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  1. I'm in. Historically, I do great at home, and I totally lose it by my 3rd day on vacation. I was thinking of writing out a "sane list" of easy to order/obtain foods and keeping it in my purse. This list would have easy to find grocery items in one section, and easy to order restaurant foods in another section. Groceries: ~FF milk ~Instant regular oatmeal ~Salad in bag, veggies, tuna in water, balsamic vinegar ~chick. breasts ~FF plain yogurt/ fresh fruit that's a start; would love to read more
  2. Thanks. I knew the answer once, and yes, I do go to meetings, but I think I have some serious brain fog going. The question occurred to me this morning as I was having a banana, and looking at my kitchen counter; at the potatoes and avocados. (I'd like to add I'm on migraine meds today...so I'm a little off). Thank you for your patience.
  3. ....or have limitations? Does anyone have a link to that info? Thanks so much, and sorry if this is a stupid question.
  4. I wish I knew where to find them!! They are not at Trader Joes. Does anyone know if they are at Albertsons, Smiths, or Whole Foods?
  5. Okay, I have it. Thank you so much!!
  6. Hello, My husband and I are beginning Core. I have a question. I know that cereal is limited to once a day, but the items in the group are not, correct? For instance, (and I'm not going to do this, but just an an example), what if I wanted to have oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, whole wheat pasta with veggies for lunch, and a baked potato with veggies and FF cheese for dinner? I know that it would be an imbalance in the food groups, so it would be in error as far as the 8 healthy guidelines, but is it against the rules otherwise? I feel like I'm going to end up with too many starches here. Sorry if that question seems foggy.
  7. That was a great illustration, and I thank you for it. It made me think of another. I'm at a large train station, running late, and anxiously awaiting my train. I'm hungry. But I know that if I run the long distance downstairs and through the station to get food, I could miss my train. If I miss my train, the next one won't be along for a long time. So, I reach in my bag, grab an apple; make the wise decision to avoid the burger and shake; get my train on time; arrive at my destination on time and on target.
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