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  1. Here is my current favorite - I have it printed out hanging by my treadmill... I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it. Also here is a funny one for the fridge: Remember..... Fun size candy bars do NOT make for a fun sized butt!
  2. Another Newbie reporting for duty.... Hi All! My name is Emily. I have been on WW since Oct 10th. So far I have been OP everyday. I have been on WW twice before and not stuck with it. This is the longest I have been on it. I feel this time is it and I am very happy with the lifestyle change. And it seems to be working - in 7 weeks I have lost 20.5 lbs. I know this is over the 1-2 lbs a week goal, but I made DRASTIC changes to my eating and exercise habits. I was exercising NOT At ALL and I was eating A LOT of very bad food. - Like a DQ blizzard every other day and a 6 chicken McNuggets and 2 cheeseburgers at once. So I expect the weight loss to slow down as my body adjusts to the new diet. I have also added some exercise to my day - I have been on the treadmill walking 5 days a week and feel great! I am so happy to have stuck this out to get to this point, now I feel as if there is no going back and that I really can do this! I look forward to posting here to get to know everyone and to hopefully find some buddies to get me through any hard times I'm sure will come. Thanks for taking the time to read this....
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