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  1. Hah! Thanks...It's good to see you too! I miss you so much!

  2. Ay! Look at that hot new pic! You look awesome.

    Just wanted to say welcome back, I am SO SO glad to see you back here again. I've missed you. Let's really keep eachother on track, okay?


    We are going to see you in the Goalies thread soo, I know it! :-)

  3. Thank you everyone! Your comments mean the WORLD to me
  4. Hi Lissie, I just read your story and wanted to say Congratulations!!!

  5. Hello everyone. Promised my beloved T-20's a update on pictures This time last year I was tipping the scales at around 210lbs. How did I ever let myself get this way? I woke up every morning disgusted with my appearance and how I felt about myself. Every morning I would say in my head, “I need to go on a diet”…well on Dec. 3rd, 2007…right after Thanksgiving, I snapped. I couldn’t deal with this life anymore. Having a suggestion from a friend to try Weight Watchers, I quickly went on the prowl to figure out how the program worked. $40.00 dollars later on a weight watchers kit and $108.00 on a gym membership, I knew my life was never going to be the same. Here are some before pictures: This is a picture of me at a social function at work. I was so embarrassed when a co-worker put these pictures up on Facebook and tagged me. Mortified, I untagged myself and vowed to never look at these pics. Well here world, here I am! I squeezed (obviously barely) into a Size 16 jeans. Ahh, here I am in action. I still can’t believe someone took a picture of me like this (I should thank them) This is a picture at my nephews baptismal. Once again, a very tight size 16 pants and a LX shirt. Beep, beep! I’m coming though! I believe in pictures where you have no idea when someone is taking your pic..here is a pic of me in September 2008. Weight around 167lbs. You can see a difference in my body mass. I pulled out the baptismal clothes for old time sake.. Clearly the shirt is now loose and the pants are basically falling off of me (sorry I guess you can’t tell that much in these pics, but trust me!) And a waist shot. Here are pics of me last night. At weigh in this morning, I officially lost 50.8lbs in exactly one year. Yes, those are size 11 skinny jeans and a medium shirt from Charlotte Russe. I am happy that now my chest sticks out more than my stomach! Thanks for reading about my progress. I don’t even know where to start in saying that BCB has been my solid rock on this journey. I have made so many friends though this website and without the accountability and support I wouldn’t have lost this weight. I still have about 20-25lbs to go and I am determined to get there! I am a living testimony that if you put your mind to something, it WILL work!
  6. Awesome!!!!!!! You look like a million dollars!
  7. Made it yesterday! The pot was gone within two hours! Amazing receipe!
  8. Now where are the before and after pictures?!?!
  9. Wow! You look like a million bucks!
  10. Made this for dinner last night, everyone loved it! The whole thing cost around 8 dollars and fed a family of 5. I also made fresh greenbeans with it. Delicious
  11. You look awesome! Keep updating those pics!
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