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  1. HI, Mo! Forgive me if I'm asking too personal a question, but is that adorable child in your avatar yours? Is he adopted? I only ask because I have a child from the country of Belarus, but she looks just like me, so unless we share that info, nobody knows, lol! Anyway from one adoptive mom to another (?)... hello!

  2. This is a wonderful thread. I love the cute witty lines. The one I use for myself is: If you forget to brush your teeth one day, are you going to give it up after that? This might seem like an odd thing to repeat to oneself several times a day so I'll offer a litttle an explanation. Someone once compared living a healthy lifestyle every day to brushing our teeth every day. We know that brushing our teeth is important, and so we would never think to give it up. We know that eating well and exercising is important, so we should compare it exactly to brushing our teeth. We should never give up. So if one day, you make a few mistakes, just try to do better the next day.
  3. Hi there, I swore I would change something when I lost motivation. For me, I've.... -bought a tv for the bedroom (to help avoid the kitchen at night) -joined the y -wrote down mileage and speed goals for my running for the month -wrote down an exercise plan for the month -joined SPARK -signed up for running races -started a weight-training program -re-joined with a diet doctor -bought motivational pants (one size too small) -commit to 3 days in a row of stopping one behaviour that's derailing me That's all I can think of for now, but basically, it's been to never give up. Someone compared eating well, and exercising to brushing your teeth. If you forget to do it one day, it's not as if you're going to say "oh well, i quit". When you know something is good for you, you keep doing it, even if you fall off a little bit here and there. So just keep brushing your teeth!
  4. Hi, 1. If you don't track you may underestimate your calories by over a 1000! (proven by scientific studies), so TRACK EVERY BITE! 2. Get addicted to exercise. It will motivate you - you will want to lose the jiggle. 3. Recruit a friend to join with you 4. Visit websites. This one and SPARK saved me and inspired me. 5. Tell yourself you will change a bad habit for 3 days in a row (by then the habit is no longer as powerful) 6. Lock yourself upstairs after supper and avoid going downstairs. Cold turkey worked best for me. If I eat ONE bite after supper, then I am tempted to go whole hog. 7. Avoid all or nothing thinking. I have had many many many days where I have gone over points, yet I didn'tt throw in the towel on very many days. And so I would still lose over time. Someone told me that if you forget to brush your teeth one dayy, it's not like you're going to give it up! LOL. So don'tgive up on your health either, just over one or two bad choices. 8. Don't ever quit. Go to meetings. 9. If you lose motivation, change something - change anything - to get your mojo back.
  5. Buy two items that are smaller than your current size. One pants or skirt and one top. Otherwise sew your own clothes down a size at the side of your tops, or your pants smaller around the crotch U (this lowers the waist, but that's sexy, no>) and you will be happy with how they fit and feel, and you won't be spending too much money on an uncertainty. Meanwhile concentrate on doing strength training exercises to convert fat to muscle and make you feel great. Pump up the intensity of your exercise because as you get closer to a 14, and even lower, you will find that you exercise will be the key to maintaining thhe lower size.
  6. Hi, Ya I have a couple of ideas. 1. get addicted to exercise first. find a hike or walk you love and do it every day 2. promise yourself you'll stick to it for 3 days in a row, purely and solidly OP. After those 3 days, you'll find your motivation is re-claimed. 3. get a friend to join with you and the tiny competetive seed might re-spark you 4. change something up when the motivation goes stale - here are a few things i changed over the past few months as things got stale: tried a new meeting, bought a tiny tv for my bedroom to keep me OUT of the kitchen (and upstairs in my room) after supper, bought a new fat-percentage reading scale, joined the Y, chatted with a friend about running and allowed her to motivate me to start running (I just ran 4 miles on Sunday, 2 miles yesterday and today i completed one of my July goals by running 2.75 miles in 30 minutes and I'm NOT an athlete!), joined SPARKPEOPLE (great website for fat people to connect to each other) 5. write a list of goals for the month (or for the week). mix them up - they can be related to sticking to points at least 3 days a week, or to choosing a healthy low-carb snack at 4 pm, or not eating after supper if this is a weak time for you, add some exercise goals in there too eg walk 10 miles per week or buy a pedomter and walk 10,000 steps a day. I have mostly exercise goals in my list, but I added another non-diet goal to my own list of sweeping the kitchen floor after each meal. Post your goals on this website or on SPARK, and on your fridge. good luck! you did the right thing asking for help, but the best would be a friend in your home circle to join with you.
  7. mowho33


