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  1. have you contacted one of the administrators? These messages don't allow posting emails so you'll have to look on the main forum board. Sorry you're having problems. The board has been inactive for quite awhile so maybe others are also having problems. If you post on the board I'll know you're successful. Otherwise let me know what the administrator suggests/does.

  2. I have been having problems with the passwords you send me, none of them work. I can't get on the leaders only forum and I am not able to posts any messages...I have become nothing more than a looky-loo on this site and I hate not being able to participate. Can you help me get back on?


  3. I saw this post before but didn't have time to reply. Just got off mine so while it's on my mind, will do a quick reply. I've been using a nordic track for years & about a year ago decided I needed to try to target a different set of muscles to add to my weekly workouts, alternating w/ the nordic track. Was looking for a rowing machine but the salesman talked me into the health rider. I've been pleased w/ it but I only use it in one way. I know there are numerous positions, etc., but from what I understand, most will just use the same muscles I'm already using w/ my nordic track. So in your case, if you're not using any other machines, I'd suggest you learn to use all variations so you're using most muscle groups. The one I use is w/ my heels mostly on the pedals, w/ my toes pointed out, w/ my hands on the middle bar, so I'm targeting my abs & thighs, mostly inner thighs. I've put all the weights on the seat bar plus I wear a 20 lb vest, but I've been exercising & maintaining for years so I wouldn't recommend that for a beginner. I found the bars rubbed my hands so I wear those fingerless weight gloves. My understanding too is that you really need to pay attention to your posture so it doesn't hurt your back. I use it for 30 minutes. I really feel my muscles being worked so I think it's a good machine. The main drawback to this machine, as w/ any nonmotorized machine, is you need to push yourself - as you get better at it, make sure you make yourself either add some weight &/or push a little harder &/or faster. enjoy!!
  4. Hi Rhonda - During training we were taught how to use a balance beam scale, adding weight to the balance bar, to accomodate higher weights. There are also digital scales available. Hopefully by now you & your meeting area staff have come up w/ a solution.
  5. they're listed in your book 1
  6. first off, the title of this thread makes me think of all the spam email I'm getting these days.... I'd say based on the info you gave, you'll drop another size.
  7. IS THIS THE TRUTH OR WHAT????????????????? > > >How come when you mix water and flour together > >you get glue.. > > and then you add eggs > > and sugar... > > and you get cake? > >Where did the glue go? > >NEED AN ANSWER? > >You know darned well where it went! > >That's what makes the cake... >Stick to your BUTT
  8. IS THIS THE TRUTH OR WHAT????????????????? > > >How come when you mix water and flour together > >you get glue.. > > and then you add eggs > > and sugar... > > and you get cake? > >Where did the glue go? > >NEED AN ANSWER? > >You know darned well where it went! > >That's what makes the cake... >Stick to your BUTT
  9. everyone will get the new material, regular members, new members & lifetimers. But there's a time limit & it might vary around the country. Some areas will start distributing Dec 21st, others not for the next week or so; then the cut-off date will vary, generally thru January. for those happy w/ their rate of loss & those needing to use AP, the key word w/ this fasttrack plan is "optional". Everyone will get the exercise DVD.
  10. don't be afraid to use your flex points; use as many as possible to prevent slowing your metabolism down. my example: when I was losing w/ the old plan, I never used my AP nor used banked points. I would fluctuate using my point range, some days ate the lowest, some days at the highest. I lost weight but very slowly - most weeks were less than a lb a week. I now experiemented w/ the flex points, wanting to take off a few lbs before the holidays. My target is 20. I ate my target every day; I ate ALL 35 flexpoints; and I ate 13 AP - I lost 1.4 lbs.
  11. clementines are 2 for 1 point
  12. in the back of your week 1 book, Getting Started, sushi will be listed in the regular section, plus in the back is a list of other Japanese choices. Enjoy!
  13. girlinmotion, I'm the same way - protein definitely helps keep me satisfied longer. Here's a sample list for snack ideas that use basically good carbs, many w/ a little protein: Fruit with 2 whole grain crackers. One-half peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread with raw carrots. Whole wheat toast with peanut butter. Carrot sticks, lower fat cheese stick and whole grain crackers. 2 cups Plain popcorn. Plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruit. 6-8 oz. Low fat milk and banana. 1 oz. Low fat cheese with slice whole wheat bread and apple. Whole grain cereal with low-fat milk. Fruit smoothie made with low-fat milk and soft tofu (or protein powder). Graham crackers and low-fat yogurt. Cottage cheese with fresh fruit. Hummus with whole wheat pita bread (add veggies). Whole wheat sandwich or tortilla wrap with lean protein filling. Seeds or nuts (high in fat, so use in moderation) and dried fruit. Whole grain bagel with low-fat cream cheese. Raw vegetables with low-fat yogurt dip and whole grain crackers. Homemade whole wheat banana bread, spread with nut butter. Homemade whole wheat bran muffin, with low-fat cheese or low-fat milk.
  14. of course from the replies you've already rec'd it's obvious different areas of the country operate a bit differently. I think anywhere tho, simply going to your leader to let him/her know of your interest is the best way. You could do this at any time - either before hitting goal, or when you hit goal but haven't completed maintenance or once you're LT. Then your leader could fill you in w/ details about at what point they would interview, train, etc. SusieKew - definitely, you could apply as a weigher &/or receptionist & not be a leader. Those roles are just as important & needed!!
  15. rouenmom - there's no absolute right or wrong way to use those sheets but to get a true idea of how your body responds to the different approaches, you should probably try to stick w/ just one for at least a week. Fluctuating daily like that won't be harmful, it just won't give a clear overall picture.
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