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  1. Yay, Gráinne. Great to hear from you. Hope the recovery is going well for you. Will be in touch. Slán agus beannacht. Thanks Lynn and Luanne for your help.
  2. Hi Corebies, I've been looking out for Gráinne/ Medb48's return to BCB for a while now. Has anyone heard from her post op? Have sent her a pm but no response. I hope this isn't an inappropriate question to post ...... just miss having her on the boards.....
  3. I buy plain wholegrain couscous and love to add in garlic, mushroom, corn, carrot, broccoli etc for lots of colours and flavour but my favourite addition has to be pomegranate, it's especially tasty with couscous.
  4. :bcb_bravoWTG, Dee. You are doing great, buddy. Looking forward to reading about your continued success (and seeing those pics!) at a later date.
  5. WTG! Your weight loss is super, you look great and what a fab slideshow!
  6. You look beautiful! Congratulations! Love your dress in final pic!
  7. :bcb_bravoRuthie! You look the picture of health. These pictures inspire me to keep going, thanks for sharing.
  8. You look stunning and so happy, Theresa. The colours in your dress are beautiful.
  9. Tasha, you have a really beautiful smile. Well done on your loss and keep up the good work.
  10. After teaching for 10 years, I've learned that a child's perception and simple language can be so accurate! Thanks for sharing, Kathydunkie
  11. You look FABULOUS!! You are glowing with health. WTG,
  12. Thanks so much, GaPeach, your encouragement means a lot. I see that you have also recently reached your 10%. WTG, buddy !!
  13. According to the wonderful link below (thank you, mrss ), I have now lost 13% of my body weight. It's a wonderful feeling and, according to DF, I'm also wonderful to feel! http://www.weighttracker.info/Default.asp
  14. Becky - you look gorgeous, radiant and happy! You definitely are a "fit and fab fem"!! Thanks so much for sharing.
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