. But that's before I see how bad I feel with my sore muscles tomorrow!!! Yikes!!!
  13. Also Carol, how many AP's would you count for the hour workout?
  14. I found the same thing Judy! I was walking around the Library with the video in my hand trying to think of someone I could borrow a VCR from. Then I checked if they had the book there, and sure enough they did and it was available that day. So that's what I went with for now. You might want to try for the book maybe.
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