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  1. I love Chocolate and Peanut Butter together. I am going to have to try this. I had a recipe someone gave me a few years ago of Peanut Butter-Chocolate Pie. I lost the recipe so I don't remember how to make the crust only the filling. I've thought of using the Soda cracker method and spreading them with Peanut butter and covering it with chocolate and a Cool Whip Dollap. I'm about to swoon thinking about it. LOL
  2. You Buddies, take the cake. Yum, Yum.
  3. Lily E

    Pecan Fudge

    Oh, boy, another one!!!
  4. Lily E

    Chocolate Crinkles

    You Buddies "wet" my "whistle."
  5. That sounds great!!!
  6. Lily E

    Raspberry Cream Cake

    Sounds really "Super-duper" for dessert. Thanks.
  7. Just had to print this one off. Thanks.
  8. Walmart Supercenters carry it in their Baking section with the Pie fillings.
  9. Lily E

    Summer Bars

    Sound really fabulous. I enjoyed your pics. I can see the change too. Congratulations.
  10. Love those Cranberries. This sounds "Superduper."
  11. That sounds really "yummy." Thanks, Barbara.
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