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  1. LAMom

    Boca, Boca, Boca

    My DD and I love boca burgers. I use some ketchup and mustard, pickle and onion and they taste very much like a McDonalds burger (which I actually like) I have tried the Morningstar Farms but like BOca the best. The sausages are really good in an egg sandwich. Susan
  2. I usually like to have a sugar free popsicle or fudge bar or make a rootbeer float with a scoop of sugar free/low fat vanilla icecream and a diet rootbeer. I really like to use Barq's for this as it has a bit of "bite" that cuts the sometimes artificial sugar taste of the icecream and soda. There's also sugar free jello with a dollop of cool whip free. Hope these help.
  3. These sound so good. I can't use the reduced fat peanut butter either. Makes me queasy also. DD also gets sick to her stomach when she eats it. I wonder what causes that. It seems like there is only about a 1 point difference between the RF and regular anyway. Susan
  4. Okay, so I had made this yogurt that did not get tangy and did not thicken. I was about to dump it down the garbage disposal when I had a brain storm. I figured I couldn't hurt it, so I put it back in the oven. I had only let it "cook" for 5 hours before because that's what Martha's instructions said to do. I put it back for another 3 hours at about 108 degrees and Voila! It became yogurt!!!!! It tastes like yogurt and is creamy with no off taste so I guess it's okay. I noticed her instructions did not let it sit in a warm place for as long as the other websites I saw. So anyway, I'm having some for breakfast tomorrow. I'm so excited!!! Susan
  5. Think I may get the Salton one. I can afford $20 right now but not $60. Teenagers seem to eat money!!! Susan
  6. I just used some plain yogurt as a starter. I don't have a yogurt maker so I used the method where you scald the milk, stir in the starter, cover it with vented plastic and let it sit in a warm place for 5 hours. It's kind of weird looking, there is a little bit of white stuff atop that tasted kind of yogurty, the rest of it is the consistancy of uncooked egg whites, kind of slimy and tastless. I think I may try to get some starter and maybe a yogurt maker. I really like yogurt and want to eat more if it. I just don't want to poision myself in the process Thanks for your help Cybergranny. Susan
  7. Today I made some homemade yogurt. I saw Martha Stewart do it and followed her recipe. It seemed to set up fine, but it is really bland tasting. I thought it would be tangy. It tasts like someone put some gelatin in milk and set it up. I used plain greek yogurt (with active cultures) and low fat milk. Has anyone had this problem? I am refrigerating it overnight to see if it tastes any different in the morning. I guess I am lucky in one way, I have had some people say their homemade yogurt spoiled instead of turning into yogurt. I think this is probably okay, just kind of tasteless. Help Help!! Susan
  8. LAMom


    I think we ate at one in Las Vegas several preWW years ago. As I remember I was not too impressed. The burgers were both greasy and dry at the same time. Don't think there was anything really WW friendly and frankly not even worth the points if you decided to splurge.
  9. Did you order them online? I noticed their security certificate was not valid. I am paranoid enough about identity theft to make me question giving them my credit card information. Susan
  10. Why don't you try to make the box mix with either egg whites and applesauce or just use diet soda. Don't know about he cream cheese icing tho. I'm sure there are some lower point recipes in the "desserts" area. Good luck, Susan
  11. I think it depends where Fla. you are staying. I live on the Gulf Coast near Fla. and I don't think my stores have too many WW products. We have the WW dinners and WW ice cream treats and snack cakes and muffins at my WalMart, but no WW bread. I just eat Nature's Own whole wheat which is just 1 point for 2 slices. I don't know what the food choices in other parts of Fla. are. I just know the Pensacola area. Have fun in sunny Fla. Susan
  12. You know Hunts no sugar added is actually pretty good tasting. It's canned instead of in a jar and I can usually get a can of it for under $1.00. If you want to add extra spices you can dress it up pretty nicely. Sometimes I drain a can of Italian Tomatoes and add to it for some chunks. But for the price, and the points you really can't beat it.
  13. I made these today and liked then although I think next time I will add a little Splenda to them to make them a bit sweeter. They are really good and a nice size. Susan
  14. I have apricot jam instead of peach. Do you think that would work as well? It sounds so good I'll have to try it. Update: I made this last night with Apricot AllFruit instead of peach jam. It was very salty and didn't taste especially fruity, so I added 1 tbsp of brown sugar, 1/2 tsp ginger, 1/4 tsp of dry mustard and then added 1 can of drained, juice packed sliced peaches. Used skinless bone in chicken and just put the chicken in a casserole dish and poured sauce and peaches overtop. It was really good. We had it with rice and the sauce was good on that. Not the original recipe but I think better than it would have been (at least with the Apricot All Fruit) I will try again with Peach jam, but use lower sodium soy, and dry mustard instead of the Dijon, which I think is salty. Susan
  15. LAMom

    Blondes Beware!

    Gee maybe I should try that!!! Susan
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