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  1. Hey Ladies. Sorry I haven't been around. I went to TX and had a great trip, but of course was off plan the whole time and now finding it so hard to get back on. I tried to do low carb last week just to jump start myself, but ended up going crazy and binging. So, I started fresh this week and AF shows up and she is a doozy this month...I'm cramping, I have a headache and I CAN NOT stop eating. Seriously I have ate non stop since Tuesday am....it's pitiful. No matter what I eat, I am not full. I keep eating fiber one stuff and nothing helps. I'm doing my best to not binge and to at least eat WW friendly items. I'm hoping by next week to be ready 100%. Ugh....hate being a woman today. I miss you ladies! xoxo
  2. Hola Lovely Ladies I did lovely this weekend. I did mess up once but then I hugged the porcelain god all night thanks to mixing wine and vodka (not a good idea). So it got rid of it all. I'm maintaining right now. I'm so busy getting prepared for my TX trip on Thursday. I won't be around much at all. I am OP as much as I can. Not tracking 100% but eating healthy and making good choices. When I get back from TX I'll be hardcore again. Love yall!!! xoxoxo
  3. Bianca - Oh, I thought you worked out AGAIN...hmmm. I know for me that sometimes the 2nd day is the worst. I did Body Pump class and the first day I was really sore but the next day I could barely sit down to pee w/o groaning in pain. I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. Bianca - thank you! I'm kind of fond of DD myself You should def look into the accupunture. Might be worth it. As for being so sore and weak...I'd ask Karen on her thoughts. You probably should space out the workouts. At least at first until you're a little more used to them. I am proud of you for working out though! Karen - So sorry about your binge. I bet it was the double dose of exercise. Is it almost time for AF? I know how you feel. Nearly every day I come so close to having an F it all moment and binging. I have been extra snacky this week w/AF and all. I'm just glad I haven't binged on chocolate like I normally do. You did the right thing and counted your points. You're doing great and I love that you were 100% real on your blog about it, too. Oh! I tried Dannon Light strawberry yogurt....I'm in LOVE AFM - AF is giving me major cramps and her visit is almost over, so why is she not packing up yet???? UGH! I'm gearing up for my casino trip this weekend and getting in the mindset of eating the healthy food off the buffets and NOT the greasy crap that will make me feel guilty. It's not worth it. Menu: B: light yogurt 1/21 + bagel thin 1/20 S: couple of frozen grapes and a couple of light chips 1/19 L: taco salad 7/12 S: green beans 0/12 + bagel thin 1/11 + bologna 1/10 D: boca burgers 6/4 + light chips 2/2 S: ww ice cream 2/0 I really need to get some healthy snacks going, but have been so busy with life and getting ready for these trips that I'm just making it by on the staples.
  5. OK here are a few of Lilli's pics...I have no clue how to shrink them. It wouldn't let me. Sorry .
  6. Bianca - Have you tried accupuncture? I know a lot of people don't believe in it, but it really worked for me. I was having CHRONIC bronchitis. I mean every month I'd end up with some respiratory infection. I was like that for about a year. The doctor just kept on putting me on different anti biotics. I went to the accupuncture guy and ONE session I was healed. It truly was a miracle. Just a thought.