    hi florida: for most people it's starts as a diet and clicks in as a lifestyle after a while. i suggest just toughing it out for 3 days at a time, whenever motivation wanes, tell yourself you will stay OP for 3 days to see if it brings you back to a higher level of motivation. there's nothing like success to keep you going. with about 10 lbs off, you'll start to feel different. after about 3 weeks, it starts to click in as a lifestyle. try to get addicted to a walk or hike at a beautiful, inspirational site. then do it every day until it becomes a habit that you can't break. once you body feels better, start adding more and higher intensity exercise. once you start running for example, you're going to want to get rid of that last bit of jiggle and it will motivate you to keep at it. good luck. don't forget, if you hit a stalled patch, change things up - switch to a new meeting, join a Y, ask a friend to join too, buy a new fat-measuring scale. do anything different, just to give you some added fire. and if you go over on points on any day, just stop yourself from turning it into a free-for-all. a few points over is not going to blow the week, but if you turn it into a three day binge, you'll find it a bit harder to recover from that mentally (that's where your friends or family support will help) best o luck!
  8. CW interesting observation. i wonder what attendance would be like if those same 45 employess had bee PAID, say $5 for going? they say getting paid to lose weight really works.....
  9. hi. two free online trackers that i like are eattracker.ca (canadian nutritionists site) or SPARkpeople (like facebook for fat people). i started faithfully tracking with pen and paper in march, then switched to eattracker in may and finally now i've switched to SPARK because i like the community aspect of the site too.
  10. oh wow. thanks, i really really needed that!
  11. http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal.asp?id=NO1MO2FAT34 Thanks for the replies and encouragement. Above is a link to my spark blog (SPark is a social network, like Facebook, but it is for fat people) On the blog there is a current picture. I have a few pics posted at my SPARK page. So, from the blog, in the upper right corner, you can click the link to "go to my spark page", and see my food and exercise log and my photo gallery. Lots of people are on this site and I think it is just a great new discovery. I'm about to go and post a couple of "before pics" in the photo gallery section. Hope to see some of you there!
  12. I found a bunch of old WWers weigh-in booklets. It was very revealing to look at them. I WISH WISH WISH I had my first booklet from about 1986. I believe I had the "hideous" weight (LOL) of 163 lbs on joining - which is only about 3-5 lbs above my current goal weight. In those days the recommended weight ranges were much lower, so I had a goal of 145 lbs, which was the highest that I was allowed to have for my height. I think that I lost the required 18 lbs in about 10 weeks, so I made it to goal, but I never stayed for a single week of maintenance, and so I fairly quickly gained the lost weight. Here is a list of my other "found" weight watchers booklets. I've decided that when my current booklet runs out in a couple of weeks, that I'm going to ask to "continue" one of the old ones - kind of like "unfinished business" that I want to finish. I know that maintainers need to use a book too, so I plan to finish all of my unused books for the maintenance years. Sept 2000: SW = 196 lbs, WOP (Weeks on program) = 6, LWI (Last WI) = 184.5, Weight lost = 11.5 lbs Oct 2001: SW = 197.5 lbs, WOP = 1, LWI = 193, Weight Lost = 4.5 lbs What an idiot I was - ONE WEEK on the program! August 2003: SW = 202 lbs, WOP = 13, LWI = 182 lbs, Weight Lost = 20 lbs January 2005, SW = 195.5 lbs, WOP = 2, LWI = 193, Weight Lost = 2.5 lbs November 2006, SW = 208 lbs, WOP = 1, (ANOTHER ONE!), LWI = 201.5, Weight Lost = 6.5 lbs (In ONE week I lost 6.5 lbs and I didn't continue! UGH!) Current Membership December 2007, SW 212.5, WOP so far! = 28 +, LWI = 186 lbs, Weight Lost = 26.5 lbs Can I stick with it this time? What is different? I think it is that I got addicted to exercise FIRST. I joined with a friend who saw me through the difficult first 16 weeks. When she dropped out I was really addicted to exercise and want to get a faster, jiggle-free running body, so I feel like I'll make it on my own now.
  13. mowho33


    hi, The people who are successful around here, or on Sparkpeople - another terrific losing weight website- are not in a hurry. The longer it takes to come off the longer your body has to adapt to and learn to love the lifestyle. Having said that, I see you haven't lose anything yet (not sure when you started), but after 2 weeks, that should not be true unless 1. you are having trouble with sticking to accurate measurements, OR 2. if you are exercising a lot. exercise builds muscle which is very heavy and super-hydrated and will very likely cause you to gain weight, but still LOOk slimmer, and you will still be losing fat. eventually if you are exercising, your body will have added all the muscle it needs and the number will start to slide down a little more smoothly. Don't give up! PS. When I first joined, I was slack about tracking (after about the first 2 weeks). My weight was bobbing up and down like crazy. I started tracking every bit that I ate, and weighing myself twice a day - morning and before bed (I won't allow myself to weigh every time I walk by the scale - only twice a day) and I discovered that other than right at ovulation time, my weight is actually rather steady. The ups and downs were probably caused by my slackness.
  14. Oooh Native Man, I love the graph at WORK. That's so OUT there and brave. Wow. (A chubby teacher like me couldn't do that in front of my school especially at my starting weight yikes) I think the key is EXERCISE. Eventually for this lifestyle to work forever, you'll either have to remain in semi-starvation mode forever, or RAMP up the exercise a notch. I am right now more motivated than EVER to see what it feels like to run like the wind with absolutely NO JIGGLE. I hate the jiggle when I run, and the heaviness of my plodding steps. I want my steps to feel light. Set an exercise GOAL, like mine is run a 5 k this fall and a 10 K next spring. Then my final goal is to do a 10k in under 1 hour. Join SPARKpeople if you need a change too. CHANGEe something or anything if you are plateauing. I think the best scenario would be for a wwer to get addicted to exercise first, then to the lower food intake second. But for those who didn't do it that way,try to take the LONG long road to weight loss and make the exercise a lifestyle. don't be in any hurry to lose the pounds. Just enjoy the process. I've perused a LOT of dieters success stories on SPARK (like facebook for fat people) and almost all the successful ones were not in a hurry.
  15. i should say too that it takes me about 15 minutes (or probably LESS) to alter a pair of pants. And about the same to do a shirt. But you should try to do it first on a few of your least favourite clothes, not your most favourite ones. I mean what the heck if you were gOING to throw them away anyways, why not see if you can salvage them?
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