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  1. I've heard of sprinkling some ginger ale to prevent apples from turning brown. I'm not sure how many points this would add. I've seen diet ginger ale which would probably be 0 points. Hope this helps...
  2. mmm that sounds great, i never thought about making it that way! I'll try it your way sometime this week THANKS!
  3. Hey guys! A simple breakfast recipe to try: 2 slices of french toast with 40 calorie bread, egg beaters, and low fat syrup 40 calorie bread- 1 point for both slices egg beaters (individually packaged)- 1 point (equals 2 eggs) 1/4 cup buttermilk syrup- 2 points (i used the 100 calorie kind, i think buttersworth) = 4 points! just put the bread in a bowl and soak each slice with eggbeaters and cook on a skillet. Then pour 1/4 cup low-fat syrup on it and the good thing is, it fills you up and it's delicious!
  4. wannabe140


    Hey guys! I read the thread about the point values for some sushi rolls, but I was wondering what are some delicious sushi meals/rolls that are not "expensive" point-wise. I just started eating sushi, and I like the crunchy rolls, california rolls, and I love LOVE edamame! I am just looking to try new things (not the raw stuff just yet ), and just wondering what you sushi lovers out there usually get. THANKS!!
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