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  1. Summer Goal: 22 lbs Starting Weight: 264 6/8: 261 (-3) 6/15: 6/22: 6/29: 7/6: 7/13: 7/20: 7/27: 8/3: 8/10: 8/17: 8/24: 8/31:
  2. I just saw this post, and I want in! I haven't been as active on these forums as I used to be, so hopefully this challenge will keep me more focused on that as well as losing weight. Summer Goal: 22 lbs Starting Weight: 264 6/8: 6/15: 6/22: 6/29: 7/6: 7/13: 7/20: 7/27: 8/3: 8/10: 8/17: 8/24: 8/31:
  3. As of this morning, I'm down 15 pounds. That's my first 5 percent goal - and a week earlier than I expected to! Those are 15 pounds I will not be seeing again.
  4. Deborah, I'm with you. While I still sort of think of this as a ploy to get everyone to buy new stuff, I think it's a great program. I don't really have anything to compare to, as I joined WW after the new points system was released, but I don't have any complaints about this one. If I had already spent a lot of money on the old program, I doubt I would have switched. As it is, though, I feel great. I never have to worry about not having enough points, as I rarely use even half of my WPAs. That will probably change once I lose more weight and don't have as many DPs, but for now it's fine. I've lost 11 pounds in five weeks, and I still feel great about this program. I don't feel like I'm on a diet; I feel like I'm learning to eat better and make healthier choices.
  5. If you go to the home page (www.weightwatchers.com), there's a link on the bottom right side for a free week trial. You have to cancel it yourself on the last day, otherwise you're enrolled in it for 3 months, but it's free as long as you cancel it before that last day. Once you sign up, go to your account information page so you can see what day you have to cancel by.
  6. I want to buy an elliptical, but I'm having trouble finding one that will hold me. Most of the machines I see online either have 220/250 pound weight capacities or have no capacity listed. I'm 283 pounds, so those machines are of no use to me for a while. Does anyone know of any brands/models that will hold over 270 pounds and is a good quality elliptical?
  7. Welcome, Jessica! I don't really have the money to join Weight Watchers, either. What I did was signed up for the WW online free trial. Once I was signed up, I could buy the points calculator and the two books that list all the points for a lot of common foods. I figured with those two things I would be set and wouldn't need to keep paying the weekly/monthly things. You can also use that week to look up the points for a bunch of foods that you know you'll eat, just so you have the points for future times when you don't have access to their search engines. Shipping and tax add about ten bucks to your order, but they ship quickly, so if that's cheaper than going to a meeting (I'm not sure how much they cost), you might want to consider that. Hope that helps!
  8. That's very impressive! I don't think I would have been able to pass it up. I probably would've just taken the hit with the points. Congrats on having a much stronger will power than I do!
  9. I went for an hour-long walk/jog this afternoon with my new dog! I also had lentil soup for lunch instead of something fattening like I normally would have gone for. I'm slowly making the changes I need to reach my goal weight, and I'm loving every minute of it.
  10. I like those chocolate parfait nips. One's worth a point, and I've found it really helps me get through those moments when I'm not really hungry but still want to eat. Since you have to suck on them, they take a while to finish, and they're delicious and stop me from eating something else. Other times hot chocolate does the trick.
  11. Ooh...that sounds good! When the roads are safe for me to drive on again, I'm definitely getting more apples and trying that.
  12. Haha. This thread makes me feel better about my WI habits. I do it at home, so every week I wake up and go to the bathroom and then weigh myself while I'm still in my pajamas. I figure it's probably the lightest outfit I own.
  13. I actually prefer Granny Smith apples over any other kind. Today, I did several things, actually: I weighed myself (down 2 pounds!). I used my rollerblade for at least half an hour. I ordered white rice instead of fried with my Chinese food, and I got chicken with broccoli instead of something fried--and then I only ate half of my meal and am saving the rest for lunch tomorrow.
  14. Good luck on your journey!!! Come and join us in the Buddy System....we would be glad to have youl

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