  7. First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH Ladies for the kind words about my ex-DH situation. I try my hardest to be the best mom ever. I know all of here with kids do the same. It so breaks my heart when parents don't step it up and be real parents. DD comes home some days telling me what the other kids say about their home situations and DD is just baffled as to why their lives are like that. One girl's mom passed away last summer and her father is in prison, another girl's parents don't even see her and she's being raised by her grandmother. I'm glad y'all agree that ex-DH could of TRIED to make it to the graduation. He was even off work that day. He could of requested an extra day and made a trip of it. Sure it's an inconvience, but more than worth it IMO. OH! I can't wait to show y'all the pics! Lilli was rocking her cowgirl boots with her dress. She was adorable! Karen - Yay for doing so well with the spinning class. I'm super stoked to try one in June. And even more stoked to tell you how I did I am LOVING your photo blog. It has inspired me to try new things each week. Today I am trying light yogurt with 1/2 banana. I'm really not sure how it'll work out b/c I'm really grossed out by mushy stuff, but for some reason it sounds good. So, I'm crossing my fingers I like it I'm also trying frozen grapes. Someone mentioned that and I adore grapes, so it sounds tasty. I just never thought it before. Sofi - I chew the Orbit bubble mint gum A LOT! It really helps fight cravings and tastes soooo good! I just wished it lasted longer. Forgive me, but what does OW mean? And you sound so much like me on the mindless grazing. It is my worst habit! For some reason I cannot get it thru my head that a nibble of this and a nibble of that may be 0 points, but they all add up to multiple points. I like how Karen mentioned on her blog that she added 2 points to her day b/c she licked the spatula and something else she tasted. LOL. Bianca - Have you ever gone to lamebook.com ? It's frickin funny. It's stupid things people post on their facebook. So, I'm thinking about getting the 30 day shred now. It's been recommended to me in the past but I was too frightened of it. lol. Theresa - WTG on planning for your upcoming busy weeks
  8. Bianca - Have you tried WW ice cream cups. They have revamped the flavor and texture. It's MUCH better than it used to be. I get the choc brownie ones and it's only 2 points and oh so yummy. I used to be addicted to Ben & Jerry's choc brownie ice cream, hence how I gained a lot of my weight. I seriously used to eat a pint every night!!! OMG. I haven't even touched one of them in at least 3 yrs. I've been tempted to try the 30 day shred. I have some friends that do it and love it. I have all these MTV yoga dvds that I LOVE, but they are an hour long and it's so hard to force myself AT HOME to do them. Now put me in a gym where the class is going and I can go all day long with them. Weird. Any who, I'm super proud of you for doing you workout! You're rocking it! Theresa - I am so sorry about your dad. I know how you feel sweetie. My dad went through some health / heart issues a few years ago. He still has a bad leg so he falls alot and it always scares me. I feel like I'm constantly looking for stuff he could trip on and warning him. Of course he's obilvious to it and still usually trips on them, even after I warn him. LOL. Men!! Sofi - Boo for the gyno but yay for the 215! Lets hope and cross our fingers that sticks! When do you have WI? Friday? Karen - Have you tried doing turkey meatloaf? I LOVE it. Of course you have to like turkey. I usually do some low sodium taco seasoning and salsa and lots of veggies. I Trisha - CHECK IN! AFM - My Lilli Bug did great last night! I took lots of pics and I'll work of uploading them tonight. I surprised her with a bouquet of flowers and balloons at the ceremony. She felt super special (she is) She did miss her daddy not being there. Once she got there she was fine though. I always play the nice card in front of her, but in reality I'm thinking of all the reasons why it's HIS fault that he's not there. Quite honestly, he lives 12 hours away, but if I hadn't seen my baby in 3 months and she was graduating I'd be there even if I had to drive straight thru, turn around right after and go home. But I'm a mom, so I guess it's different? I really don't know how I'm going to make it a month w/o her. ugh. I'm just going to focus on working out and me time. OH, I was really hungry last night. SUPER hungry. I ate a filling dinner, but was still starving after dinner. So, I made a bagel thin with ICBINB spray. I think I went over my points by 1. But since AF is here, I consider that a victory. I'm really not looking forward to WI on Friday. I'm not sure what that scale will say. I've had a good week, but haven't been 100% on target at times thanks to AF. I feel really scattered right now. Did any of my post make sense? LOL. Menu: B: bagel thin 1/21 S: light chips 1/20 + light dressing 1/19 L: bologna sandwiches 5/14 + light chips 1/13 S: apple 2/11 D: veggie sub 8/3 + light chips 1/2 S: ww ice cream 2/0
  9. Thanks Ladies for the support I realized what the main problem is with buffets. At least with me. I feel the need to eat until I'm absolutely stuffed and miserable b/c after all it is a buffet. Why? Why do the majority of people feel this need to "get their money's worth" ? I felt much better about that buffet when I walked away from it not stuffed and not miserable. I ate the good stuff and was satisfied. That should be how it feels to "get my money's worth". Right? Karen - Your blog is an inspiration. I love getting to "see" your meals and the nutritional facts on them. It really opens my eyes. What is a coco pop? What does it taste like? Bianca - How are you doing so far today? Theresa & Sofi - Tell me about the WATP dvds. No offense, but I just assumed they were old lady workouts. Is that incorrect? I guess that's what I get for judging a dvd by it's cover or title. lol I emailed Trisha and she said she is POP and just super busy at work. Marla - Sorry about your medication side effects. You can do this. Don't let the medication get the best of you.
