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  1. I tried the 1st night I had it, it just rips off. I guess I need to sew it on or something. Putting the nuchuck in my pocket works ok, so does holding it there. I just wish they would think of these things.
  2. I wish I had someone to lose weight along with. I dont go to meetings, and no one in my family needs or wants to lose weight. I am finding it is easer to stop myself from over eating sweets and things by not buying them. I know that seems so simple. I just know that, at least right now, I can not control myself. I got a new scale and my weight jumped up from 240 something to 250 something. Made me wanna cry. I know it is just that it is a new scale, but seeing that number....
  3. I have no will power. I WANT to lose weight, very badly. I just have no will power. I would like to make excuses ("I have two small children, I have to eat quick pre-packaged foods") but I know deep down that I just am NOT good at this. I cant stand the meetings, and we cant afford them anyway. So I am trying to do this at home. It worked before (lost 20 lbs) But I just can not seem to get started again. I have been telling my self for the past two weeks "today is the day, start today". Then I just screw it all up by eating whatever is easy. UGH,
  4. I just got the active. BUT I have not been able to use it yet because the leg strap is too small. It is also too small on my 150 lb 6 foot husband! I am VERY unhappy with this. I have seen people make their own leg straps, and will be trying it tonight. Will report back.
  5. I like to put a can of (drained) tomatoes in them, heat them up then add some cheese. (ff, or full if you wanna spend the points) and eat them with a Spoon!
  6. I think alot of the problem is people who drink diet soda instead of water. I have to admit, I am guilty of this....
  7. Thanks so much!! The kit did not come with any instructions, I found that odd.
  8. I just got a exersize ball, and i am not sure how full it should be. At first it felt like there was to little air, now it feels like there is too much. Any tips?
  9. On the short core list in the 1st week book and in the complete food book it says that cream of wheat is core. But when I look under branded foods it says it is not? Is this just a mistake on ww part, or am I missing something?
  10. I have found that I really enjoy running (on the treadmill anyways) But I am getting scared at my heart rate. I will run for about 30 seconds, and my heart rate will be up in the 180-190's. Once It gets up in to the 190's I slow down and wait till it is back to 157 like it should be, then speed up. Can I harm myself by putting my heart rate that high? Is there anything I can do so I can run without hurting my heart? Thank you!! Laura
  11. YMCA (sing it with me now....oh, nvm, lol) I joined ymca. They are month to month, and it is WAY cheaper for me because Of how much my husband and I make. Plus, I did not want to go to a "gym" I looked in to a American family fitness and all the people there looked....too good, ykwim? I am fat, and I am trying to change that, I want to be around other people who are doing the same.
  12. Thank you all so much for your replies. I went ahead and got a pair of pants at target (only gonna be working our every other day or so, and with a 19 month old I am ALWAYS doing laundry, lol) And I plan on getting a sports bra. Trying to find one was a joke. I am large in the chest, and the xl at the sports store would not even go past my head, lol. Thank you again!!
  13. I have never gone to a gym before, but have signed up at the ymca. What should I wear? I am sure I am going to need to buy some pants, as I am sure I cant wear jeans, lol.
  14. This is my 3rd day on core. Well, I am kinda modifying it, but nothing major. But I have never been so hungry in my life!! I am eating core foods, and I will eat till I am full, but then a hour later I am hungry again. I have tried drinking water, but it is not helping. Will this pass?
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