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  1. Hi, Remember this old thread? Mostly Alba recipes, though, but still fun: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=65924&highlight=alba+recipes Oooh, and this one, too, it has some pie recipes, one is chocolate pineapple: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=77282&highlight=alba+recipes Found one more, for a pineapple cheesecake -- it uses pudding mix. Not sure that's what you had in mind, but anyway: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=134670&highlight=pineapple+cheesecake My WW cookbook collection only dates from the mid-1980s but if there's something from that era you want me to check for, let me know!
  2. 1. Heartburn 2. Regrets 3. The extra dress size
  3. SURE there's a difference! Congratulations -- you must be feeling great.
  4. I just started using the 3-month journal. Before that I just used the handout journals from my weekly meeting. I took 2 of those my first week, which meant that I always had a fresh one to start on Day One before my actual WI, which is at noon. I do like the 3 month version, though I'm still adjusting to it. When I don't journal, I gain. End of story.
  5. Welcome, Charmed! I second the advice for looking into the 50+ group. You might try "basing" yourself at a couple of groups and see how things settle in. Everyone is very welcoming, and there's lots of options. Good luck and hope to see you around!
  6. Loved this. Thanks so much for bumping it into the daily thread. It's BCB in a nutshell, and a great reminder of how the biggest challenges for change can take place inside our own heads. Think I'm going to print this out and stick it on my fridge.
  7. Oh yeah, lots of times -- culminating in the Biggest Scare of ALL... Reaching Goal (cue scary music). That sort of fear can be a real dealbreaker. This time around I've felt MUCH more secure because I realize that whatever I weigh, what I do to stay OP is exactly the same thing I was doing before -- that doesn't change. (OK, there's a few extra maintenance points added in, but still.) Others on these boards have said that reaching goal (either the official goal or maybe some interim goal) doesn't mean that everything changes for you -- good or bad. It's a really good point. We're the same people we always were.
  8. Hi, Nessa! I could NOT resist a thread with a title like that. What a great NSV -- Congratulations! And have fun at the beach .
  9. Laura, the slideshow rocks and so do you! Thanks for sharing it, it's really inspiring to me!
  10. Yeah, the sodium's a killer in those things, and I have come to the point in my life where a high-sodium week really shows up at WI. But sure, once in a while I have one when I have to have an entree really fast. I'm always glad they're out there, KWIM? I LOVE the desserts too -- but I have to be careful with some of them, because they're triggers for me.
  11. Hi, Michael, I'm printing out your post for a trip coming up next week -- what a fabulous bunch of tips! Sorry to say I did NOT accomplish what you did when I went on my previous trip -- but you have inspired me to reach for a better result. Congratulations on having fun but not breaking the bank!
  12. Hi, NoGills! I wish you all the best on the continuing journey -- I'm so glad for you. Welcome to BCB and hope to see more of your posts in future.
  13. Jules, First of all, congratulations on your 25 pounds and 10 percent. You have accomplished A LOT. You need to think about that and how good it feels. Think about how much you want to keep feeling like that. I've been reading the Beck Diet Solution workbook. One statement that really has jumped out at me -- a difference between people who struggle with weight and people who don't is the way they react to a gain or a binge. One group says, "Oh no! This is terrible! I've messed up so badly...I'll never get back on track!" The other group says, "Wow, I gained some weight. Oh well, I'll have to be more careful next week." Then they do what they need to do. There's always life after a binge -- it's just, what kind of life do you want it to be? One where the binge opens the door to forget about all the progress you've made? Or one where you say, "OK, that happened. Now let's open the journal up and get back to what I was doing"? SO... go get 'em Jules. Good luck!
  14. I love a great weigh-in result as much as anybody, but I've come to realize that the scale is a strange creature sometimes -- and it doesn't always agree with me when I know I've had an OP week . But if you stay OP and don't let an iffy result derail you, things always even out in the end. Congratulations on keeping the numbers game in perspective!
  15. Elisabet

    Confession time

    Dear 2kute, Take a look at my sig. Says it all . I often joke that WW leaders in five states are forming posses to track me down. It's natural to feel some embarassment but don't let it stop you... there are so many of us taking that next step too.
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