  10. Good Morning Pretty Ladies I am feeling much better today and praying that it sticks I did the whole hydrogen peroxide gargle...GA-ROSSS! It was bad. Well the after taste was bad. Ugh. Any who, I do feel better. My mom however is really sick. I love my Momma, but need her to stay far away from me! I cannot be sick with two trips coming up in the next week or so. I'm really bloated thanks to AF. Stupid girlie parts. Bianca - *kicks* for going off plan last night, but you really seem to be back on it good. I myself wouldn't even of tallied the points. (that's bad, I know). And you're doing the right thing by earning some APs. Don't be too hard on yourself about it. So, get outta that FUNK!!! I think you did great by rebounding so quickly and the correct way! Trisha - Where are you? I miss you Karen - I'm so proud of you for buying yourself some nice outfits and they are in your goal sizes. That is a huge accomplishment honey! Woohoo! Have you taught anymore spinning classes since Mother's Day? Sofi - Thanks for gargle tip And I get way tempted by those bagel ads, too. LOL. They look so yummy, but thank goodness for the thomas bagel thins I bought 2 packs last night b/c I had problems finding them. They feel like such a treat and you can get so creative with them Theresa - How are you sweetie ? Marla - You can always PM me or FB msg me. I take medication to keep my depression and OCD in check. So, if you ever want to chat, I'm here AFM - So, this weekend: Friday went great Stuck to plan 100% Saturday we ended up at TWO frickin buffets. I tried everything to convince otherwise, but I was in the car and no choice. Sounds dumb I know. Like they "forced" me to eat. So, the first buffet was Chinese. Luckily they had a hibachi grill where you picked which meat and veggies you want and then they grill it up for you. So, I got some grilled ck, tons of veggies and no oil. It was yummo. I did really well there That night we ended up at a home style southern cooking buffet. Normally this is totally my cup of tea. I mean I can eat some southern food. Think golden corral on a much, much smaller scale. All the meat was fried So, I just avoided that buffet table and stuck to the salad bar table. They didn't have light dressing, but other than that I had a huge salad with grilled ck slices. I had 1/2 roll and skipped the dessert. I can't be sure I was w/in my points, but I feel really accomplished that I didn't just binge and say "oh well, what other choice do I have?" B/C before WW, I would of done that. Actually even last year when I was on WW, I would done that. Now that I'm thinking about it, last weekend was a perfect "practice round" for this upcoming weekend with the casino buffets. Wow. Maybe this isn't WW strategy, but I think that is what a healthy lifestyle is all about. Making the best choices possible when given a buffet of bad choices. So, that was this past weekend. Now, yesterday I had a struggle. I know I went off plan by a couple of points. I really screwed up at lunch. Since I wasn't hungry, I just ate some egg drop soup. Well that led to 2 feelings / actions: #1) I ate a really small lunch, this ff graham cracker is fine, this extra tbs of light dressing is fine, etc. etc. #2) Since I ate a small lunch, I was starving around 2pm and NO SNACK satisfied my hunger. I continued snacking until bed time. Now, my choices were healthy choices, but still over my points. So, lesson learned that even if I'm not hungry and trying to eat a really small unsatisfying lunch, I should eat a bigger more satisfying lunch. I did get my water in. I'm not walking today b/c I'm honestly afraid it will make me sick. Last time I got sick I kept forcing myself to walk and I think it made me "relapse" Awww, I almost forgot to tell y'all! My baby girl is graduating kindergarten tonight I'm so sad. I just can't believe how fast she is growing up. Gosh, I was looking at pictures from a year ago and she looks so young then. She is just turning into such a little lady. I'll be sure to post a pic from tonight. I'm taking her out to dinner afterwards. She gets to pick where she wants to eat. It'll most likely be chinese She is her Momma's girl Menu: B: bagel thin 1/21 S: apple 2/19 L: bologna bagel thin sandwiches 5/14 + light chips 1/13 S: carrots 0/13 + light dressing 1/12 D: wonton soup 4/8 + moo goo gai pan 5/3 + 1/2 points just in case they cook something weird or whateve S: ww ice cream 2/0
  11. Hey Ladies...Sorry I got a sore throat, but I'm not claiming it! I will be gargling some salt water when I get home I had a good weekend. I faced a few challenges, but made the best of them and walked away feeling like a champ Menu: B: grits 2/20 S: carrots + light dressing 1/19 L: egg drop soup 2/17 S: carrots + light dressing 1/16 + fiber one bar? 2/14 D: boca burgers 7/7 + chips 3/4 S: ww ice cream 2/2 I know my menu is slacking but I'm not feeling well today. I've already downed 34 oz of water, too
  12. Quick Post WI was 170.0...that's .4 loss. I'll take it I will be planning my weekend meals today I have a pretty calm weekend so there should be no excuses for failure. Next weekend will be hectic b/c we are going to Biloxi for my brother's 21st. Lots of casnio buffets But I have already started scoping out the menus and other resturants w/in the casnios. I have also had a talk with my mom for her to help me stay on track. Menu: B: splurging alittle here...crossaint bk sandwich (8/14) L: s.o. (6/12) + ff crackers (1/11) S: aztec tortilla (1/10) + cheezits (2/8) D: subway veggie sub (10/-2) + light chips (1/-3) S: ww ice cream (2/-5) Using 5/30 flexies
  13. Mercedes - Jump in anytime hun! We are a friendly group of gals I was just as ticked when I saw the whole Lane Bryant thing, too. This just sends the wrong message to EVERYONE. I don't think VS models are healthy. They starve theirselves. I wouldn't want my daughter looking to them.
