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  1. Welcome and congratulations for taking this first step. I dont buy weight watchers food. I eat all the normal stuff just way less of it and I also cut out junk food that helped me save a ton. I get lots of fruits and veggies. Usually whatever is on season and cheap. From oranges to apples to watermelon and etc. I buy the lettuce and cut it up. More work but cheaper than buying the bag already prepd. Here at the recipe forum they have many of yummy recipes that doesnt take a lot of ingredients and the taste is pretty much the same so you can probably cook for your whole family and they wont even know the difference. Just dont tell them. best of luck
  2. I am sorry guys but my leader had to run out early yesterday and I have a bunch of questions and I dont want to mess up the sucess I had. Okay when I eat something that is 2 different products (example wrap) I take the points for the wrap, add the points for the cheese and add the points for the turkey. My friend that done the program before said you have to add the calories for everything, the fat for it and put the fiber at 4 and that will be your points. Her way makes it less points. Who is right? I searched the WW website but cant find out. Also does the point value change if I mix 2 food in the same group? Like if I have rice and mash potatoes. Do I need to add more points because I did that? Thank you so much again
  3. I love making fruit salad. How do I do the points for it?? Do I take all the points for each fruit add them and then divide by the number of serving and each time I eat a serving I count that amount or do I cap at something?? I know I havent gotten fat because of fruit salad but I still want to be OP. Thank you so much.
  4. Okay I can deal with 4 points no problem. Thank you so much. Is just that we watch lots of movies and before we use to snack on chips and junk and now we have switched to popcorn and I am a popcorn addict. I just got adjust everything else through out the day. Thanks again ladies.
  5. I got smart pop 94% fat free kettle corn. If I eat 1 bag it makes about 2 servings of 6.5 cups popped 1 cup is 15 cal 2.4 g fat 5 g fiber. So how do I calculate this?? Do I multiply each by 6.5 and then times that by 2 and enter that number in the calculator and do the points that way?? Thank you so much
  6. Thank you so much for mentioning the soup. All I had seen on the can was 0. Didnt even realize it was per serving. I am glad you said that and now I know I need to check serving sizes also. Wow. It was still a good lunch and with low points.
  7. I had a grilled cheese and I cant believe it was this low. Help me out and let me know if its right or I am missing something. 2 pieces of bread (honey wheat natures own 40 calories per slice) so 2 slices of bread 80 cal, 1g fat and 5g fiber= 1 point 1 slice of cheese...60 calories 5 g fat and less 1 fiber= 2 I cooked on I cant believe its not butter spray. So that means my grilled cheese lunch was only 3 points?? I also ate a WW soup for 0 points. Is that right?? I think I am doing something wrong. Such a filling meal should be more points. I dont know if I calculated that right or not. Sorry I just started and its my first week. Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone. My name is Ally I am 26 and I live in Texas because my husband is stationed at Ft Hood. I need to lose about 80 lbs and I have tried everything under the sun except weight watchers. Why I have no clue!!! Anyways some of my friends told me to try this before opting for gastric bypass so I figured I would give it a shot. I went to my first meeting tonight and I am very excited. It seems doable. I need to get this weight off. The only time I was able to lose weight was right after I had my son I decided to take Phentermine. I lost 30 lbs but become irritable and an issomniac (sp) didnt like the way it made me feel. So here I am. I am doing the flex plan and think I can do it. Just a little worried about dinners and stuff. Anyways I hope to meet everyone. Thanks again for this website and for the great support you guys offer.
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