  14. OMG! I just remembered what I wanted to talk about. Have any of you heard how they pulled a Lane Bryant commercial b/c it was too sexy? If not here is the commercial and the story about it. http://insidecurve.lanebryant.com/buzz/the-lingerie-commercial-fox-and-abc-didnt-want-it/ I'm so livid about this. How unfair is it that they put stupid Victoria Secret commercials on the TV, even do a runway show once a year, but a curvy plus size woman cannot have the same? And to read some of the idiot people's post on you tube about how "gross" and "fat" these women are, just pisses me off royally. Ughhhh and I would like to point out this woman, Coco. She is Ice-T's wife. She has CURVES! I would love to have her body...not her b00bs though...they are too big. Curvy women are hot! You don't have to be a stick figure to be hott. Those girls in playboy they are AIRBRUSHED. Most celebrities are AIRBRUSHED. Everyone has cellulite and if they don't they should die. Ok, sorry I just wanted to post and remind all of us that curvy is hott. Overweight and unhealthy is not.
  15. I feel like I'm missing out on responding to everyone's posts. OK, let's start one by one. Bianca - I was just looking at your latest pics on FB and honey you are a looker! How do you not get hit on? And! You are really looking great body wise. I don't think you look over weight at all. Theresa - Girl I have to say I am really inspired by you. You just keep on truckin' even through the curveballs life throws at you. I honestly can say IDK that I would handle it so well. I would use it all as an excuse to go off plan. WTG! Karen - The body pump class is FANTASTIC. You really get an excellent work out and you can tell w/in a week that your muscles are toning up. It's funny to watch men come in there that normally bench press hundreds of pounds and 1/4 way through Body Pump they are about to die. Makes me feel super strong I am determined to try spinning at least once. The YMCA here offers spinning and body pump and water aerobics (which I love even if it's for old people) DD will be going there in July for summer care and next year after school, so why not get a family membership and start in June? It'll give me time to get used to the facility and class schedules. Plus, there will be no excuse for missing a class when she is back b/c she will already be there and we could go for swim after. No guilt and no excuses! I'm super excited and I have to say it's mostly thanks to you I Trisha - ENJOY Ava's cuddle time. I have to BEG DD for cuddles now. She is growing up sooooo fast. I literally cry when I watch her sometimes Sofi - When is your WI day? We've missed you! xoxo AFM - I've forgotten what I was going to talk about...hmmmm...OH! ex-DH and I have been fighting ALL day. He's a lazy bum who is giving me hell over money he owes me. He just keeps saying, "I'll pay you when I have some money" or "If I pay you now, then I can't do anything with Lilli while she's here and that will be your fault"...AHHHHHHH. No sir, if YOU got a job and KEPT job then none of this would be anyone's fault. And if you had pulled your own weight the last 7 years then we wouldn't be in our situation. It's just so frustrating that even after divorce he never changes and still can't support his family. New subject - I had a Fiber One bar for breakfast and it kept me full until lunch time. I didn't need a snack before lunch So, I might start eating a F1 bar each morning. Of course, now that I think about it maybe that's why I've been unusually gassy today...hmmm. lol. Oh well! I'm really nervous about WI tomorrow, but I'm not going to let the # on the scale get to me (unless it's good). I'm FEELING better and my clothes are fitting better. That's a good sign. Plus, AF is normally here this week, but I stayed on my pills so that she wouldn't visit while I was on vaca in TX. That might sound weird that I'm on pills and I'm going through a divorce. Please don't judge me. I'm not a tramp and trust me it's been MONTHS! I don't even remember what a p*nis looks like anymore. lol. I just didn't want to go off pills and screw with my hormones and gain weight or something weird. About dinner, I'm really not a big filet mignon fan. More of a still moo-ing prime rib, but I was thinking of cutting 1/2 of it up and put it on my salad? Like a steak salad?
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